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22nd-26th september

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I have been ‘accused ‘ of slacking on my blog writing, and I agree that could kind of look like it. What I’ve been doing is being more selective about what I put up, and writing a blog when I feel there is a good amount of work that is worth posting up. I’m conscious of the fact that a lot of youse have subscribed to my blog, and i don’t want to spam your email accounts too often. My new approach is to post less of the work in progress, or WIP as it is known, and wait a few sessions in between until it looks significantly different from the last time. I do post on instagram more randomly, so if you like, you can follow me there, just look for moragsangster.

so, on with the new approach! 🙂

A WIP that has taken a massive leap forward is Tony’s phoenix sleeve. There was a bit of lasering going on to an existing armband and upper arm tattoo, but we are now getting to the point where it has faded enough for us to proceed. There are still little sections that will require a bit more lasering as they need to be practically gone, but the rest can be covered with tail feathers in nice colours. I love that laser. I know lots of people are watching that show ‘the tattoo fixers’, but what those guys are doing reminds me of the bad old days before laser lightening when you could only cover black with black. sod that

gerry’s biker skull, chain and roses sleeve is pretty much done, we incorporated some old work and worked around it

Billy had designed a nice little centre piece for his sleeves, bringing the whole thing together

This is the start of a sleeve on rochelle, it’s all about the passing of time and will also feature roses, an hour glass and a pocket watch. For japanese work i usually design and outline the whole piece in a oner, but here we are dealing with separate elements that I have planned out and will just add individually. This is a good approach when there are long gaps between the appointments, and the sections are reasonably complete looking at the end of the session

I think islanders must be made of sterner stuff. Andrea, from Lewis, sat for a whole day and got a half sleeve done. This is the second time! Obviously the last time didn’t put her off, and i have to say she genuinely didn’t seem to mind it all very much, what a star

Now the only reason I can do this half sleeve in a day is because it’s black and grey, and freehand. That’s the fastest way to work, for me anyway. Black and grey is technically faster to do than colour, and freehand work flows out of the brain without the need to stop and check and analyze reference material.

ok, two WIPs, after all I said… but Brian and Roddy’s backpieces are alowed to sneak in 🙂

1-9th september

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everyday is a school day- today I learned that goldfinches like daisies and dandelions! Hannah likes goldfinches, so she gave hers some flowers to keep it happy. it’s a happy tattoo 🙂

craig’s koi and dragonkoi sleeve is getting there, we got stuck into some colour today, even though the dragonkoi isn’t fully shaded yet. I just couldn’t wait to start on the acer leaves with the beautiful reds..

I’ve been working on Steph’s flower sleeve, we coloured a wee hummingbird today

Gordon is getting two foo dogs on his calves, not finished yet, but I managed to rough in all the shades. detail and refining next time

Dale’s storm sleeve is done, bar the odd touch up here or there should it need it. It’s a pretty big cover up, so it may need it, sometimes going over old work requires a second pass.

here’s a picture of how it used to look, with the three tribal dragons and the dragon at then top, which we kept

and his new sleeve. Quite a lot of drama, and the dark storm clouds give it quite a foreboding feel. The swallows at the bottom are a sign of a storm coming, if they fly low, you know it’s happening. (school day!)

I did a backpiece on Amy over 4 years ago, and she decided to add more flowers to it, and to bring the piece round her sides a bit. We got all the new flowers outlined on both sides, and got a little bit of colouring done

Caitlyn has decided to take the plunge and start a big piece, these two roses could turn into quite a few more 🙂

we still have some stems with thorns to add and a bit of background shading, there’s always next time…(next time I’ll wipe the dried blood away better, too, ignore the speckled look on some of the petals)