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Busy day at Tribe 1 today, you really notice how much more footfall there is in Tribe 1 as opposed to tribe 3, which is more of a custom studio, with most of the appointments having been prearranged. Tribe 1 is by the uni and we get a lot more people popping in with questions and for piercing. the receptionist always has her hands full, and it’s going to get busier- Roz and the laser clinic will be moving to Tribe 1 soon! If you are one of her laser clients, you will be informed of any changes of course. First we need to get her room ready, and are waiting for the joiner etc to get back to us. We will miss her in Tribe 3 of course, but it’s much more convenient for Roz to be working from Tribe 1 and the southside.

my first customer was scott, we are adding to an existing piece of two flowers with water, our new additions are taking shape and are blending in to the original work. Some shading and colour still to go

Brian hadn’t been in for months, unfortunately his work schedule is not conducive to making appointments a few months in advance, so we have to work around that as best we can. His sleeve is a slow developer! We are working around an old tribal piece here, so I’m giving it plenty of shading to help the dark tribal blend in a bit more

the next day I did no japanese at all, shock horror! First a couple of artichokes, yes, artichokes, great choice for a design  😆
remind me a bit of thistles without the purple bit

my second customer of the day was Alistair, for his 40th birthday he had me outline two snakes on his back, and now, for his 50th, he wanted colour  😀

it was an edinburgh weekend for me, friday in tribe 1 and saturday down the road at tribe 3.
‘David number one’ started the friday off (‘david number two’ came later) with an extension of his koi half sleeve. He decided pretty soon after starting the half sleeve that he wanted it to come down as far as he feels he can get away with at work.
Regular readers of my blog might have noticed that this happens quite frequently, to the point where I anticipate the move and try to plan ahead. I’ve been asked to add little bits to a tattoo here and there, with the end result always being a full sleeve, and now I wont be drawn into that bitty approach any more. The results of adding wee bits on again and again are usually a bit compromised and lacking in flow, whereas if you plan it in decent sized sections you can get good movement and depth going.

‘just go for a full sleeve, you know you want it’  😆

Louise had a short session booked to start her flower piece, we are working on three dahlias and will be adding some butterflies, too. It was her first piece, so we decided to break the session up into two or three smaller ones rather than attempt the whole thing at once.

then david number 2 was in, and we started shading his sleeve.

the next day I started another flower piece, Andrew’s hibiscus will be in black and grey, also with a butterfly or two

and another new piece, stewart is getting a phoenix in black and grey, with some muted oranges for the flames.
basic lines and some shading so far, to be continued

last but certainly not least i finished off jamie’s sleeve, adding some colour and a few finishing touches  😀

andy’s dragon is finished! Well, for now, he’s thinking about adding another dragon in blue at the bottom, like a yin and yang

and Coco’s back is getting there, we’re adding smoke and skulls to complement the fire, death and destruction theme  😈
sorry about the bad photo, all blurry

Scott’s dragon has entered the shading phase, more to go of course, and Scott has got some time left to decide if he want colour in the dragon, and if so, which ones!
The other alternative would be a black and grey dragon, which also looks good, and is quicker to do.

the next day i worked a bit more on Davie’s warrior sleeve, another session to finish the samurai should do it, then a shorter session to tie up any loose ends.

And Ryan got his snow queen sleeve finished! This was started a while ago by our artist Lesley, before she moved back to her native France. I took over, and hopefully the change in style isn’t too noticeable. (lesley did the main figures and flowers on the forearm).
we had a wee gap on the elbow left to fill, and we chose a cute cat from the book, it fits the gap and is part of the story, perfect  😀
this sleeve is a problem to photograph, there are so many little details to take in that a picture of the whole length of the arm can’t do it justice. I should ask Ryan to pop back in when it’s all healed to get photos of close ups and better ones of the whole thing.

sorry about the late blog, I’ve been in London this weekend, at a tattoo and piercing industry union AGM. Weather in London was lovely! I got down early and had a stroll around the Tate modern, and liked it more than I thought I would. It’s in an old power station which is an imposing building with a vast, dark turbine hall for an entrance,  you have to take long escalators to the pictures and installations at the top. I didn’t go to the Damien Hirst exhibition because I am not a fan.

