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20th- 29th February

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Pardon me, I’m going to post a load of pictures without writing anything about them. I’ve never done this before, but I’m bushed! I’m going on holiday tomorrow morning, and I haven’t even thought about packing yet… it’s been a hectic few weeks.

When I’m back I’ll be on top form again, I promise, and will also post pictures of the new look Tribe 2, now that it’s pretty much all done.

see youse in two weeks!

simon πŸ™‚

13th -18th february

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Danny’s green phoenix is pretty much done bar some finishing touches here and there πŸ™‚

Marylin is back, after having a break from getting tattooed over the winter, now that spring s about to spring, it’s time to extend the collection of flower tattoos! Moving from her back onto her leg, we are going for tall flowers that will work with the shape of the thigh. We made a start on some hollyhock and buddleia today

sticking with the nature theme, Dale is getting a sleeve with swallows, a dragon fly and a tree, which will be set against aΒ  background with stormy cloud and lightning bolts. Black and grey

Stewart is getting a phoenix on his shoulder

The shop is Glasgow is still under a bit of construction, the basement is unaffected as before, and the reception area works, if you ignore the odd workie and power tool. The new treatment area next to the reception is where all the work is going on, and we hope to have that all up and running next week πŸ™‚

6th- 11th february

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Ross is working on two sleeves at a time, we outlined both and are now picking and choosing bits to work on every session. Today we chose to do some colour

Matthew was in for a short session where we added a little quote on the wrist and did some general tidying up

And then for a brand new project, Craig was after a full sleeve with two koi and a dragon koi. A dragon koi is just as the name suggests, a mixture between a koi and a dragon. Legend has it that the koi struggles to swim upstream all it’s life and gradually reaches the wisdom it needs to become a dragon. In eastern mythology dragons are wise protectors, unlike ours which tend to be fierce beasties that need slaying. You wouldn’t dare try and slay a japanese dragon!

read more about them here

I think this piece will be mostly black and grey with small amounts of colours in the leaves, but that might change, it’s up to craig, and i think he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. Not a problem, he’s got until I’ve done all the background to ruminate about this

Ryan had a short session during which we started some of the fabrics surrounding his geisha. The geisha herself isn’t finished yet, and will require some more attention next time, but in the meantime it’s nice to see her set off against the detailled and colourful fabric patterns

A scar cover up next, pauline had some post operative scars the needed hiding. There is no hiding the fact that the skin is buckled a bit where the scars are, but with a few well placed flowers and a cheeky dragon, the eye is led away from the problem areas. Another session will do it

Joe’s dragon is done! Yay! Joe is an organised and determined young man, he knew what he wanted, saved the money and made regular appointments until it was done. Simple πŸ™‚

The idea was to have quite a stylised dragon with strong wind bar type structures and water, kind of chunky and colourful. Looks just like that to me, and I love the picture of Joe wearing the piece!

Aileen is working on her second sleeve, today we started filling in some of the blue scales, and coloured the tiger. I love both the tiger and the dragon’s faces, they were not meant to be fierce, and i have to smile every time I look at them!

I was off on Wednesday, as our Glasgow studio is closed for the week.

We are having a refit, and next time you visit, you’ll see that the waiting room is half the size! The good news is that all the tattooists will be working upstairs now, (making use of the natural light) and the piercing and lasering will move downstairs.

I popped in to the studio on wednesday to see how they are getting on, and if I didn’t know they will be putting it all back i would have screamed at the sight of it- like a bomb went off! πŸ™‚

here’s a before and after, we cleared the reception and work stations upstairs out,

and then this!

the shop will be open again on the 17th of february, but there will still be some work going on upstairs, and we will be tattooing in the basement as before. Pop by in March to have a look if you haven’t been for a while, the changes should be pretty cool

another brave soldier- Ross was booked in for an all day session, which is 7 1/2 hours…

after 6 hours of doing just scales, and just finishing them all, my tattoo machine broke. I don’t know if it was me or Ross who willed the machine to stop, both or spirits were crumbling a bit by this stage and i think the machine just joined in πŸ™‚

Brad got we nice sheep design

and Darrell got another session on his geisha backpiece

would you know it, after never having done a tengu in my life, two come along! here is Viki’s, there will be some colour in the blossoms

our Olivia was well overdue a bat tattoo, and today was the day. It’s a chinese good luck bat, and now that she has one on her leg she should be sorted for life! ‘Lucky Liv’ the famous tattoo lady- maybe her legendary luck will travel through her tattoo machine into her customers, and they, too, will be very lucky! Worth a try, wouldn’t you agree?

The knee is not the easiest place to get tattooed, and I was trying to be extra gentle, yet swift. Because i love her, of course, and also because she was tattooing me two days later. I didn’t want to arouse any feelings of revenge in her.

Alistair’s dragon sleeve is getting there, some more colour here and there and a bit of tidying up still to go

and last but certainly not least, another session on Tony’s dragon sleeve. the dragon will be in muted shades of purple, with some yellow on the crest , belly and hair

23rd – 28th january

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oops, late blog.. I completely forgot to write it, and didn’t even realise until a got a stern reminder from our receptionist Fraser. I may be going senile (yes, ‘going’, cheeky buggers!)

so here is the late blog..

John had a short session to finish his sleeve, although I’d like to see it again once it’s healed to fuss over it a bit more

Byron also had a short session, (January is a month of widely felt financial embarrassment), and we put some basic colour into one of his flowers. There is a big scar under this flower, so i decided to put a flat mid tone over most of it, and see how it takes before adding shadows and detail

the third mini session of the day was for Matthew, we finally added the sugar skull make up to his lady face piece

Ali had a proper old school,big tiger head on his arm, and wanted me to add tiger lilies around it. The idea was to match the size of the piece I did on his other arm, not to cover up the existing tiger head, although we will try and jazz it up a bit . Colour next time

Alex is getting a sleeve, with a tengu, a geisha and some flowers, there will also be a waterfall in the background. today we started at the bottom, with the geisha and some flowers.

if you are wondering whatΒ  tengu is, read here.

John has been a rare visitor of late, but today we had a short session on his backpiece. a section was needed to be added to one of the finish on his arm, and i worked on a bit of colour here and there