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Redirect alert!

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My Internet access has been patchy lately due to moving house, so pardon me while I redirect you to our old forum for my blog entry. topic.php?p=21993#21993

my iPad has its limitations when it comes to WordPress, and it’s not possible for me to transfer the whole blog as I usually do.

I’m a creature of habit, and always write the blog on our old forum )

Hamburg may 2013

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Its been a bit of a mad week here at Jungbluth in Hamburg, as usual there is lots of work to be getting on with, but also lots of socialising! I’m knackered haha!
I was meant to have monday off, but Charly phoned me asking if I could come in and cover. Turns out they had booked a week’s worth of appointments for a guest artist, but he was under the impression it was NEXT week he was meant to be in Hamburg. I helped out with a few little pieces throuout the week, but in general they managed to rebook most of the appointments. Nightmare..

I ended up tattooing this piece of music, not something I would have agreed to doing if I had had more of a choice, it’s just a bit too detailled and small.
The placement doesn’t help either, as the lines go over lots of bumpy veins, scars and the odd mole.

the next day I had Marco in for the whole day, we finished off two half sleeves we have been working on. the first one was incorporating an existing dragon, and covering up an old piece that had been lasered a wee bit. If i had been involved in the whole process, i would have recommended lasering the dragon, too, and just go for something completely new. As it was, we tried to jazz the old dragon up a bit, add some flowers to draw the eye away from the dragon, and to make it a colourful and lively piece. Once that was done, Marco decided to let me do another dragon on the other side, with a clean slate so to speak, and now he has two half sleeves that kind of match. minus the old dragon of course.
here is my dragon

hayni had an unfinished octpus, we ran out of time at the last appointment. this time round we got to add a bit of detail in the suckers

nina was after another phoenix to accompany the one we did a while ago, but this one was to be in blues and purples. maybe not strictly a phoenix, but a great contrast to the original one

Thorsten is another Hamburg regular, we are slowly finishing off his 3/4 sleeve, just one more little sitting to go, to fill a few small gaps and tidy everything up. This has been a project driven by Thorsten’s imagination, love of comic book art and colour choices, resulting in a really unusual and personal piece.
I hope to get some better photos of it when it’s done, when I will attempt to explain what’s going onΒ  πŸ˜€

Verena had been tattooed by me in Edinburgh the last time, and now she was in for the last butterfly that we didn’t get round to doing last time

and Martje, who had come to Edinburgh with Verena to get tattooed, was also in to get the next stage of her piece completed. Her tattoo is inspired by her love for surfing and the sea.
unfortunately I seemed to have forgotten to take a photo of the front of the arm

There is now a direct flight between Edinburgh and Hamburg, easyjet have added it to their routes, which makes the journey a lot faster and more convenient- no more racing through Amsterdam airport and having to get up at the crack of dawn- so maybe I will see more customers from Hamburg make the journey. Combining a wee city break with a tattoo appointment in beautiful Edinburgh- Why the hell not πŸ™‚
It certainly makes it easier to plan bigger pieces, without having to wait 6 months in between appointments.

I did a few smaller pieces throughout the week, but wasnt on the ball enough to photograph them, it got a bit hectic at times.
I enjoyed my visit to Jungbluth, I think I found a balance of work that works for me. Before I tried to cram too much work into the time available, but now I feel that it’s realistic for customers to see me in Edinburgh if they want, and tattooing them in my week at Jungbluth isn’t the only time I can continue with their piece.
Jungbluth now operates an online booking system, so I can have more insight into and say on what gets booked for me. Before I was a bit at the mercy of who did the bookings in the shop, and usually didn’t find out much of the work I had on until I got there. Hopefully the new system will be a bit easier on the nerves πŸ™‚

3rd + 4th May

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Matt is in the process of getting poppies around his statue of St Margaret, we did a sleeve of lilies around St Andrew on the other arm, so together they will be a really different kind of scottish reference.

In Glasgow I’m starting a tag team effort with Roz to help Barry with his backpiece. This was meant to be a beautiful japanese samurai and Koi tattoo, but the tattooist decided to ‘put his spin on it’ and completely ruining it in the process.
My job today was to try and change this from a green monster camping it up with a chubby fish, to something more resembling a demon and a koi.
Roz is lasering the random lines in the background so that we can start again with something beautiful.
I only had a short session on this today, and didn’t get to put any colour in. However, some decent lines and shading is helping matters already.

Donald is halfway through a cover up, we are still getting a laser session done to lighten the bulldog a bit more, but then we are ready to go and colour the koi

stephanie had a lovely tree tattoo done a couple of weeks ago, and today we added some movement and grey shading to help the flow and narrative, and also to cover some residual shadow of a lasered piece in the background

30th april + 1st may

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Claire is starting on a backpiece of a geisha in a snowy landscape. The image of the geisha is based on a photo of Claire, taken when she was in japan and dressed up as a geisha, how cool!
Today we just did the basic shape and colours, with more detail and depth to be added later. as you can probably see, there is a lasered tattoo underneath, so I’m approaching this in stages and layers, to see how the damaged skin reacts. Once an area of skin has been tattooed and then lasered a few times, it tends to be a bit thicker or more dense than originally, so the tattooing process can be a bit less predictable. In this case for example, i’ve put down a solid layer of blues for he kimono, and white and grey for the face. When this has healed, I’ll see how it takes, and then add more depth and detail to shape the form.

Andy was after a dragon on his chest,Β  it’s going to be in blues with red flames

the next day in Glasgow i had the lovely Caroline in again for some more work on her fox piece. We are now working on the japanese tea garden in the background

and Charly got some more done to his nature sleeve. this is an epic collage of beautiful beasties, including a character by the artist Andy Keyhole