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I’m still keeping busy at Jungbluth, I’m also helping out with the odd wee bit of flash here and there, as the girl who normally does the small pieces is away on holiday. I’m completely out of practice doing small pieces, these days all I do is the large custom pieces, so this was like stepping back in time for me.
I had better get used to it, as I’ll be doing a fair few of the flash pieces back home in Tribe 1, I’m helping out with the workload that Rob will be leaving behind. Nik will be taking over most of it after the winter, but until then I’ll be a most busy bee, helping out in Tribe 1 on my day off. At least it will be during the quieter months, so we’ll cope, I’m sure.
I’ve decided not to include the small flash pieces in my blog, it’s not really what this blog is about, I’m sure youse wont mind…

On thursday I had Thorsten in, we’ve been working away at a sleeve since I first started going to Jungbluth every 6 months, and it seems amazing that it’s actually coming together as a sleeve now! It’s taken a turn for the more comic book style look, something Thorsten is keen on, and the narrative keeps developing.
Today we added a beautiful butterfly in the process of hatching from it’s chrysalis, but there’s a bat swooping down from behind, ready to eat it. (the only part of his tattoo that I didn’t photograph, what a tool!)
The whole sleeve is loosely based on the concept of fate, who is in charge of it and who influences it. If you happen to meet Thorsten in a bar in Hamburg somewhere, be sure to get him a drink and get the full story!  😆

In fact, Easyjet are starting up a direct flight between Edinburgh and Hamburg, so maybe that scenario isn’t as far fetched as it sounds! You may actually find yourself in a bar in Hamburg one day…

Marian got the start of a large piece on his thigh, today’s session was about the Christo Blanco that stands above Rio in Brazil, with the clouds and the stars standing for good and bad times, and key events. There will be a tree added at a later date with names and scrolls, for his beloved and family.

another black and grey piece was an octopus wrapping around hayni’s forearm, to wrap around not  just the arm, but also the turtle/skull design on the inner forearm, which is the logo for his bar in Hamburg.
we didn’t have enough time to finish it, there is still more shading and a lot of detail still to come. Unfortunately Hayni will have to wait 6 months until I’m back in Hamburg.

I’ll add some photos I took in Hamburg to round this blog off, here’s a cheery message to be found in the studio’s waiting room  😆

a nice car I quite fancy myself in

and St Michael, a superb sculpture

and a whole load of padlocks I came across, they have names and love hearts engraved on them. Apparently this a a craze that started in Italy and has now spread to here, I’ve been told the council comes round with bolt cutters when it gets too messy, strange!  😀

I’m back working at Jungbluth Tattoo in Hamburg for a week, my biannual stint abroad, my tattoo home away from home  😀

My appointments get booked in my absence, so I don’t have the control I have at home, where everything gets run past me before it gets booked.
This isn’t an ideal situation (I’m quite picky about what I take on) but the receptionists here are getting the hang of what kind of things I like or don’t like, and apart from that, by now I’ve got regulars who are getting work continued from past visits.
There was a time when the receptionists here used my absence to book me all kinds of fixer uppers that no one else wanted to touch, that was a challenge…

my first tattoo of the week here was a small cat and star piece

and then the lovely Nina finally got her guitar finished, we didn’t have enough time on my last visit

Hendrick was someone who was booked in to get some older japanese work fixed, it was weak and a bit chaotic, last visit we strengthened the flow of the piece and recoloured some bits. This time Hendrick wanted it extended a bit to improve the overall position on the shoulder, and distrct from the existing cover up that was part of the original work.

I also did a small cherry blossom floating in the wind piece, but the poor girl suffered so much that in the end I completely forgot to photograph the piece, we were both just so glad the ordeal was over. I don’t think she’ll be rushing back to get another tattoo, for her it was just too painful.
This can happen

then I had Marko in for a whole day, he sat like a trouper for 7 hours while I started shading and colouring the half sleeve we outlined on my last visit. He had originally been booked in for some repair work of some older japanese work, which we did, and then he decided to let me start something new on his other arm, nice!  😀
more work neede here of course, more colour and a second pass on some of the grey

19th + 20th october

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andy is getting close to having his sleeve finished, one more session to finish the black and grey, and then a bit of red here and there

(sorry about the sideways photos, photobucket is being a pain and I’m completely out of patience trying to get them rotated…)

Russel was after some abstract water with some lilies, we made a start on his half sleeve, with the lining and some basic shading

the next day in Glasgow Roz and me joined the weegies (tim and Mark) the italians (raffi and Bru) and, Simon (the east coast nutter)

Annie wanted some nice vines and stylised flowers on her foot coming onto her leg, there will be some colour and a hummingbird added next time

and Neil got his tattoo finished! Yey for Neil! I remembered just in time that I needed to take a picture of him, but he was already at the desk with his coat on, paying, so it’s not really a good portrait shot of him, I messed this one up unfortunately..

as of monday I’ll be in Hamburg, working at my friend’s studio called Jungbluth. I’ll post blogs as usual  😀

16th + 17th october

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Jai is getting a scottish themed half backpiece, combining various design elements that mean something to him, in an abstract way which is borrowed from japanese design. The windbars will have some celtic knotwork in them, and the sea stacks at the top are from an actual place. The tunnel (which looks a bit red at the moment, jai bled a bit today) with the wee family in it represents him and his parents. It’s very much autobiographical, in a different way.

