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27th + 28th November

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Scott got his dragon 1/2 sleeve finished  😀

the man himself

I did a small stylised iris to go with an existing butterfly for Marie

and Sheena got a sugar skull lady added to her collection of favourite images, this is going to be a cute collection, all tied together with swirly floral patterns

In Glasgow the next day Peter got more shading added to his sleeve, it’s not going to be coloured apart from the flowers

and speaking of colour, melissa got some sweetpea flowers added to her collection!

23rd + 24th November

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Ross was in for a whole day of tattooing, we did 7 and a half hours of work, and a half hour for lunch. I’m relentless when I get going, as some of you may know… the poor guy was done in by the end of it, we called a taxi to take him to the train station, and I was concerned for him- hope he’s ok!

Roz had lasered an old tribal piece on his upper arm, and that helped a lot, although there are still some spots that could benefit from being lightened a bit more. The laser treatment can run concurrently to the tattooing, now that I’ve oputlined the bits that I intend to keep dark, Roz can tackle the gaps and any bits I want lightened to put colour over.

Ross wanted a dragon sleeve, coming onto his chest. that was all he knew, he’d read this blog of mine and knew that I would do something he liked, so he gave me a free reign.
I looked out the window and decided to go for lots of wind and some autumn leaves being blown about by a lot of movement.
When left to my own devices I usually go for just a few key ‘ingredients’ and let the movement of the body dictate how the tattoo looks.

here’s how much we got done in our monster session

the next day I started another new piece, David wanted a japanese warrior with a white tiger. As usual for me, I leave the japanese warriors and their complicated outfits to the experts, I use one of Horiyoshi’s beautiful drawings.
We added the tiger and the background to make this lower leg piece fit all round the calf, there will be lots of reds and yellow tones once we’re done

Last in was Murray, he lives in Spain and works offshore, so it’s been hard to get him booked in to continue his piece! we finished the swallows we outlined last time, this section of the tattoo is the ‘air’ element, next we will be doing fire

I’m selling charity Christmas cards this year! I’ve taken my painting ‘The Party Frogs’ which hangs in Tribe 2, and made cards of it.
they are £2.50, all proceeds go to the Animal House Jamaica, a small independent charity which helps stray dogs and cats in Jamaica, so buy one or two and I promise it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside  😀

here’s a fuzzy picture of what they look like

17th + 21st november

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On saturday I had Emma in, we added some stylised chrysanthemums to her collection of tibetan script and seals, next time we will also be adding some softly shaded waves to the background

I left early on saturday as I was off to Dublin for the weekend, to meet a friend  😀
On the way out I spotted not just one, but two small children hiding in our sign, these little ones, they get everywhere! 😆


on the following wednesday I had a day of koi and water, Scott had a short session to make a start on the shading of his big koi,it’s going to be a dark one.

and Darren got a whole load of shading done, we will be keeping this piece in black and grey, with just the two flowers at the top in colour, for contrast

japanese sleeve day today,
Bryan can’t come in very often due to his work offshore, so we had a good long session booked to try and get it all done. that would have happened, too, except that traffic in Edinburgh is so bloody bad, that he ended up being an hour late for his appointment. We will have to find another hour somewhere that suits him, so close, but yet so far!

we are working around an old tribal piece, and to distract from it, we went for nice bold flowers in bright colours around it to help draw the eye away from it. Bluury picture alert…..

Kevin had a short little session at the end of the day, we are getting there, working on his blue dragon piece

in Glasgow the next day i had poor john in for an extended session on his ribs, I think I nearly broke the poor man with this one. He definitely wasn’t his usual chatty self!

and Annie got a cute wee humming bird and some colour added to the foot piece we started last time

And as this is a 3 day blog, here’s what I did on friday:

Jai’s backpiece, it’s finished!:D

and Andy got an ammonite/ Capricorn piece. Something a bit different, but I love the combination

Nik has started working up in Tribe 1 with me, he moved his stuff in today and started to make himself useful.  😀

He’s a big boy now!

