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aileen’s geisha is finished!

we added the last section of kimono fabric, this one has a small landscape on with with mountains, a waterfall and houses, tiny of course. I also too some pictures outside as it was sunny, and the colours always pop so nicely.

The geisha’s umbrella has sweet peas on it, and as we were stading in front of the sweet peas that are growing outside the shop, I took an ‘arty’ sweet pea shot ๐Ÿ™‚

chris has some existing work which he wants to extend ober onto his back and side. I extended the dragon he has on his front which for some reason stops midway, and left gaps where we will add a samurai and a geisha at a later date

starting another geisha sleeve is ross, he has a samurai on one arm and wanted the second to be more feminine in character. he likes quite traditional japanese art, so i adapted one i found on an old print from the mid 1800’s.

Sometimes the traditional geisha’s of these printa have strangely ugly faces, as did this one, so i changed it a bit but in keeping with the overall look of the piece.

Another thing i loved about this geisha was that she is leaning forward, which works well with the bend of the elbow when Ross bends his arm, she leans further forward.

We also did some crane birds and will add clouds and flowers later. There is still some lasering to be done at the top of the arm to lighten the tribal so that it can be covered with a flower.

OOPS, i forgot to photograph this piece. I’ll post a the original artwork instead, and you’ll have to use your imagination…… ๐Ÿ™‚

Joe got the start of a bold dragon sleeve, the dragon will be in colour and the background black and grey.

darrell is getting a backpiece with a geisha, an eagle and a big cherry tree, based on original artwork by the japanese artist Kuniyoshi. Today we concentrated on the kimono, theย  fabric has small kois swimming in blue water, there is some more detail to come next time on this.

and to finish off the geisha week, harley is making a start on his second sleeve, another geisha! This one is sharing the forearm with an octopus, all still very much in the early stages

so, I’m now officially on hoilday,ย  i have taken all my holidays this year in august and have the whole month off! I’ve never had a month off, so this is a first, and I’m a bit nervous…. i don’t want to squander my precious time off sitting on my backside doing nothing, but on the other hand I don’t want to put myself under pressure to ‘make the most of it’…. i hope i can strike a good balance and bee all bright eyed and bushy tailed by the time i go back to work.

have a great august, and i will see youse on the other side!