Chris has some work that needs fixing up, he’d got a cover up done by another artist, but wasn’t too pleased with the result. Roz has been lasering a bit here and there to give us some breathing space, and we added some waves, a couple of flowers and recoloured the koi. It looks a lot better now

then in Glasgow the next day I only did roses! One of those strange coincidences where types of tattoos appear in groups.
First up was Rachael, we’d started her black and grey roses a wee while ago, and now got to finish it. So, you get to see a photo of the beautiful Racheal, too! Bonus!

Mike’s roses are an addition to an existing piece, we’re working around it but not covering the older piece. It still has relevance to Mike and also fits in with the theme he is going for. The roses represent him, his wife and his child, and the existing crest and celtic bear paw relate to his name and family.
We are leaving plenty of room for more roses should there be more children  😉

12th + 13th October

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Jenna was after a phoenix to go up her lower back and incorporate some stars that she already had. It was to be mostly black and grey, and quite delicate an light

Kerry got her stylised snake finished

we are still working on Brad’s star on the knee, we had a shorter than usual session today due to a late start, but I’m sure Brad wasn’t complaining about that considering where it was!

Grant was starting a new piece, he wanted a koi half sleeve with a hanya mask on the chest, this will have plenty of colour when it’s done

and John’s dragon is getting more and more colourful :D, we’ve added some unconventional blue to the water, just one wee session to tie up some lose ends and we’re finished

I was off on tuesday, my ‘flexi time’ as Mark calls it, where I work longer on my days in Edinburgh to make up a day off every three weeks, to have more time for artwork.
I did paint all day on tuesday, which was bliss, and I’m nearly done with the 6th sin, gluttony. I’ll post a photo of it when It’s done, then it’s just ‘wrath’ to go and the framing, and the 7 Deadly Sins will be ready! They will be exhibited before the tattoo convention, at the St Margaret’s art’s complex’s ‘Tenant’s Christmas Exhibition’ in early december (but wont be for sale of course). I’ll post the details closer to the time, there will be an opening night, too, which should be a blast, as there are so many different people involved. And free booze. that always helps haha!
Invitation to follow…

I thought I’d post some of the wee drawings I’ve been doing of my tribe colleagues, they are just quick pencil sketches from photos I’ve appropriated from their fb pages, and then messed around with on photoshop. I hope to do one of everyone at some stage; it’s a bit of fun, I give myself an hour max to do the whole thing, and I like the sketchy, rough quality of them. Some are also a bit tongue in cheek   😆


Laura (for some reason wordpress is elongating this one a bit, not sure how to stop them from doing that with the odd picture)





and Bru  😀

and then on wednesday I was in Glasgow, tattooing, first up was Robert. We are in the process of covering/layering over/incorporating some old lasered work, letting some of the old tattoo shine through to give some texture and mystery to the new piece, so it’s more of a journey than a single concept. It’s hard to describe, but the effect is really pleasing, and we are both enjoying the new approach. Today’s session was mostly colour, the two lotuses and we outlined some simple flower shapes to go underneath the ld tribal piece.

also in, with a completely blank arm for me to get stuck into, was darren, he wants a japanese sleeve with two koi, done in a more delicate way, more like a pencil drawing than a japanese block print for example. I will have to hold back on the heavy black shading, maybe the best thing to do would be to hide my bottle of black for that session!

Roz, Alex, the italian girls and me were at the london Tattoo convention at the weekend, we had fun and as usual enjoyed perusing other artist’s portfolio, the trade stall, the books for sale and of course the clothes!
Bumped in to some old friends and caught up, gossiping, or ‘networking’ as it’s called nowadays, is crucial part of these events   😀

For you celebrity tattooists’ fans out there, I took some pictures of Ami James and Tim Hendriks. There were others from the ‘ink’ series, but they usually had a crowd around them and I didn’t fancy getting to the front to take snaps.

I liked the oriental artists and their work the most as usual, and I always look forward to seeing if anyone has come up with something new

this year there was an artist Called [url=]Michael Hussar[/url] at the convention, he isn’t a tattooist, but an oil painter, I love his stuff and stood and watched him do an entire portrait from start to finish. It only took him 1 1/2 hours to be fair, as his style is lose and energetic. I love it.

Here he is with the model and the finished painting.

on tuesday I was back at work, first off I finished Roz’s leg, it now matches the other one we did a while ago. I’m not trying to fob you off with the same photo flipped horizontally! 😀

also in was William, we are working on a Horiyoshi III warrior, I followed the original black and white design reasonably closely, but now I get to add colour, lots of fun!

the next day Emma made a start on some Tibetan script and seal prints, we will be adding waves and flowers once all the script is in place

and dave was in to get the bottom of his sleeve finished, we are bringing some more mechanical and technical elements into the piece, more detail and potentially something completely new and a bit bonkers in one of the larger gaps. Dave is still working on that one  😆