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on saturday Roz and me took the train down to London for the annual tattoo convention there, we try to go every year to see what everyone is up to and to hang out with old and new friends, and to pick up some supplies from the supply stalls. Oh, and to have a couple of drinks and watch some bands  😀

Usually we just fire down on the sunday really early, have a couple of hours to get around all the artists and stalls before the convention closes and then come back to Scotland in time for work on tusday. This time we took the saturday off and had two days, just as well really, as they’ve added some more artists to the rota and there was even more to look at.

the convention is held in Tobacco Dock, a nice old venue with lots of light on a couple of levels, and a dungeon like basement with stalls and bars. it’s ideal for a convention like this, and for some reason the weather has been great every time!
I’ve not got all the pictures off my phone yet, I’m having a bit of bother uploading them to the usual photobucket, but here are a couple I took
in the meantime

this guy is from Milan, wonder if Raffi knows him?

a couple of the japanese artists were doing some wonderful work, and had their models with them

On sunday Roz and me managed to get to the British Museum, one of my favourite places in the UK, stuffed to the gunnels with treasures (usually looted) from all over the world. Some of the exhibits clearly should be returned to their countries, but before/if that happens it is a golden opportunity to check them out.
My favourite object of this visit was this adorable wee antique foo dog  from the japanese section of the museum.
It’s only a couple of inches high, what a cutie!

having tattooed the Hokusai wave recently, I was interested to find there was a whole range of merchandise for sale with the wave on it

The convention was interesting as usual, although there were mostly the same faces (and portfolios) as last year, but in addition there was an art exhibition which was good, and The Beat played!

We got to catch up on some gossip and chat to friends which was cool, but on the whole there was an obvious change in atmosphere from the last conventions. For a start it was certainly quite a lot less busy, and there was a lack of excitement in the air.
The awards ceremony was only followed by a small group compared to the previous times, I don’t know, maybe people are getting bored with conventions? I was certainly not as excited as previous years, although I had a great time, it wasn’t the same…. maybe I’m getting old and jaded!

I’ll be going to the next one most probably, I like going to London anyway and this is a good excuse, but I might not be shooting off to conventions further afield to check them out.

ok, more photos to follow (I hope!)

wednesday in edinburgh for once, just the way my appointments fell it made more sense to stay in the ‘Burgh.
I had my old friend Shana in to get a tattoo worked on that we started 8 years ago, when she was working as a tattooist in tribe 3 (when it was still on Cockburn st). It’s been outlined and partially completed for far too long, but at least we got a good bit done today

sorry about the crappy pictures

and then I got tattooed, yes, me, by Alex  😀
ask to see it next time you’re in, it’s on my arm, looking good- he did a nice job.

and on friday I was back in tribe 3, I’ve been working in the same shop 4 days in a row, unheard of!!

Ross got some shading added to his phoenix, we’ve still to shade the front and add a few bits of colour here and there, but it’s shaping up nicely

then I was meant to tattoo another phoenix, or continue with one, but my customer seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth… we tried phoning him, to no avail. Strange.

sunny day at Tribe 3, working with Laura, Alex and erik

I had a colourful day ahead, meaning I tattooed with mostly orange 😀

Amy got her winter/autumn sleeve finished, apart from one last tidy up hour,
it’s been quite a while in the making! Now it’s done, I love it, simple and bold, but interesting and complex enough to make it work. The idea was Amy’s, I’m not blowing my own trumpet here haha!

and Chris was down from Aberdeen to get the colour put in his kois, he likes it nice and bright, so we exploited the colours to the max, great fun!

playing blog catch up here!
Wednesday i worked on a sleeve that was a cover-up of an old piper tattoo, which had been lasered to lighten it nicely. Derek still liked the idea of having a piper, but maybe a bit more modern and with some background, so we came up with this piece. There will be scenery in the background, and the foreground (and cover-up) is taken up with thistles. This will be a really unusual sleeve when it’s done! 😀

on friday I outlined a dragon on dave’s shoulder, a continuation of his koi sleeve, it will be mostly black and grey with little bits of red

and continuing the japanese theme, Helen got her fist tattoo


tuesday 13th september

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I got my times wrong this morning and showed up an hour too early! Roz came in just after me to discover that her laser customer had cancelled, so we had a spare time and went to check out one of the local galleries- bonus!  😀  I don’t see enough of Roz these days, she’s so busy with the lasering, so it was good to steal away together for an hour.

