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Roz and me went to France to work at the Evian tattoo convention for the weekend! I used to go to conventions with Roz all the time, but since she had her baby Rowan, she has had her hands full and traveling to conventions were off the menu for her. Rowan is 3 now, and Roz fancied another trip, so we plotted this one- a cute little spa resort town in foothills of the french alps, where the famous water comes from.

The line up of artists sounded fab, and i was really happy to be part of it, specially as i had heard good things about this convention. We weren’t disappointed! Dat the organiser put on a great wee show, us artists were well looked after and the convention was busy all weekend. Happy days!

Our journey took us to Geneva, then on a train along the lake, then onto a metro and last but not least a ferry- just as well we travelled light!

When we got to the venue to set up, we saw that our spot at the convention had a view to the lake and a bottle of- of course- Evian on the table. 🙂

this is what the place looks like before everyone arrives and unpacks

and this is it once everyone has set up and the convention is in full swing! This is the section we were in, there were many more of course.

I had promised Roz a cat in a peony tattoo, so we did that straight away.

Strangely enough another girl wanted one, too! she saw Roz’s design and loved it, so (with Roz’s consent) I did another, similar one. I think everyone needs a cat peeking out of a peony! This is a photo of the drawing before, while she was standing, and then the picture of the finished piece s when she was leaning forward. that’s why they look so different, it stretches quite a lot when you lean over

A whole day was taken up by Fred, who wanted me to do some manga style waves etc behind his existing pieces. fred follows me on instagram so he felt confident to just let me do my thing, which is great of course. We tattooed for nearly 9 hours (!), but then Fred had the best part of a sleeve done. Unfortunately he didn’t want a cat peeking out of a peony, but there was room for a peony without cat. 🙂

I wish I’d taken the time to take some decent photos of his piece, but by the end of that shift we were both just keen to wrap it up. it was actually quite a bold and colourful piece, but the photos don’t tell you that.

i managed to take some photos around the convention, there were characters of course (thank god! what’s a convention without it’s bams?) This guy was my favourite, he was always on the move so I never got a good picture of him. He was wearing a Daffy Duck track suit and a towel over his head.

there were ‘tattoo celebrities’ like Theresa Sharp, in fact a lot of really great artists

I liked this arm with the dragon coming off it

Roz and me managed to sneak away for a trip to the nearby spring, the source of all Evian water, where people fill their bottles. We filled ours of course- I don’t know if Strathmore would approve!

before long it was an early morning ‘au revoir’ to Evian and back home.

back in the studio i had Pedro in, we are working on a background to his sleeve, today his pelican got a fireworky sky behind him, he now looks rather special.

Laurennes ‘monmon’ cat got a gladiola to lean into, also part of a background 🙂

and Rannoch is moving onto his back with his tattoo collection, with two shishi/ foo dogs. These designs are not by me, but they work really well with his collection.

Ross got some colour in his phoenix,

while liam got his phoenix outlined

Luke is getting me to rework a dragon sleeve by another artist, it’s looking a lot more vibrant now with some bright colours

colin added a clock face and some acanthus leaves to the top of his piece

and another Colin got his poppies finished and the lower section started, with a light pink rose.

There has been a change of the guards in our Glasgow studio- Angie has left the reception to do a ‘grown up job’ in a bank

😦     We will miss her!

Taking her place is young barry, he has worked in tattoo studios on reception before, so you are in safe hands! 🙂