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22nd- 30th july

Posted: 11/08/2016 in Uncategorized

Some of you may remember our artist Didi, he worked with us in Glasgow for a few years before opening his own studio in Edinburgh. Well, he has decided that running his own business is not for him after all, and he has come back to Tribe- we are thrilled to have him on the team again! He’s a wonderful artist and great fun to have around. If you want a piece by him, he is in our Edinburgh studio, just get in touch via the website or phone the shop.

I’m still working on Stevie’s piece, bringing some existing work by another artist into a full sleeve with japanese flowers. The original work was black and grey, but we added a little colour to help blend it in. Looks like the elbow needs a second pass….. he won’t like that.

update on Tony’s progress, we worked on two sections today. Staring out adding a bit of colour to his leg, but Tony was not having a good time lying down. He has a badly behaved horse who chucked him off (again) and Tony hurt his back and neck, making it painful to lie in the position he needed to be to work on his leg piece.

We changed tack and finished off some colour that was still missing on his back. Hats off to Tony for coming in to get tattooed when he was injured!

Laurenne is getting an elegant kitsune piece, a kitsune is a magical and mischievous fox with nine tails, a favourite in japanese mythology. Laurenne’s kitsune is sitting in the night, we will add a moon and stars over the shoulder and the fox will be joined by some cats, too. Can’t wait 🙂

More red and blue, Colin is getting some colour in his poppies

more colour for Mark, too

and the start of a massive tiger for gareth. This will be in black and grey, and is looking up at the dragon on Gareth’s chest that we did a few years ago.

Jim has two beautiful cats, I did one portrait at the last edinburgh tattoo convention, and now it was time for the second one.

Enjoy the edinburgh festival, everyone!!!