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26th + 27th april

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susan had an old small floral piece that she wished to extend, we stayed with the floral and stylised swirls, also with the blue colour scheme, but went much bolder. another session on this to finish off the colour and possibly add more filigree work

Dave is in the process of getting his phoenix coloured in, this is going to be a bright and bold piece

Brad is getting Picasso’s Guernica on his leg, we outlined most of it at the tattoo convention, and today we started on the shading. It’s pretty confusing at this stage  😆

Neil got his sleeve pretty much finished, just one tidying up session to go

and kevin got some colours darkened on a piece we did a while ago, he was after some more drama than originally planned

I got some noisy protest from ‘some blog readers’ about not posting a photo of a topless, tattooed jason Stetham look-a-like on my last blog! I’m sorry for my forgetfulness. I hope to make it up to youse by posting this photo of jason Stetham pole dancing..
don’t say i don’t spoil you  😆

23rd + 24th april

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ewan was in for a whole day, he works offshore and had limited time at home, so he decided to just brave it for the whole 7-8 hours…  😯

but the good thing is, we got his piece finished, apart from a wee once over when it’s healed to make sure it’s all healed the way it was meant to.

I forgot to take a photo of Ewan once the tattoo was done, but Alex reckoned he was the spit of  jason Statham, so you can picture him 🙂

natasha was another one on a time restriction, she lives in the sunny South of France and was only back visiting for a short time, so we didn’t hang about and got her flowers done. They are covering a section of tattoo that had been lasered and was needing to be tied in to the general flow of the rest of it.

Tusheru had been tattooed by me 10 years ago, and now felt it was time for another one  😀

we outlined a traditional dragon, there will be red in the belly scales and the flames

17th, 19th + 20th April

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it was Marjory’s birthday and she treated herself to a nice lily on her shoulder, congratulations!  😀

and ian was in to get more colour popped into his skulls, roses and maple leaves sleeve. The skulls are specific evolutionary skulls, finishing in the present day human skull at the top. The maple leaves will be the last to be coloured, they will be in nice autumn shades.

Simon had a dragon sleeve started last time, today we shaded some of the background

and then another dragon in progress, Eric’s traditional one needed it’s scales finished before we move onto the background, and the red belly scales.

to break up the dragon fest, Carole Anne got a small cherry blossom branch on her lower back. This is done with an eye on possibly extending it up her side at a later date. As it was her first tattoo, Carole Anne wanted to test the waters with a smaller one first, but i think she will be back  😉

Back to the dragons, but Rebecca’s one is more of a fantasy dragon, with wings and more of a reptile body. It is climbing up her back, to protect her and look out for her. It’s also covering a smaller, much less significant tattoo, so it’s already doing a good job!

Lee is also covering up old tattoo work, and worse than that, some scarring incurred by bad lasering of said old tattoos. Let this be a lesson, kids, lasering should only be done by experienced and trained technicians, of course i recommend our very own Super Roz  😀

And finsihing off the week was caroline, we had started a new fox and rabbit having a tea party piece, (at the Edinburgh tattoo convention), and today we linked he new piece with her back piece via some clouds and blue sky. The rest of the rabbits and other party goers will be added next time, as will some landscape.

12th + 13th april

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rick wanted a full colour peacock half sleeve, which is going to be a lot of fun. peacocks have amazing colours

Scott has decided to take the plunge and go for a full sleeve with two koi and some flowers

Darren needed a skull on his leg, it was something we had discussed when we did his sleeve and i agreed that everyone should have a skull on their leg. Today was the day, and he went for an old school engraving type of skull, from the St Pauli logo

Last but certainly not least, another wee session on mark’s back, still some colour to go in the water but we are most definitely getting there

9th + 10th april

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chris was booked in for a whole day to get a good chunk of his new sleeve done. We outlined a koi, chrysanthemum and hanya masks with water and cherry blossoms.
It’s going to be full colour and bright.

6 hours! Give the man a well deserved cheer!  😀

the next day in Weegieland I started another, but very different sleeve.
Charly loves wildlife, and his sleeve is to reflect this. he likes the idea of a dense collage of images that appeal to him, and isn’t adverse to a bit of random playing with scale and rendering. So a massive snake head rearing out of the undergrowth sits happily along side and image of ‘The Protector’ byt the artist Andy Keyhole.

this is going to be a lot of fun!

and Ryan of the ‘Snow Queen’ sleeve fame is back in for another sleeve. This time it’s more traditinal, a koi in water, but it wouldn’t be Ryan if it didn’t have a twist. The koi is black and the water is blue  😀
we only had two hours on this to make a start, but better than nothing of course

3rd-6th april

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bumper blog- four days!

