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21st + 22nd february

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John’s flowers needed some colour (sorry about the bad photos, hope to get some better ones next time)

and other John’s owl is also getting some colour- and some detail- added.

Keira got the next instalment of her mermaid sleeve, today we added some of the golden oranges of the smaller koi, and some more blue in the water, i’s starting to take shape now

Kerr just has a short finishing session to go on his buddha half sleeve. The upper arm was done by another artist, so i went with the heavy greys in the background and bold punchy colour elements to make sure the new bit sort of matched the existing part.

Next week I’m off except for friday, and then it’s off to the manchester tattoo convention. I’ll be working there, and Nik will be helping out on the stall (if I’m lucky:) )
I am booked up for the saturday, but the sunday is still free. The plan is to offer some set designs that i would like to tattoo, so I have prepared some foo dogs, chinese good luck bats, flowers and some cute geishas.
Le’s see how that goes! This is a bit of an experiment for me, as I usually only do large pieces, but it could be a lot of fun!
The sort of work i usually do at the studio isn’t really suitable for working at conventions, where the pieces have to be finished in one sitting. So I haven’t bee working at too many conventions in the last few years, but now i have itchy feet again and need to find a way of making it work and be fun for me.
I will try the set designs for a couple of conventions and see how it feels, if I like it, I may see some of you in your home towns in the future 🙂

18th + 19th february

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We have been working on Coco’s backpiece for a long time, every now and then Coco comes up with another element to add, as with these wo mexican day of the dead figures on his sides. They will be dancing in the flames that we will bring around from the backpiece, and have a background of smoke and skulls

Steve was in to get the underside of his arm lined to fill the gaps left by the crazy pattern work on the other side of the arm

Lucy got a buddha head nearly 5 years ago, and has decided it needs to be framed a bit with some foliage, and a foo dog added at the side. we worked on the cherry blossoms and bamboo today, to be continued

and speaking of cherry blossoms, this is Lorraines first tattoo, nice and big!

Davis got some colour added to his phoenix

14th + 15th february

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Amy is getting a peacock down one side, and by one side i mean from her earlobe to the back of her calf. She was in for 7 hours straight, with a 20 min break for some food- Amy is BADASS! 🙂

Working on Brian’s second sleeve, today we added more shading to the background

and declan is getting background and some more blue added to his dragon sleeve

11th + 12th february

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Eric had a dragon done by me on his upper arm a couple of years ago, and now wanted the half sleeve to turn into a full sleeve, by adding two koi on the forearm, swimming up to the dragon above. The koi represent his two children and will be in blues and greens

Gerald is also extending his piece, the dragon backpiece we did a few years ago is now extending down his buttocks. On this side we did a hanya mask

Scott is getting a koi, we are working around existing hotrod flames at the bottom

and we got kenny’s phoenix finished. (The photos are bad, the light in the basement in Tribe 2 is very bright and messes with your exposure..)

7th + 8th february

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We finished sarah’s blossoms and bird piece- her first tattoo!

John’s owl is getting some detail added, the linework throughout will be strengthened before the colour goes in

Steve has a half sleeve by other artists, and now wanted to bring the whole thing down into a sleeve. I was asked to add some black and grey work to what is mostly colour up top, so i used the flow that was started by the biomech on the upper arm to flow into the lower part and help it bind together.
The rest of the brief was a tree, a particular mountain local to Steve up near Peterborough, some crows and clouds 🙂

next time we will add more detail and shading, today’s session was mostly about getting the design down

derek had a last touch up session booked on his sleeve, we added a bit more red to the flames on the dragon at the top and a spot of colour here and there where it needed it

31st-4th february

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i am having phone problems…my old phone -and therefore camera- has pretty much died an agonizing (for me) death and the ensuing ‘new phone switch over’ wasn’t as straightforward as i would have liked.
I will spare you the details of my tantrums and any f-word tally, and will just write about the pieces I still have photos for.

So, only two pieces have made it, luckily the rest are all work in progress, so they will pop up again at a later date.
here are two of the pieces I worked on in the last week:

Chris is working on a large phoenix down his back, the tail feathers will have blues and reds. We are going for a more muted colour range, as Chris’ skin is a bit darker than your average scotsman. The tone of Chris’ skin will harmonise all the other colours.

Shana wanted a nautilus to celebrate a new chapter in her life that will see her studying marine issues. All the best, Shana! 🙂