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double blog today, I didn’t get round to writing over the weekend as we were too busy having fun, but more on that later. First the work:

saturday was a glasgow day, Roz and me went through and gave mark the receptionist a hard time (sort of) (ok, not really) Joining us were the italian girls, Tim and Simon.

First up was derek, he’d had a small piper lasered that was just too tiny and badly done, but he still liked the general piper idea, so we went a bit bigger and added some scenery in the background and thistles in the foreground. that’s the plan at least, today we didn’t get much scenery done apart form the sketchiest (for now) of tiny Stirling castles! This will have a road with a motorbike and rider leading up to it. The whole thing will be mostly black and grey with some colour accents here and there

Lyndsey was booked in to get the last of her 1/2 sleeve done, just finished off the grey and a bit of colour, I’ll look at it again once it’s all healed and settled to see if any of it needs any more done to it, but actually i don’t think so.

After work on saturday we zipped back to edinburgh as we had a night out planned, to see the boxing at Meadowbank. My customer Kenny Anderson was fighting (he’s getting a sleeve of lilies), and seeing as it was Laura’s birthday, we made it part of the celebration  😀
Kenny won quite spectacularly, so we were made up!

On sunday we continued the celebration, the italian girls came through from Glasgow, and along with the rest of the edinburgh tribe crew we enjoyed a meal, some festival activities and the late night opening hours of the Auld Hoose  😀

Back to work on tuesday, and straight in with a new piece, a lower leg tattoo based on the famous Hokusai wave.
I changed it to fit the leg, so I really can’t call it The Hokusai Wave, but I will call it The Moragsai Wave.  😉

Also paula popped in for a session on her fairy and flowers piece, it’s been a while since her last session, as she had some real-life-stuff to be getting on with. Don’t you just hate it when real life gets in the way!

We are disguising some scars with this piece

half day at tribe 3 for me today, i had a last minute cancellation unfortunately, so i started a bit later.

Then I wished I’d have had more time for Scott’s warrior, I under estimated how much time I’d still need and now his warrior is unfinished….

(the small section of red cape under the warrior’s chin is still scabby and healing from the other day when we tattooed it, in case you’re wondering why it looks odd)

starting another section on Vicky’s abstract cala lily piece. Her sister designed this piece, it is based on the story of vicky’s life, last time we did the lower section which represented the sea and her wee daughter.
The middle section will be last, i chose to do the top and bottom sections first as they were the more specific ones. Now, if i need to make any adjustments to the design to make it fit the body (as opposed to the piece of paper it came on) I will make those changes to the most flexible part of the design, the skinny mid section.
Then i will tie up any lose ends and tidy up here and there, and voila 😀

wednesday 23rd august

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glasgow today, working with just Tim, Simon and Maggie, who was standing in for Mark who has taken the day off to put his leg up after having had a Southpark figure tattooed on his leg…kids, eh?  😆
The Italian sisters are off for a couple of days to show their visitor from Milan around sunny Glasgow, and I think they were planning to take in some of the edinburgh festival at some point, too. Massive international festival going on in the next city? It would be rude not to!

I didn’t touch a drop of colour today, first up I shaded two roses on Gerry’s 3/4 sleeve, one to go, unless he decides to extend it… 😉

the james was in to get a dragon tattoo. It covers up a couple of old pieces which had been well lasered to make our job easier.
His dragon’s got attitude, watch out!

I’m back at work, I enjoyed my week at art school and think it did me good. It’s nice to be challenged to do different sort of things artistically, and I’m sure it will somehow feed back into my tattooing. And although I like all kinds of art, tattooing is still my first love!

so, back with the tribe 3 gang, and a full day of appointments.
Scott had a wee sneaky hour in the morning, we still had some grey to finish off, and now he’d like there to be some colour in his warrior. We’ve still got that to do, and more grey finishing touches. Then we can move onto the piece that he’s in the process of lasering to make the whole sleeve work together
ignore the wee white bits of fluff in the photo, they are from the kitchen roll. i should have wiped them off a bit better!

after scott I had Lee, we finished off his koi 3/4 sleeve which was a cover up.  😀

and last, but of course not least, mark got scaled up, or his dragon did. we managed to outline all the scales and double line the bottom ones, as they will all be black with a white line in them, very traditional

Well. I meant to write my blog about the work I did at Tribe 2 on saturday, but have managed to wipe ALL the photos on my camera, including the ones from saturday!  😳

Luckily both customers will be in again, so I’ll be posting more complete pictures of their pieces at a later date.

So, I’ll write about what I did today, instead, if you don’t mind, even though it’s not about tattooing.
I’m off this whole week doing some work at the local art college I’m involved with, this week we’re concentrating on figure drawing and painting. As usual we start off with short sketches to loosen up and get into the swing of it all, sort of like a singer warming up their voice so to speak.
Our model today was nice and chubby, great for painting and drawing   😀

then out tutor had this idea that we should continue to paint our model using only a squeegee, like one of those ice scrapers you use on your car… not the easiest thing to use, because of course you can’t draw any curves with it, or do any shading, just 5 inch lines. We were allowed to use some white chalk at the end to add highlights or definition, and although it felt pretty awkward at first, it turned out to be great fun and quite expressive in an angular kind of way.

at the end of the session we added some white and black paint and a 2 inch brush to our arsenal, normally not the most sophisticated sort of painting implement, but it felt quite luxurious after trying to get by with an ice scraper!  😀

so, this is the kind of thing I’ll be up to for the rest of the week, I’ll see you all back here next week!

Another minging day in Edinburgh, must be for all the people trying to have a good time during the festival…
By the way, if anyone has any good suggestions for things to see during the festival, let me know! I always hear of good shows AFTER they’ve been and gone, so if you can recommend one, pipe up  😀

Lisa was back from Hong Kong to pack up the last of her belongings before moving there permanently, and she also made time to see me to get some cherry blossoms added to her traditional style dragon.
All the best in Hong Kong, Lisa!

Also in was scott, fresh from a holiday in Italy. We are still working on his sleeve, he has a warrior on his forearm, with a cape that wraps protectively around a son and wife figure. Scott is a professional body guard and looks after his wife who has ill health, and of course their son. He certainly deserves to wear a tattoo like this.

the warrior is a continuation of a dragon piece by another artist, I’m filling in the space to turn it all into a sleeve. One more session will finish my section of it, and Roz is lasering another section of the older dragon which wasn’t as successful, once that’s done we’ll have another look at the whole thing and see how we can blend my section and the dragon piece to make it look less added on. Err, hope that makes sense 😆

sorry about the blurry picture, my bad

Weegie wednesday with the whole gang, Mark, Tim, Simon and the italian girls raffi and Bru. We had an extra tattooist in today, the lovely Isabella from True Colours was in to get her backpiece worked on by Bru  😀

I had Thatrick in, we added some shading to the water and rocks of his backpiece, it’s coming together now!

then Richard had another session to add some peonies to his geisha piece, not quite finished with the geisha, juuuust run out of time and he’ll have to pop in for another hour at a later date. This will have the advantage of letting me have a good look at what’s been done so far and do any finishing touches should they need it, so from my point of view it’s a good thing, although I’m sure Richard would have liked to have got it all over and done with today… he was feeling it in some places.