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26th + 27th november

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First Chris of the day was in to get another instalment added to his sleeve…
the first bit was done in Thailand and i was asked to add a bit on to it. Now it needed to go all the way down to the wrist… what do i keep telling yas? just go the whole hog- you know you’ll want a full sleeve, anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

Second chris went for a full sleeve and now it’s finished
here’s his sleeve and the man himself!

Gillian only had a short session today, so we concentrated on the design we want to do, and less on the details. The gap in the middle of the piece is for a yellow wagtail, to complement the owl on the calf. The whole thing will have an art nouveau feel to it and plenty of colour

the next day i had two davids in, the first david is getting a full sleeve and chest piece done, today we designed and outlined it. It’s a phoenix on the upper arm and shoulder, and three roses and a chrysanthemum on the lower part

David number two is working on a piston in the skin piece, the broken piston shaft represents the struggle with- and his love of- fixing up old car engines.
there may be more gory detail to come on this, we are letting it settle like this for now

22nd + 23rd november

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Declan is getting a sleeve because he is 18 now. That’s ma boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Bill is getting his blackwork continued, today we concentrated on the gaps, and made them smaller, which had always been the plan

andy is getting blue scales on his dragon, we went for a nearly black blue, quite unusual

and steve got some more colour in his abstract patterned piece, which is also a cover up

19th + 20th november

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rick was in to get some finishing touches added to his peacock sleeve, it’s a bold and bright piece!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

and Lindsay got her back piece started, we are covering up a small red devil, and the horse tattoo at the bottom will be fixed at a later date
Today we did the filigree work and outlined the roses, apart from the cover up rose, which also got some basic shading
the whole piece will be in black and grey

mark hadnt been in for a while, he had to cancel a couple of his appointments, but today we had some time, and we finished the background shading. For now- I always like to add some bits to the shading at a later stage.

and steven had a couple of hours to add some colour to his phoenix. there will be more detailling in the tail feathers and the geisha.
sorry about the bad photos

13th + 15th november

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Jim got two tiger cubs to represent his daughters, and now decided he would like a big tiger to sit above them protectively, work in progress

and derek is getting an extension to his dragon we did a few years ago. we are going to put plenty of colour in the new bits and adding some to the dragon, too. derek is getting brave ๐Ÿ™‚

Russel’s kois sleeve is getting there, it’s gong to be all black and grey. Today we finished the back ground bar some adjusting here and there, and made a basic start on one of the kois

And scott’s dragon got it’s background worked on

5- 9th november

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Ian has been working on his cover up sleeve, today we added the colour to the flowers and tidied up a bit here and there, tada!

and kajte is getting a collage of flowers, leaves, birds and insects, here is one of the little pieces we have been working on, a hummingbird

On wednesday I had both my customers cancel on me, so I made the executive decision to have the day offย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€
It’s hard for the receptionists to fill cancellation slots at short notice, specially at this time of the year where Christmas is looming, and people seem to be a bit worried about their finances. So I thought maggie could do without the headache of having to phone everyone on my cancellation list… (but i know what will happen, loads of youse will tell me ‘I COULD HAVE MADE IT!’ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ )
Instead i drew some flash, including a design of a cup of tea and two biccies in some japanese clouds. I don’t really expect that one to be a best seller, but it was good fun! I’ll post some of the designs on here when I’m done

Back at work on friday I added some flowers and water to Brian’s half sleeve to make it into a full sleeve. We also left a gap where we will put a mask of some description, once we have decided on which one.
Last time Brian was in, he said he only wanted a half sleeve, even though he has a full sleeve on his other arm. I distinctly remember rolling big comedy eyes and telling him he will only want me to extend it at some point, because who wants a full sleeve and a half sleeve?
It took even less time than I thought for Brian to decide he wanted a full sleeve after all, why don’t you kids listen to me?ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

Billy had been getting an old grim reaper tattoo lasered by Roz, and now the black had faded to the point where we could cover the old piece more easily. The green and purple are not affected by the laser unfortunately, but without the black outline they are easier to cover.
here is what we started with

and half way through the cover up. I put the lines and some basic shading in, more shading and detailling next time

and then Roddi’s backpiece!
Roddi loves japanese images, and he also loves 90’s metal album art, and he has a wonderfully silly sense of humour.
This piece is based on an album cover, the snake is very similar, but instead of the original japanese warrior we have thor in this piece.

It’s going to be colourful and bold

1st + 2nd november

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simon is getting some colour in his flowers

and scott is getting a dragon on his other arm, to go with the koi sleeve he already has. there is a a gap, we left it because there will be a portrait of his daughter in there once we have the picture we need

the next day in Glasgow we had a full house! (It was so full, in fact, that i had to move downstairs and share simon’s room), 6 tattooists, the piercer and roz lasering, keeping maggie busy on reception. maybe it was a blessing in disguise for her that the weather was so bad, or there may have been more people stopping byย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I had one of those ‘odd coincidence’ days, where both my customers were getting half back pieces of a phoenix. And both wanted their phoenix in more muted, autumnal colours – mad!

First up was helik, a photographer originally from Brazil

and then Chris, who everyone thinks looks like some bloke off ‘made in chelsea’. I’m no expert, I’m afraid, so i had a look on google, and YES! Chris, you look like the guy Spencer!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