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28th + 29th january

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we have started a second sleeve on david, today we worked on the background some more

and we finished Gillian’s leg piece πŸ™‚
it’s a yellow wagtail, with some plum blossoms, crab apples and some sort of acorns (not oak, i forget which ones they are now)
The thigh piece leads up from the wee athens owl and olives we did on her calf last time, all tied together with an art nouveau style of negative ornamentation and some fun colours, a collage of things that Gillian is into. I love this piece, bright and bold, with cute birds, what’s not to like!

another bright and bold piece is keira’s mermaid sleeve, it’s going to be colourful with lots of blues and warm colours like the pinks in the cherry blossoms, and oranges in the koi and mermaid. With keira’s pale white skin, this is really going to pop.

Jim is working on a leg piece, it started life as a picture of two tiger cubs to represent his daughters. But, as Jim said, you can’t just have two wee tiger cubs, they need a protector and somewhere to live, and before you know it, your leg is covered.
Fine by me πŸ™‚
we are still working on the landscape and waterfall

24th + 25th january

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ross’ phoenix is getting more colour, but in the course of adding colour the old piece has started really bugging him.
he has a large and dark piece on his upper arm from ages ago, which he decided not to laser off. It’s so big and dark that to laser it would have been a long drawn out chore, so we originally decided just to work the phoenix around it .
Now, however, Ross feels like the colour around it hasn’t helped to distract from it, rather it’s being shown up. I think one too many of his friends said something along the lines of ‘nice phoenix, but what the hell is that there?’.

so, plan B. I will collaborate with Roz the laser technician on this, i will have her laser the worst areas and try and spruce up the rest. I will remedy the shading and add some colours and decent linework, hopefully it will be less visible- or at least stand up to closer inspection a bit better.

A new piece for John- an owl with lots of little personal details. On the surface it seems quite traditional, like the old chest eagle with spread wings, but as before JohnΒ  has used a traditional template to create his own thing.
I think it will become more obvious as we add colours, like the little heart made of forget-me-nots in the centre, and the detailling.

I had not seen Vic for years literally, he never came back for that last finishing session before lifeΒ  got in the way of regular visits to the studio.
It’s never too late! we just popped some more blacks into the shadows here and there and refined some of the clouds, and added a spot of blue here and there.
I was going to say that I have never done a pink dragon before or since Vic’s piece, (colour chosen by his wee daughter ) but actually John with the new owl piece, above, has a fairly pink dragon on his arm- another of his ‘traditional with a twist’ pieces!

Kerr is a new-to-me customer, he already has a japanese half sleeve by another artist which I am adding on to now.
Kerr was after a nice big buddha with a bright and big lotus flower. The background is a dark, diffused shapes kind of extension of the upper section by another artist.

Colour to follow

conventions 2014

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I have planned three conventions to work at this year:

Manchester, tattoo tea party 1- 2nd march

Edinburgh convention 29th-30th march

Belfast convention 25-25th may


I might add a couple further afield later on in the year, we will see.

I have been giving the convention scene a miss the last few years, mostly because I have been so busy at home, that packing up and going away seemed like too much of a distraction, but also because of the type of work that i do. All my piece s are large and involve a few sittings and quite a few hours of work, not really something that is feasible at a tattoo convention, where there is only limited time. I found that if i went to work at a convention, I was doing work that i normally wouldn’t do at home in the studio, which pretty much defeated the purpose of showcasing my work.

However, having a had a few years off the convention circuit, I do feel like i miss the whole thing a bit, and have thought about how I can make it work for me again. I have therefore put together some designs that I would enjoy tattooing, but are small enough to be completed in one sitting.

so, apart from the usual japanese flowers, foo dogs, hanya masks, etc, I have loved drawing a few cute geishas- sneak previews attached- and some animal like birds and cats.

If you would like to book an appointment for any of the conventions (apart from the edinburgh one which is booked up), get in touch with the studio and Roz will handle the requests πŸ™‚




21st + 22nd january

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we have started a second sleeve on Brian, ans as we were close to running out of time to outline the whole thing on his last appointment, the top part of it had just been roughly sketched in, So today we remedied that, and got some shading done to the background.
the head of the dragon is on Brian’s chest in case you were wondering!

Sarah waited longer than mos to get her first tattoo, but then she went for it πŸ™‚
another session on this will finish this

Natalie struggles greatly with getting tattooed, so this has been slow in the making, but today we got a good section of blue done

Jude on the other hand sat ‘like a dead body’ (her words :)) for the start of this kitsune, a nine tailed fox from japanese mythology.
I had great fun with this piece, there is more detailling and colour to come, and then some cherry blossoms going up to her hip

17th + 18th january

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Alexa is starting on an unusual piece involving waves, a diving bell, some cogs and tentacles πŸ™‚ as you do

Steve had a session to finish off the colour in the shapes we had outlined, now we will start on the section under the arm, and think of something for the inside of the round frame at the bottom.