9th + 10th november

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On friday I had a scaley day. You could say i scaled a mountain of scales, on a scale of one to 10 it was an 11. I basically filled in scales all day   😆
Andy’s dragon is taking shape, one more session and we’ve nailed it. This dragon is done in greys, but not shaded like the background, these greys are solid colour. I really like the effect

Martyn’s dragon will be more traditional looking, the classic black scales with the white rim, and the red belly scales (I think, Martyn hasn’t quite made up his mind yet on the belly scales)

On saturday I worked on Melanie’s backpiece, we are adding to an existing fairy, also modifying the original piece a bit. It was done by another artist, but needs a bit of tweaking. I’ve added some drapery and will be reworking the wings a bit


Grant’s koi and hanya mask is getting some colour. Poor Grant got shivvery and unwell at the end of his long session. A bit of shivveriness is normal, but grant’s reaction took us by surprise. It’s a case of the body relaxing after the tension of getting the pain.

and John’s dragon is finished! John had a lot of input in this piece, specially with the colour and character of the piece, and it really shows! It’s a colourful and friendly piece and reflects the character of the wearer perfectly  😀
(how come my teachers weren’t cool like John back then?)

6th + 7th November

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kicking the week off were Sadie and Steven, they come to see me to get their pieces continued once or twice a year, it’s slow progress, but we are getting there  😀
Steven’s piece is a painting by Clive Barker, adapted slightly to fit it on his arm as a sleeve.

Sadie’s sleeve is a reworking of some old stars, she felt she didn’t give it much thought at the time and now fancies flowers with more substance than the scattering of stars. Most of the flowers, which are stylised roses in pinks, reds and purples, are covering stars, but some are not cover ups. today we did some that are not, to bring the piece forward a bit more, and to extend onto the forearm a bit more

William was also in to get more colour added to his Horiyoshi warrior

the next day in Glasgow I started a koi sleeve, two koi and two peonies, with water and cherry blossoms. this will be colourful

and barry had his dragon finished, he was only in last week, and you can see the koi we coloured last week healing in this photo

2nd + 3rd november

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Chris is getting another koi added to his 1/2 sleeve, the original piece was started by someone else, and after some additions and some fixing up, it’s now evolving into a 3/4 sleeve

Jai is getting a large piece on his back that brings together some of his favourite things and places, it’s a personal journey of sorts, and inevitably scottish, as is Jai 🙂

the saturday Roz and me went through to Glasgow to terrorize Mark and the other weegies (and italians)

I tattooed Alan, we finished his dragon sleeve. I thought I’d be smart and took pictures in front of a black background, but unfortunately the light is terrible there, and the photos didn’t turn out well. I’ll remember that!  😦

and here’s a picture of Alan himself, with his new tattoo  😀
Somehow I’ve managed to make Alan look small, he is a tall man! It’s some sort of optical illusion!

also working on a dragon (and koi) sleeve is Barry, we only had a short session today, so we laid down some of the orange tones of the koi

30th + 31st october

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Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! Hope you didn’t get too many oranges lobbed at your windows by disgruntled guisers who didn’t the treats they were after…or maybe that’s just around our way?

Right, for some reason I only photographed two of the 4 pieces I worked on in the last 2 days, I must be going senile or something. At least they’ll be back and we can play catch up then.

the two I did take pictures of are Holly and Robert.
Holly is getting a nice blue dragon in the clouds, one more session for the rest of the blue and the belly scales

and Robert is getting a 3/4 sleeve reworked. It’s a journey from bad japanese, over extensive lasering to reworking/incorporating and covering by me. It’s a novel concept to let the new sleeve evolve organically and without completely removing the old work, but going around some of it. You may see some of the older work, flowers and clouds, but the more dynamic and structured pieces are new. We are mixing dotwork flowers with colour bombs, blocks of patterns with looser cloud type shapes, all to get a completely new look. It’s more about texture than story.