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saturday28th may

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sorry about the belated blog, the old visitors in the office chestnut again…
I spent saturday in Tribe 3 with laura, Erik and Alex, and our lovely customers of course  😀

my first one was Dean, today we started shading his sleeve, he’s going for quite a dark look, lots of black windbars and heavy shading. a good idea, this way we can get plenty of drama and movement.

then more windbars, this time we started a cover up. This time we are going for heavier shading because we are burying an old piece in the design, but there will also be colour to lighten it all up a bit. very sorry about the terrible photos, not quite sure what happened there!

friday 27th may

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Tribe 1 today, in the sunny Southside with Rob and Tiddy, Roz popped her head in at one point, but george had the day off..

Dave had the first appointment, we got most of the colour put in his torn skin and muscle piece, next time I’ll tighten some areas up and drop some more shadows in. Love this piece in all it’s nastiness  😈

then the tiger and koi sleeve we outlines a couple of weeks ago got some blue water added, and for effect we started on some shocking pink flowers, too. The colours in the photo aren’t great, still not found the ideal spot for taking photos in Tribe 1…

wednesday 25th may

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weegie wednesday for me today, working with Tim, Mark, Simon and Raffi, Bru is still in Italy, we hope the ash clouds lets her come home ok!

sean was in a while couple of years ago when we started his tattoo, and now he was keen to get it extended. The design was taken from an antique opium pipe from Vietnam, it had script and simple horses on it. here’s a scan of it, but actually it’s cylindrical

we had to chop and change the design to fit the elbow area, and fitiing it all together took so long that we ran out of time to tattoo it all, next time, but we got the main features outlined at least, with the other transfers ready to be reapplied next time

then i started an open sleeve of roses and a skull, with ‘pinstriping’ ornamental black. We got to sketch on the outlines of it all and next time I’ll finish the pinstriping and then start on shading the roses and skull


tuesday 24th may

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back at work today, but really just a half day to ease me back in as it turns out. My first customer had to cancel on me, and Chick, who was in afterwards, only had some touching up of the black to be done here and there.

I’m still not 100% over this hacking cough and blocked nose that’s been plaguing me the whole week in Hamburg, so I didn’t really mind taking it a bit easy  😀

Chick’s been in Europe on tour, playing the bagpipes in his band so much that he’s ended up with infected lungs, so he’s got himself some electric bagpipes that don’t require so much blowing… I didn’t even know they existed!
But due to his infection and temporary poor health, it must have suited Chick that we were nearly done with his piece, for now anyway- he’s planning on some plate armour next but needs Roz to do some lasering first.

we had time to go over an old pictish symbol, the double disc and z-rod, on his head that he’d had done a few years ago by another artist

and here’s the dragon backpiece, I took a photo before I added the last of the shadowy bits to avoid having red patches all over he piece in the final picture. Then i took another photo once i was done anyway, so I’ll show you both

and a healed one of some of his chain maille

and now that I’m reunited with my camera cable, I can finally show you the voodoo koala bear I did, sitting on a female tree branch
completely bonkers, but i love it!

Yep, this was my last day of this guest spot, and I wasn’t going to get off lightly_ early start for me so I was the first one in the shop, and a good 9 hours of tattooing ahead of me with no scheduled breaks.
If I come back to d another guest spot, I think I’d like to be more involved with the booked appointments before the day, I’m used to fairly extensive consultations and preparation with the customer, so this blind date type of system is a bit stange for me. Obviously It’s hard for the receptionists to know how I like to work, so overall they did a great job booking me stuff that I’ve enjoyed stylewise. Maybe next time some breaks and some email contact with the customers beforehand would be perfect.

My first piece turned out to be a cover up, luckily the old piece was so faded that it wasn’t hard to cover, and some strong blue did the job.
I remembered to take a photo of the old one just before the colour went in

then a girl’s first tattoo, some pink magnolia flowers on her waist, a painful place to start your collection but she did great.

then the studio owner Charly had an old tattoo I did 20 years ago and we thought it was time to freshen it up a bit  😆
I was only starting out tattooing when I did this, Charly and me were young punks together back in the day and this all seemed like a good idea. I still like the idea, 20 years later!
You can see Kris in the second picture looking strangely glum 😆

