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bumper blog! I’m cramming three days into one blog, as I’m off this saturday and decided to have one 3 dayer rather than two and one. I’m sure you know what I mean, err..

Yep, off to the London tattoo convention this weekend, it’s probably the biggest event on the calendar conventionwise (well, in Northern Europe, anyway) so we’re not going to miss it. Roz and me are going down and we’ll be meeting Alex and the italian girls there, they went yesterday already. It should be fun, and I’ve also got a mission.
I’m recruiting a new tattooist for Tribe 1, as Rob is leaving us to move to the bright lights of Kirriemuir…. So, I’m looking for the best person i can find for the job, and it’s not easy. I’ve had a few applications and I’m going to meet a young polish guy in London to see if i think he’d fit the bill. I’m going to be very picky, because i only want someone who will be able to do great work, fit in the the existing crew, is a good people person and a great team player. Not asking much then!  😆 Wish me luck!

On tuesday I had Brian in, for 7 hours!! We had the whole day and got stuck into a dragon sleeve and chest panel. Brian has been getting some old work lasered and is really looking forward to being proud of his tattoos for once, after years of hiding them. This sleeve should do the trick, it’s going to be colourful and dynamic

the next day In glasgow i had another dragon sleeve in, Alan had been in twice before and we are getting there with the shading.

and Bobby got his music sleeve finished! yey!
here it is, and also a picture of Bobby himself, wearing the tattoo   😀

back to the dragon sleeves, Holly’s one isn’t quite a sleeve to be fair, but it does go right over onto her back… it’s an altogether more feminine affair, with puffy clouds and soft shading, the dragon will be in pure colours to keep it light

and another dragon, this one is Billy’s, and it’s completely different again. this fiery one is less of a japanese dragon, and more a western lizard type of creature, with wings. We made a start on the green scales today

and last but certainly not least, gerald’s shishi/ foo dog got some colour and some rocks to jump over and connect it to the backpiece. (Which is a dragon, seeing as we’re on a bit of a dragon roll here!)

Andy was in again to get more work done to his dragon sleeve, we got a fair bit of the background done.
The strange lighting effect in the photos is from the sun. Take a good look at it, you might not see anything like it for a few months, while the sun leaves us for our hibernation period…except we don’t get to hibernate..

and Susan got a start on her spirally water and flower piece, the calendula and the cherry blossoms got done, but the aster will happen next time

the next day in Glasgow I did Debbie’s first tattoo, and I’m quite jealous. Why didn’t I think of such a cool piece?? Love it!

and also very very cool is mary’s half backpiece idea.We started this ages ago, but she has since moved away and it took her a while to come back to Glasgow to get more done. I think we are planning to continue it when I’m working at the Tattoo Tea party in Manchester next year, as it’s closer to where she lives now.

I had tuesday off, it was one of my accrued painting days  😀
And paint I did, I’ve finished one of the 7 deadly sins (Lust) and started on Gluttony.
For the Lust sin I chose a stripper kitty

and the gluttony one is going to be a party kitty, bunting, streamers, champagne, wine, cake etc to follow.this will be great fun, but i bet I’ll be hungry for cake and wine while I’m painting it!!

and i painted a wee landscape, just for fun, nothing to do with the sin series. I’m experimenting with acrylics, but I find them quite sticky and chalky compared to oils, so i don’t think I’ll be tempted to switch.

on wednesday i was in Glasgow of course, and John and his backpiece were getting some more work done, poor john was feeling it today. Some days are just better then others, for no apparent reason, even for seasoned tattooees like john.

Bru also got more done to her backpiece, she was feeling less fragile than John today, so we got it finished, well, finished until we extend it up the way

14th + 15th september

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Gerald is getting a shishi, which is a buddhist lion that protects temples amongst other things (in this case gerald’s stomach!), more info on them can be found  at
it follows the same movement as the tiger we did on the other side of his stomach last time, and will be in full colour

then I started a snake on Kelly

the next day Brad had fun while I tattooed his knee, we are working on a political propaganda art leg piece, the fist and star design we started today is from the International Brigade

and last but not least, John had a pesky gap the needed filled on his horror/ dark themed sleeve, and wanted a skull with green eyes  😀

Kevin has chosen blue for his dragon, so we got stuck in with some nice electric shades  😀

Christopher’s sleeve is taking shape, it’s a collage of images that are meaningful to him, and we are putting them together in a way that works on his arm. this one will come into it’s own closer to completion, as it’s a combination of the various different design elements that make this work

the next day in Glasgow i had gareth in, I normally see him in edinburgh to work on his tattoos, but Wednesday is a good day for him to take off work, so we arranged it for one of my weegie wednesdays. Seems a bit odd for both of us to travel through to Glasgow from edinburgh, but that’s just the way things work out sometimes..

and bobby is nearly there with his sleeve! (well, apart from the lyrics that will go in the scrolls, that’s something for a later date)
We are just adding wee bits here and there, like the skull plectrum on his wrist and other little corners that need shading and or brought out a bit more. One more session and we will have done what we set out to do. It’s been a long journey! 😀

I’m still in love with the wee clown on the back of his arm. It sets me off every time  😆

We finished Katherine’s thistle and petunia backpiece  😀

and got some more of John’s dragon half sleeve coloured. This is to be a very colourful piece, with quite a traditional chinese dragon, something a bit different!

and in Glasgow the next day I worked on neil’s dragon and koi sleeve, adding colour and finishing off grey shading as we worked our way up the arm until we ran out of time. One more session to finish this off

Maggie has been covering for Mark all week on reception, and she did a fantastic job, yey for wee Maggie!  😀

I usually only tattoo my own artwork, and most of what I do is freehand, but for some artists I gladly make an exception. One of these is Horiyoshi III, the japanese tattooist and artist. His detailed warriors are a special favourite of mine, and here is the start of a sleeve based on one of his warrior pieces. I’ve changed a few wee bits here and there to make it fit the arm but apart from that it’s a direct transcription.
We just did lines today, there will be plenty of shading and of course the rest of the sleeve

Steven had some tattoos done by another artist and now wanted the whole sleeve done, so we are busy adding water and flowers to the gaps left by the original pieces. I try to match the new sections to the look of the older ones so that it doesn’t appear too much like the gaps were filled later

some more shading to go around the elbow etc

the next day I had Melissa in to get more flowers added to her leg piece. It’s a bad photo of it, but there will be more flowers added so we will hopefully get better pictures at some point.
So far we have gladiola, aster and narcissus, there will be poppies and sweetpea, going all the way up to the waist  😀

Kerry Ann got some colour put in the piece we started a couple of weeks ago, we’re doing this in short sessions as it’s her first tattoo and she’s chosen a fairly painful place for it

and Andy got a sleeve outlined, it’s a dragon with some lotus flowers in water, sorry about the blurry photos..

On saturday we finished Gordon’s hanya mask, for now anyway, we might decide to put more colour in once it’s healed

and jennifer finally got her roses finished, I’ve just remembered I should have taken portrait shots of gordon and jennifer, according to the new blog rules! Oops!