anyway, on to what I got up to on friday and saturday.
jason got his dragon finished

and Blair got a piece with lilies that I did a few years ago, extended to a half sleeve

on saturday in Glasgow dave got a tree added to his hell/ volcano sleeve, one that’s been burned and gnarled by the heat.   😈

then onto something completely different, cute birdies! we did the cherry blossom branch last time, and today we added wee stylised birds. The gaps had been left deliberately for them when we designed the branch

and more cute stuff, vanessa is getting some floral designs of her own tattooed, she had drawn beautiful magnolia with pastels on paper and that’s what we are using as a base for our tattoo design.

plenty more to go of course, that whole thing will be colour

Scott had had a tattoo by another artist, and he wanted me to add to it with a koi and some more flowers and waves. there will be some colours in this, in keeping with the warm colours of the existing piece

And John got some more colour added, he has now decided to go down his legs with this- his first- tattoo  😆

Also in was Robert, we added some colour to his flowers, knowing that they might need another layer of ink at a later date, as the skin has been tattooed and lasered extensively before our new layer. We are keeping some of the old pieces showing through as a way of adding texture and a sense of journey to the piece

just one day of blogging for youse today, I was off on saturday, we went camping for the weekend! Or ‘glamping’ as it was pointed out to me, as we were heading off to a wigwam at Loch Tay, complete with microwave, kettle, fridge and tv….apparently that’s not real camping  😆  It was great fun, though, i can recommend the wigwams, specially when the weather is a bit iffy!

on friday I took a lot of pictures, so luckily this single bolg wont look too piddly.
First off I started a new koi piece, this one will be just black and grey, and a lot of fun can be had with that. As I’ve done quite a few koi over the years I’ve noticed that the backgrounds are becoming more elaborate and the fish is having to share the limelight with the waves!

Ross was in to get his foo dog piece finished, another artist had done the dragon and the cover up, and i just added more to bring the piece round and make a half sleeve

and Simon got his cover ups finished (pretty much), we added some muted colours to the lilies and some more shading here and there. I’ll want to look at them again when they are healed, as lasered skin can be a bit reluctant to hold the ink and occasionally needs a second or third pass.

and the other arm

Bruce is getting there with his dragon half sleeve, he’s got two more hours booked to finish off any bits and pieces that need it, but I’m sure it wont take that long

then i got stood up for my second appointment of the day  😯
she was still on a ferry somewhere. Laura was on the warpath!

the next day in Glasgow Neil got a sleeve started, he liked the dragon and koi combo, with the dragon in the clouds. I seem to have quite a few dragons on the go at the moment, it is the year of the dragon after all!

and Bobby’s music sleeve is starting to take shape, today we added a wounded crane to the path we created last time, and started winding the tape around the arm. Some of this tape will have lyrics written in them, and the background will be filled with more music references. Adding the tape has made the whole sleeve look a lot more sleeve-like all of a sudden, it’s taken a leap forward

unusually for me i took friday and saturday off and worked sunday and monday instead. We were invited to a fancy wedding on friday, so I moved my ‘weekend’ forward a couple of days, meaning I was working when the shop was shut.

I went to work in Tribe 3 where I’d have some company, as Alex likes to work sundays and the odd mondays. He is used to having the place to himself on those days, so having me there took some adjusting. And today at lunchtime Roz AND laura stopped by the shop to do something, so when Alex arrived it was just like a normal shop day with the doors open and everyone present… poor Alex, I think we were spoiling his nice quiet time.  😆

David was in to get his koi and maple leaves finished, this piece is disguising some nasty old burns scars. It looks really red and angry in the pictures, as the scar tissue doesn’t take kindly to being tattooed, but this will settle and the ink will grow in like everywhere else. I might have another look at it once it’s all settled to see if any of it needs some smoothing out, but with rough scar tissue like that you are a bit compromised and some irregularities are to be expected.

Scott got a dragon half sleeve started. The blue you can see here and there is just the pen I used to draw it on, that will come off of course

and the next day I finished Gerald’s Angus Young from AC/DC, again I’d like to see this healed as it was done in two stages, we started it last time but it was only a short session so we didn’t have enough time to finish it. That means that some of the ink has healed in, while the newer stuff looks a bit darker by comparison, until that also has healed in.

and Justine was in to get her flowers, ivy, butterfly and bees piece finished (must think of a snappier name!)
This might have flowers and ladybirds added at a later date