John’s piece is a work in progress

Billy had a very old and faded dolphin tattoo, I wish i had taken a before picture, as it looked very different after I worked on it. Billy wanted to update and dramatise his piece a bit, and liked the heavily stylised japanese clouds. We did these in the sky, also covering the original clouds in the process, which were a bit weak.

the dolphin just needed some lining and shading to bring it back to life

Declan was in for some more work on his dragon sleeve, we are going for nice blues here

10th -15th january

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Billy has a fire dragon on one arm, and today we started a watery sleeve on his other arm. He already had a koi by another artist at the top of his arm, so we extended from there. There are runes and leaves scattered about the water, to tie it in with his back and shoulder pieces, which also feature them.

Kerry is a breast cancer survivour, and to celebrate, we did some cherry blossom branches and the breast cancer ribbon on her back. She didn’t think she could, but she sat like a trouper and we got the whole thing done in one!

some colour in his maple leaves for mark’s sleeve

and a)
some colour in Ross’ phoenix

some colour in David’s phoenix

and last but not least
the last of the colour in helak’s phoenix πŸ™‚ Helak wanted her colour quite muted,( in stark contrast to her personality!)
I love phoenixes!

I had one more hour to do to james’ koi and flower sleeve, which was an addition to a dragon we did a couple of years ago.

the first tattoo of 2014 was this cute yellow wagtail, to go with Gillian’s Athens owl we did on her calf. Both birds are brought together with art nouveau-ish swirls and shapes, flowers and leaves. It’s going to be hard to photograph this one when it’s all done, as it wraps round her leg so much. maybe I’ll need to start looking into short video clips to show off pieces like this…

Brian had a mask shaped gap in his sleeve that we filled today, as well as adding some pink to his cherry blossoms. There are still a couple of larger flowers to do, which i think he would like to have rendered in black and grey.

The picture of lenin we did on Brad’s leg last time wasn’t completely healed yet, so we went below it and worked on the red flag

Apologies for the crap photo of the next one, I’ll try harder next time! We worked on the castle ruins at the top of Chris’ sleeve, and started on some northern lights above it, hard to see in this out of focus photo, though..

I had promised our Nik some work, so today we started on an epic piece all down his front.
The design is from a painting called The Raft of the Medusa, by Gericault, painted in 1818. it depicts the moment when the crew of a life raft adrift in the ocean, spots another ship on the horizon.
it’s a pretty grim story, and the painting is quite shocking, you can read more about it

we had to trim some of the dead bodies afloat on the raft off, and concentrated more on the section of the painting where there is life and hope. This still left us with the nice triangular shape of the action, which fit nicely into the gap left on Nik’s front by his other tattoos. I was specially chuffed with how the design fit around the nipple, it’s like Gericault painted it like this on purpose πŸ˜€

The for something quite different in character, the start of a mermaid sleeve, with lots of blues, it’s going to have some oranges and reds in it, too

17th- 21st december

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better late than never! I forgot i had a blog to write what with the excitement of christmas and all that πŸ™‚

Simon’s blue dragon sleeve is finished!

David is getting a phoenix sleeve to go with the koi on the other arm

Mark started a sleeve a while back and is now coming back to get it finished, we added some colour to the koi today

Chris is working on a sleeve that tells the story of him, his interests, background and family, all in pictures like a personal collage.
today we did a couple of racing pigeons, as his granddad kept them, so these two represent his grandparents. They will be part of a full sleeve with background added later

Bill update! We have filled in the outer sections above the knee, just need to do the bits on the inside and finish narrowing the white gaps on one leg.

Kerry Anne has started a collection of plants and flowers with some tribal ornamentation, (and a wee New zealand Tiki in green), these flowers all have meaning to Kerry Anne, her family and places she has lived. it’s a journey of sorts that I think will keep on growing πŸ™‚

Harley’s Sleeve is pretty much done, bar maybe some finishing touches here and there, I forgot to take a photo of the chest panel, but remembered to get one of him wearing his tattoo. (minus the hanya mask on his chest πŸ™‚ )

As you can see, I have been finishing off a few larger pieces lately, which means I will be opening my diary again in the new year.
I had stopped taking on new pieces for a few months, in order to be able to concentrate on the work I had started, and to bring down the waiting list a bit.
The waiting list is now down to around 6 months, unless you can only do a saturday, in which case it may be a bit longer.
If you have been enquiring about an appointment, get in touch again for a consultation and we can take it from there.

see you all in 2014!