Laura and Roz arrived in Hamburg today, they had booked the weekend off work to come and join me for the last couple of days and check out the Jungbluth studio and it’s wonderful staff.
They had the day to roam about St Pauli while I was working, and in the evening Charly and his girlfriend took us to some bars in the area, they certainly know how to party here!
We’ve also had a BBQ with the some of the staff here where we all got to have a good natter and round up the week.
They are all asking if I’m coming back, and I’m sure I will. It’s been great seeing how another studio works, and they have all made me feel very welcome indeed, special thanks go to Charly, Miez, Kris, Jan and Markus

thursday 19th may

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back in the Jungbluth studio, and today they’d booked me just one customer, but he was there for the whole day, and we had plenty of work to get stuck into.
This was the situation, Marko had been getting lasered at the studio (Jungbluth have a laser service, like Tribe) to get rid of an old tribal piece, but he als had an old dragon snaking around his arm that needed to be incorporated


Marko liked japanese flowers and water, so he’d come to the right person!
Here’s the problem though- to do the piece justice required more time than we had, so I knew this wasn’t going to be finished today, there’s only so much you can do in 6-7 hours…
My plan was to draw it all on, outline it, then put the background in to make sense of all the lines, and to leave the obvious bits like colouring in a flower for example til last. Another tattooist can easily see what’s required if they are presented with the outline of a flower, but if you’ve ever seen what my background sketch lines look like, you’ll know that they only make sense to me  😆

We powered ahead, only stopping for me to have the odd coughing fit (bloody cold) and got a whole load done. We even managed to get some colour in one of the flowers, but Marko had had enough after 6 hours pretty much non stop tattooing and dind’t fancy getting started on another one, can’t really blame him when you look at which parts of the arm were still left to do! Hat’s off to him for sticking it that long

Tomorrow is my last day at Jungbluth studio, they’ve certainly put me to work, (I’m not used to working 5 days in a row as I take thursdays off for artwork and paperwork) but they have given me saturday off, nice! Specially as I’ve got Roz and Laura coming to visit me for the weekend before we all go home together on monday. So after friday’s work it’s party time! Spend those euros!  😀

Oh, and I’ve discovered what get’s Kris the hungarian tattooist talking- tattoo machines! He LOVES to chat about them, just as well I don’t mind a bit of nerding out over tattoo machines myself, ha!

wednesday 18th may

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another day at Jungbluth studio, and as promised I’ve uploaded a video of where I’m staying onto youtube for you to see, excuse the crappy filming, It was done on my phone which can’t handle the light changing quickly, so you get plunged into darkness occasionally, but you’ll get the idea hopefully

I left the ‘Atelier’ as they call the custom studio (as opposed to the street shop where the reception is and where I’m working) I went on the hunt for a cable in the neighbourhood.
I’m bad for forgetting things when I’m packing, and this time was no exception… of the 6 cables I had to take with me to Hamburg I left three behind. My camera is useless without it’s connecting cable, just as well I’ve got the phone camera. Luckily I was able to borrow a clip cord from the studio, and for the first couple of days there was a spare kettle lead, but as of today I needed my own, so off I went.
I wandered about and came across an Aladdin’s cave of spare cables, baskets and baskets of them, in a dodgy second hand electrical equipment shop. Good to know! I think I’m going back there today to see if he’s got a cable for my ipod  😀

Down at the street shop we had another guest working alongside me, a Hungarian man called Kris, he comes along regularly, knocks his pan in for 12 hours a day for a few days, and leaves again. Seems to be a work hard/play hard kind of guy,  very nice but doesn’t say too much. I’ll see if I can get some more chat out of him today, there must be some topic that gets him going haha!

My first piece of the day was adding some lilies to an existing piece of tribal on the lower back. I decided to bring the tribal up into the lilies and make it look more organic and in keeping with the new floral theme.

then I’d been booked a continuation f some tribal, this piece had started out a collection of dense pieces designed on paper by the tattooist a good while ago, then someone had added some more flowing bits to it, and now she wanted to extend it over onto her shoulder.
This presented us with the problem- do we continue with the slightly scrappy and disjointed looking design to stay in keeping with what’s there or add something that looks a bit different but flows better? we decided on a bit of both in the end, a bit scrappier than I’d normally draw some tribal, but a bit more graceful than the existing piece. There was going to be some colour added, but we ran out of time

Next time you have to fill out one of our consent forms before you get tattooed or pierced, spare a thought for yur german counterparts, they have a 4 PAGE form to complete every time! That’s german thoroughness for you  😆