1-9th september

Posted: 10/09/2015 in Uncategorized

everyday is a school day- today I learned that goldfinches like daisies and dandelions! Hannah likes goldfinches, so she gave hers some flowers to keep it happy. it’s a happy tattoo 🙂

craig’s koi and dragonkoi sleeve is getting there, we got stuck into some colour today, even though the dragonkoi isn’t fully shaded yet. I just couldn’t wait to start on the acer leaves with the beautiful reds..

I’ve been working on Steph’s flower sleeve, we coloured a wee hummingbird today

Gordon is getting two foo dogs on his calves, not finished yet, but I managed to rough in all the shades. detail and refining next time

Dale’s storm sleeve is done, bar the odd touch up here or there should it need it. It’s a pretty big cover up, so it may need it, sometimes going over old work requires a second pass.

here’s a picture of how it used to look, with the three tribal dragons and the dragon at then top, which we kept

and his new sleeve. Quite a lot of drama, and the dark storm clouds give it quite a foreboding feel. The swallows at the bottom are a sign of a storm coming, if they fly low, you know it’s happening. (school day!)

I did a backpiece on Amy over 4 years ago, and she decided to add more flowers to it, and to bring the piece round her sides a bit. We got all the new flowers outlined on both sides, and got a little bit of colouring done

Caitlyn has decided to take the plunge and start a big piece, these two roses could turn into quite a few more 🙂

we still have some stems with thorns to add and a bit of background shading, there’s always next time…(next time I’ll wipe the dried blood away better, too, ignore the speckled look on some of the petals)

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