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this blog is a lot about scar cover ups. I do a fair few of them, and have done for many years, so I’ve seen plenty scars, caused by accidents, self harm or operations. We need to wait a couple of years for the skin to heal as much as it will, and then we can go over them. I’ve not seen scarring that couldn’t be made to look more attractive with a tattoo, although you might need to be flexible as to what kind of tattoo you get- not all designs are suitable.

these two pieces are over self harm scars, as usual, the scars look worse, more raised, just after the tattooing process. This is due to the needles aggravating them, but they calm down again and are much more camouflaged when the tattoo settles.

same for these two

and for this piece. Often these small pieces are the start of a sleeve or so, we have an idea for the bigger picture, but wanted to concentrate on getting the scars covered first.

I’ve started an exciting project- two wings to cover some extensive scarring due to an accident. Her first tattoo!

She has already noticed a difference this tattoo is making to her daily life. With scarring so visible, she finds herself explaining the situation all the time, so the conversation takes a dark turn as she goes over the details of the accident and people’s shock and sympathies…when all she wants is to be her happy self. Now the focus is on her cool tattoo 🙂 Result!

another big badass piece, without scarring, is george’s neck octopus, one more session to tidy little things up here and there, but very happy with this crazy piece, very unique idea, thanks george!


and while on the subject of badassery, I’ll chuck in a picture of Bill and his progress, he is slowly covering himself in black. No, not a cover up 🙂

Johnny’s sleeves are getting there, or should I say getting there again. We did some of these pieces 15 years ago, and have since been adding to, covering and changing and blasting over, so that now we have a wonderfully layered look, colourful, dense and dark, completely unique. The ideas are all Johnny’s, I helped him on his journey 🙂

Joanne’s sleeve is nearly done, and we are creeping onto the chest with this botanical illustration style design in muted colours. That’s the thing with plants, they keep on growing……

a couple of cute ones

a tibetan eternity knot, behind an existing tattoo marking his wedding, part of a tibetan prayer flag half sleeve

and this wonderful customer, getting dragons on her leg. The first session the Tshirt she had on said ‘I knit so no one has to die’ and the second was ‘mother of dragons’, awesome!

I don’t really have the time to do conventions abroad these days, but the one in Cognac in France is a fun one, and me, Nik and Didi worked at it last year and had a blast.

This year was ridiculously hot, which was a distraction, but we still had a great time, met new and old acquaintances, partied and worked hard.

The organisers had put massive posters up of me and Didi among others, so I felt like a celebrity in Cognac!

I was too hot to remember to take much in the way of photos during the convention, just took a picture of this lady’s leg, as she had a tattoo done by me last year, too, a wonderful lady and fellow animal lover.

This piece was meant to be in colour and with background shading, but the poor lady struggled from the start, so I stripped the brief back a bit, we did go all the way around, but we settled for light grey shading instead. She can always add some colour and background at a later date if she feels brave. This is one of the challenges of working at a convention, you’re only in town for a short time, so can’t really stop and continue another time once it’s healed. It’s all or nothing.

(check out Didi’s orange crocks in the background, pure style, that man 🙂 )

everyone is always giving you cognac in Cognac, not complaining of course. This was after the convention


The after show party was in Cognac castle, an old cluster of buildings where cognac, a type of brandy, is still made. Very atmospheric and beautiful, I took a little wander around

why does this kind of thing always seem like a good idea after a few beers? 🙂