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19th -22nd april

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matthew is starting on a new sleeve, it will compliment the black and grey one he has on his other arm, which is of skulls and scrolls. This time we are going for yet more classic imagery, a mermaid, a compass, some tragedy/ comedy masks and a variety of other little designs. Today we sketched in a couple of the main elements

It didn’t take marilyn long to decide that her flower piece should go right down to her ankle, so today we started at the bottom with some lily of the valley and some cornflowers. the marks above the tattooed section is just pen, where i was sketching out the rest of the lay out, which involves foxgloves, saxifrage and plenty of other nice flowers.

Brian was in for another session on his back, we blocked in a LOT of blue in the warrior’s kimono, once healed we will add a dark blue pattern over the top of it. Hats off to Brian for this monster session

stewart got his black and grey phoenix worked on, one more session to work on the flames that were just quickly sketched in last time. they will be in reds and oranges

This is the start of an epic backpiece on Ian! There will be an angel with elaborate wings next to the tiger, and a scottish landscape in the distance- a black and grey fantasy piece.

(I had katie in for another session on her art nouveau lady, but the pictures I took are so blurry in places, it’s not worth posting them on here. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy…maybe it was a greasy finger on the lens of my phone. Next time I;’ll get good one.)

nearly there with Tony’s dragon! Unusual colours in this one, and i love it 🙂

last but not least, Gavin’s fixer upper, I’m reworking some amateurish flowers and adding some colours, I got to add some of my flowers from scratch, too, on the forearm and around the top of his shoulder. That makes the old piece blend in quite well. I hope i still have a picture of what it looked like before we started on our restoration, the difference is amazing I’m chuffed to say.

I want to add detailling and some more depth to some of the flowers, and once the lasering has worked it’s magic on the old tribal band, we will blend that section in better, too.

3rd – 8th april

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jacky got a beautiful wee snowdrop

and coco got some more background to his skulls. It’s turning into a body suit! we are now filling in the gaps

Craig is getting a sleeve with koi and a koi dragon at the top. today we made a start on the background, this piece will be mostly black and grey with some autumnal colours in the leaves

Pauline had some old scars on her abdomen from some surgical procedures, our plan was to distract from them with a nice wee dragon and some flowers. The skin is a bit buckled where the scars are, we can’t change that, but we can draw the eye away from it as much as possible.

Ali had an old tiger head tattoo, proper old school, and he wanted me to work around it and add some tiger lilies to make it into a bigger piece. I did that, and added some colour and a little bit of shading to the tiger to blend it in with the new piece a bit. It is what it is, however, and at that size there’s not much else i can do to it. It’s got a certain old school charm.

Ali wanted one of the lilies left white

Another piece where I’m working around some existing tattoo work, Alex has a wood nymph kind of thing going on by another artist, and was after some cute little additions, a gnome, some mice, flowers, etc. We had some fun with this, even though it’s just the outline so far, colour next time, plus a thistle leading down onto he forearm

Sorry about the crap photos, Ross’ piece is actually quite striking in real life, just the photo makes it look a bit murky. I’ll try and get better ones next time, we’re nearly done with this, just some more yellows and browns to go in the hair of the dragon and some general tidying up

deborah’s first piece! She sat like a champ

then more roses, Gary’s three roses we did a while ago are turning into a half sleeve, so we added a big one under the upper arm with plans for another one at the back, we ran out of time.

more colour n mailyn’s flower piece, today we added the allium and the buddleiah and made a start on the colour in the hollyhock. As you can imagine, marilyn loves flowers!

on saturday we had the start of the scottish tattoo convention, one of he biggest day in the scottish tattoo scene. Everyone comes together and shows what they can do, or just struts their stuff. Over 200 artists tattooing, stalls, performances, a bar, all the right ingredients for a cracking show. This year didn’t disappoint, either, although I was a bit too busy to really appreciate it all.

Last year i painted on canvas instead if tattooing on one of the days, and I’m thinking that was probably a more sociable way of doing things, as people find you more approachable when your head isn’t down working. Doesn’t pay the bill unfortunately, though….

My first customer was Brian, we put in some basic shading and started on the nasty green of the monster. Brian doesn’t enjoy getting his back tattooed, but he soldered on and kept a brave face on for all the passing crowds, even managed to engage in banter and crack jokes with random punters! 🙂

Matthew was also booked in, we finished off his sleeve with a bit of writing, and added a tiny bit of colour to the day of the dead girl

on the sunday I had Steph in, only last week we started a sleeve on her, and we added to this, moving upwards from the fresh pieces. We had to leave the bits we didn’t have time for last session, as it would have been too painful to work into such fresh tattoos, and started a whole new section. We added two red roses and outlined more daisies and pansies

Darrell is getting a massive backpiece, today we worked on some more green at the bottom of his back. This piece seemed to get photographed a lot by passers by

last but certainly not least I had Brad in, we had time for a small Banksy piece on his chest. It’s a spray painted image of a peace dove wearing a flak jacket, from a photo that Brad took himself on a recent trip to Palestine.

II tried to keep the original rough graffiti feel of it

That wrapped up the convention, we even made it to the after show party and partied with whatever energy we had left over….

On Tuesday it was time to go back to work, and my first customer was billy, we are finishing off his water sleeve, adding some shading to the runes and leaves floating about. We need one more finishing session to smooth things out here and there and add some detail

Then something quite different for me, a swallowtail butterfly.done in high contrast and detail, sitting on some nasturtiums, which were rendered in a lose, water colour style. The lines are sketchy and the colours go over them in places, giving a more arty feel to the piece

Harley got his sleeve pretty much finished, one more finishing session for the usual smoothing and detail.

Today we finished his fisherman, adding Mount Fuji in the background. The fisherman has Harley’s own tattoos on his body, which was great fun to do. like russian dolls 🙂