friday 6th may

Posted: 06/05/2011 in Uncategorized

Tribe 3 today, with laura, Erik, Roz and Alex, Tiddy and george popped in at the end of the day for a natter, too, great to see everyone again.  😀

On my way to work I spotted this  😆 how cool is that?

Barry was in first, we are working on some blue waves to add to an existing piece at the top of his arm. We’ve finished the blue (for now, might pop some more in here and there once it’s all done and I’ve had a good look at the finished piece).
the cherry blossoms will all be pink.
I love doing this water type of stuff, specially in blue, although I love i in black and grey, too. My water is taking on a life of it’s own, going from being backgrounds to koi and dragons, etc, it seems to be evolving into something more structural and graphic. I love it, Erik reckons we should call it ‘aquamech’, a mixture between water and biomech  😆

Then i started a new sleeve and chest piece. dean wanted a quite traditional japanese tattoo, lots of heavy black and red, repetitive patterns and wind bars.
I tried to stick to the brief as much as possible, repressing my aquamech urge to go free style and 3D with the background, and hopefully came up with something more traditional looking., or it will be once we’ve shaded and coloured it.
Of course i gave Dean a good look at it once I’d drawn it on, and he’s ok’d it all, even though there are definitively some more modern elements that have snuck in.  😉

there is a gap under the upper arm, dean is keeping that space for now, He’s planning a family one day and would like to have something added for them. I bet he can’t keep a gap like that for so long, ha!

In case you’re wondering about the black backgrounds to the pictures, Alex has painted a section of the wall in the studio black as a backdrop, let’s hope it helps us take better pictures!


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