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8th sept- 18th oct

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after a bit of a break, Brian came back in to get his Horiyoshi backpiece worked on a bit more, we still had some detailling in the fabrics to do and made a start on the clouds in the background


Dave got two old school swallows on his hands, a tribute to his dad who has them, too, but from a good few years ago. Nice thought!

Jo is working on her nature sleeve, we added a wee goldfinch this time

althought he core of this tattoo was not by me, i’ve been working on drawing it out more and making it less dark and dense. She felt the original piece was a bit stuck on looking and was after something more organic and flowing.

more flowers, I’m doing a lot of them lately, and I love it! these were flowers that Alison chose because they represented countries that meant a lot to her and her identity. Two calf pieces, the first one was snap dragon and peas , I’m including the initial drawing as for once it didn’t look like chaos that only means something to me!

the other piece was a thistle and a nice canadian flower whose name escapes me now

Paul’s nautical themed sleeve in progress

I did a phoenix piece on Stewart a while back, and now it was time to add a foo dog and some clouds and cherry blossoms and go for the full sleeve



also going for a full sleeve is Peter, two koi and water in progress

Mark’s epic nautical leg in progress, this time we added the ship

Andrew wanted some poppies, which would cover up an older piece underneath

a bull frog. That’s the short version of a long story involving the shapeshifting gods of the hindu religion 🙂

another epic leg sleeve in progress! We finished the scales on Luc’s snake and even got to make a start on the colours

Amy is a tough girl, this phoenix is a cover up of a smaller phoenix, which had been outgrown. The ribs are no joke to get tattooed, so hats off to Amy!!

I have a few customers from Germany that come to see me, one of these is marko, and he always brings me mad ideas. I really just facilitate his collection of ecclectic images, and offer my expertise in putting them on his skin. We are working on a half sleeve of leaf type shapes, that have other images below and/or in them. We got a pink land scape and tiny city scape done, as a start, and filled one of the bigger leaves with a small goddess image. On the other arm we still had small gaps that needed filling, which we did 🙂

back to my more usual type of thing, a dragon 🙂 Paul had got a koi on the upper arm some time ago, and now decided to hell with it, go for the full sleeve. That’s ma boy!

Mark’s sleeve has been a long time in the making. In between he got a backpiece! But now it was time to tie up a few lose ends and call it complete.

Paddy is bringing his backpiece round his sides, we are doing two demons from japanese mythology, suitably crazy ones, of course!

and more flowers to finish this blog Jules had some small and poorly done flowers on her foot, which we covered with some forget-me-nots, and to have some fun, added some california poppies, daisies, violets and peonies. Rest of the colour next time

and Alexis got a yellow rose on her knee

The work on the Tribe animal sanctuary goes on as usual, for updates on all the furry and feathered residents which are supported by the profits from these tattoos, go to our facebook page   here