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16th – 25th march

Posted: 26/03/2015 in Uncategorized

i’m back! I had a great holiday, two weeks in the sun, just what he doctor ordered after a long scottish winter.

My first job back was a short session on the Robert Johnson portrait I started a while ago. Robert Johnson is a blues legend, and the story around him has it that he sold his soul to the devil to be able to play the guitar the way he did. this sleeve will feature the devil as well as the musician, with flames and smoke

Lisa got a small tribal piece covered up with some dark orchids

Pretty much the last session on Kiaran’s sleeve rework, apart from one little detail that still needs to be completed on the wrist. Now that our Raffi did a nice dotwork piece on Kiaran’s hand, and i brought the colourful stuff further down to meet it, the wee dsign on the inside of the wrist is too short. It’s a drawing by roald Dahl, and I need to think of a way to add to it, which will be fun

I will need to see if i have some before pictures of the sleeve, the transformation is quite remarkable! Unfortunately i wasn’t really documenting it from the beginning, because i had no idea we would get so into it, and let our imaginations run so wild with it. I’ll see what I can and and post a before and after next time Kiaran is in

a wee  bear, from a japanese watercolour, not sure who the original artist was, but isn’t it adorable?

he start of a sleeve for Steph, we are doing a dense field of flowers, starting with daisies (not finished, just the outline so far) and purple pansies, next will be roses, lilies and some creatures, too, a hummingbird and a butterfly. it’s going to be vibrant and feminine, without being twee. Just like Steph 🙂

If you are planning on coming to the Scottish tattoo convention this weekend, stop by and visit my booth, you might just catch Steph getting her second session!

I’ve never really been asked to do this kind of thing, but it was good fun- a deliberately random (is there such a thing?) and slightly messy piece designed by Claudia herself. It has meaning to her, and is quite specific, and at a later date it might get added to. It goes against the grain a bit to deliberately smudge lines and make things look anything but super neat… 20 year of trying your hardest to tattoo like a laser printer is hard to overcome.

Another session on Tony’s sleeve, we are getting there! This dragon is taking shape 🙂

(I apologise for the pale looking photos, I’m still finding the right lighting to use in the newly revamped glasgow studio)