John is getting more work done to his octopus, we are getting there, but it’s far from finished, there is quite a bit of detail to go in this, then the background which will link it to the backpiece.
I’ve noticed with people who get backpieces, they seem to run out of steam when it reaches below the waist. John is feeling it more now, or his tolerance has dropped. He seems less pleased to see me and has been cancelling/rescheduling a bit more…I’m not taking it personally  😆

Chris is getting a new tattoo, he wanted a flower and swirl movement on his shoulder. We need another hour to finish this off. Poor Chris was feeling it today, too, he said it was more painful than the calf tattoo he got. Maybe I was extra heavy handed today… 😕 I didn’t think so, but if I was, I apologise to John and Chris!

grieg had another session on his balck and grey dragon, we are adding some hints of colour in the flowers, too
(lousy photos, sorry)

Ewan is getting a dragon, we made it fierce looking, I envision it helping Ewan in his job, fighting pirates in the Indian ocean!
I learned today that modern day pirates are no joke, ewan has some hair raising tales to tell..

If one of those pirates hurts a scale on my dragon, they will have me to contend with- raaahr!

Stuart is pretty much done with his half sleeve, but as there is a cover up involved, I will want to see it again once it’s all healed. Specially if there has been some lasering as there is in this case, the skin can be less inclined to take the ink and may need a second pass, so I wont count my chickens before they’ve hatched

Steph got a lovely tattoo to symbolise motherhood. It was her interpretation of giving wings to her children’s dreams, I love the sentiment behind her design, and the tattoo works well with the flow of her shoulder.
There is a small cover up still to come, it’s an old piece that has been lasered and will now just disappear underneath a light grey motion swirl

Julie got a commemorative tattoo, I didn’t ask too much about it, and Julie wasn’t in a mood to talk while we were tattooing. The spine is a particularly painful place, specially if you are as tiny as julie.
Sorry about the blurry photo

I had been off for the week leading up to the convention, but on friday evening was ‘set up’, so we went to get our booths ready in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. Myself, Alex and Brunella worked the show this year, and our booths were in a good position by the stage. Although it can be a bit noisy there, it’s a good position to be and we were happy with our placement. Nothing worse than being stuck in a room out of the way somewhere. There was in fact a second hall with artists working in it, but some people i spoke to didn’t even realise it was there when I mentioned it. When I walked through the second hall, it did seem quite a bit quieter than the main bit, glad we didn’t end up there.

Brunella, Nik and myself also had a small exhibition this year, we all did our versions of the 7 Deadly Sins and hung them in the art space. If you missed it, the paintings will most likely be hanging in the studio/s at some point, and we have prints of some of them for sale.

Speaking of things for sale, our new t shirt went down well, we sold quite a few to ‘non customers’ who just liked Brunella’s design  😀

I started the convention with a new piece on Brad, we are now working on Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ wrapping around his thigh. It was all line work, and I’ve just realised that I forgot to photograph it! Dammit, well, here’s a picture of the ‘Guernica’ in it’s original form for now, I’ll post an update when Brad is in next

Brian got some colour put in his dragon, that took us up to 7pm or so. It was Brian’s first convention, he didn’t really know what to expect. It was funny watching his reaction to it all, specially when the burlesque dancers came on, of course he got a good view of the nipple tassels from where he was sat
He said he was having a ‘surreal experience’

the next day i had a seasoned veteran of conventions in, nothing fazed Billy as we added some colour to his fantasy dragon

and the rest of the day I worked on a fox design for Caroline. This will be a half sleeve, it’s a fox and some rabbits having a japanese tea party. Of course  😀

Laura had some problems with the sink behind her, the back of her chair kept pushing the button for the taps and it would come gushing on, splashing all over the place and startling her, it was like her own little comedy show!

I didn’t really take any photos this year, excuse my laziness- if you’re interested go to their fb page, lots of people have posted on there I think.
I really enjoyed this year, it’s great having so many familiar faces around, and to see so much Tribe ink wandering about!