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16th-28th october

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lots of flowers in this blog! but let’s start with Thomas’ foo dog. he drew the foo himself, as he is in his third year of an illustration degree. I will add background to his designs

Aileen is starting on a floral leg piece, going onto her foot. We are keeping it quite open and flowy with an illustrative feel to it. (most of what I do is pretty illustrative to be fair). We are thinking meadow and insects here πŸ™‚

Gordon got his foo dogs finished, but I stupidly smeared vaseline all over them before I remembered to take a photo. Apologies for the shine

more flowers, Steph also got a butterfly added

A chrysanthemum for Alex, to go with his cherry blossoms andΒ  geisha. The geisha isnt done yet, and the windbars around her need some more work, but I jumped the gun and started the flowers. I love flowers. In fact, if anyone out there wants to get some huge, dinner plate sized flowers done all over them, please please get in touch!

Brian’s Horiyoshi backpiece is coming along, today we continued with the blue pattern on the warrior’s kimono. I love the difference a bit of texture makes

Laurenne’s post operative scar was needing some decoration/covering up/disguising, so we went for some flowers and butterflies, turning it into something beautiful

Mark was after some poppies, as his daughter’s name is Poppy. We worked around some script (‘poppy’ ) on the inside of his forearm, where the poppies will be in a lighter grey so that they don’t interfere with the lettering.

Another section on Deek’s collar, hate leave him so lop sided until the next session, but we didn’t have enough time. Or maybe we didn’t hurry enough…you just can’t rush something delicate like this. (Stupid vaseline shine again, sorry)

Our Angie in Tribe 2 is getting a wee Tank Girl piece

and last but not least the start of a koi and geisha sleeve. We focused on the lower section today. there are more photos of this, but danged if i can find them…

9-14 th october

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changing the desktop image at work seems to be a favourite past time of the receptionists, usually the desired effect is to freak the artists out when they open the computer in the morning. well, Laura got me with this one at tribe 3, Lemmy as a ‘sexy’ teen idol! terrifying!

now it’s my turn to freak you out, by showing you ozzy Bill’s elbow, we blacked it out as part of his ongoing project whereby he covers his arms and legs in big black blocks. The elbow is an ouchy one, and will probably need a second coat, as the skin there doesn’t really take the ink that well. Bill’s elbow will be quite swollen after this…

Neil asked me to add some lilies o connect some existing work on his upper and lower arm (not by me) soft grey works well here, and the lilies will lighten up about 20% by the time they are healed, and will only add background to his sleeve.

I had darrell in for a short finishing up session, to let me tweak details and smooth out gradients here and there. Now i am finally signing this piece off πŸ™‚

I love this picture of Brad! We added a second dove today, taken from a piece of graffiti Brad photographed in the westbank. They are fairly simple and rough designs, and I love how they take the place of swallows in this tattoo composition.

Speaking of composition, this will be a whole chest and stomach piece, the christ on the cross will be in the foreground, and a landscape fading into the distance behind him. A major WIP

Craig got his dragon and koi finished

and Amy is going for some colour to frame her mostly black and grey backpiece we did a couple of years ago

the upper section of alex’s stag sleeve needs some more work

I am working towards Tony’s cover up on his upper arm. As we had been tattooing his sleeve whilst there was some lasering going on, I had left the place in question on his upper arm to last. I’d been gradually encroaching on the cover up, and now there is just a feather and some flames left blank. Laura will be lasering it one more time i think, before I move in with colour. The feathers will have more detail added, as will the moths

this is the beautiful bird Tony chose for inspiration for his phoenix

every six months i work in Hamburg for a week, and it was time for my second visit of the year. Whenever I go back to the Jungbluth studio, it’s all changed, and this time was no exception. Most of the tattooists have moved on to work in other studios or are about to go it alone and open their own place, leaving the owner with half the staff he used to have. He is using it as an opportunity to downsize, and next time I’m there he will have moved the whole studio yet again.

I will miss a couple of the artists i have worked with there, but I’m sure the new ones will be fun, too.

My work station this time was in a different place from last time, too, and i struggled with the light a bit. The weather was exceptionally beautiful for early autumn, unfortunately this meant the sun was in my eyes a lot, and as he windows are tall with no blinds, i had to move around quite a lot to find/create some shade. You can see from the photos that the light was very bright, I’ve edited them so that the brightness is turned down, and now some of them just look a bit strange.

Next time will be different, that’s for sure, the new studio work stations will have no natural light. That doesn’t sound good normally, but it’s actually much easier for tattooing purposes, as you can control the lght to suit your needs.

So, apologies for the strange looking photos.

My first appointment was Hayni, he lives with type 1 diabetes, and wanted to mark the spot of his pancreas and all the trouble that comes from his condition. He chose a positive and kind of rock’n’roll sort of design, let’s hope it has a positive effect!

Robert wanted me to do a couple of prints, hand of his daughter and foot of his baby son, with dates and a wee tiara for his daughter

I get asked to do smaller pieces in Hamburg usually, as it doesn’t suit everyone to have to wait for 6 months in between sessions to get a big tattoo done. here’s a small foot tattoo I did as an add on to a larger piece

and a little piece of script

and here is, the complete opposite of what I was just saying, the start of a fairy backpiece πŸ™‚

I also added some colour to a koi dragon I did last time

and a compass in an arty/ water colour kind of way to Martje’s mermaid

I used the city bicycle scheme while I was in Hamburg this time, it’s a great way to get around! Specially as the weather was so good, it was great fun zipping around town.

People in Hamburg love their bikes, and using them is easy- the place is completely flat and there are bike lanes everywhere. Check out how many parked bikes are in this picture, and that’s completely commonplace everywhere

I cycle back home in Edinburgh, where I’m dealing with steep hills, cobbles and dodging buses in the bus lanes, so this was quite a change!

I took a couple of other photos, the green grocer with a full sleeve of fruit and veg tattoo πŸ™‚

and a couple of the coffee shop where I stop by for my espresso when I’m there. I’m starting to get recognised in there, makes me feel like a local πŸ™‚