Back at the studio (at the right time now) Lee was in to get some scar tissue covered up with a tattoo to distract from it. The scar is from a skin graft, and pretty rough looking, but it was old and settled, so we were able to go over it with something pretty. Lee had chosen peonies in pinks and purple.

Another session will be required to finish the leaves, add some detail and to give the tattoo a second coat where it needs it, scar tissue can be a bit temperamental in accepting ink, so I like to do it in stages.

then Coco and his flames, when we were done for the day he said they looked nearly as hot as they felt  😆

and at the end of the day Donnamatrix was in to get her tattoo finished, it’s only been 5 years or so in the making!!
I love this piece, bonkers and cute with an edge or two

On friday I started an exciting new project in Tribe 3, Ross wants a phoenix going over his shoulder, onto his arm a bit and around his side, mostly in Black and grey, but there might be accents here and there of a couple of colours, he’s still a bit undecided there.
We made a good start on it, drawing it on took a while, but we still had time to do not just the outlines but some basic shading, too.

then more lines1 Vicky got her back tattoo finished, it was drawn up by her sister, I only had to make a few wee changes here and there to make it tattooable, and the colours were chosen by Vicky.

Saturday was a glasgow day, both the Italian girls are back in Italy for a visit at the moment, so it was just me, Tim, Mark and Simon.

Last time Dougy was in I managed to accidentally delete the photos i took of his roses, and i remember promising to get photos this time, well guess what, i forgot, and only photographed the bits we did today  🙄
You’ll be thinking I’m trying to avoid posting his tattoo up! Maybe suspecting I fucked it up even!  😆  I assure you I didn’t, his tattoo is looking good, and I’m just being a moron.

Today we did a couple of wee butterflies and some leaves to bring the design around the arm

Also getting his tattoo finished was tristan, we’ve been working on a backpiece which is now done. I’d like to get a picture of this once it’s healed and Tristan’s sun tan has gone! he’s just back from turkey and was brown as a berry. This messes with your colours, people! They look much brighter on white skin, and also tanning is just bad for your skin in general, and tattooed skin in particular, as it can cause fading. get your sun block out and use it and use it, or I’ll come after you with a sharp knife and take the tattoo back, ha!  😈

weegie wednesday!

kicking it off was Richard to get the last of his geisha and peonies done, she’s looking good! Shame i can’t take credit for the geisha artwork, Richard brought in a picture for me to interpret

And then a complete departure from my usual style and subject matter, gasp, shock, an american flag blowing in the wind  😆
The reason I did this piece is that I did the other tattoo on his arm a looong time ago, I think about 10 year ago, and I’m still quite fond of it. I didn’t really like the idea of someone else adding to it and potentially doing something I didn’t approve of!
The new addition had to be quite light in colour as not to crowd the original pieces, and the danger would have been that the overall composition would have looked too busy.
Making the new additions too dark would have been easy as ian’s skin is quite brown, which reduces the tonal range available.

Ian’s dad is american, in case you’re wondering about the reason for this tattoo  😆
Some more clouds to be added to this next time

and last but certainly not least, Angie got her piece finished, the trees that we started at the Edinburgh tattoo convention! At last we got round to adding the colour and shading to the path through the trees. This tattoo is after a beautiful painting of an autumnal forest with a lake. Love it, so different!
I just need to get some decent pictures of it, these are not a good representation, so hopefully Angie can make it in again once it’s all healed so that i can take some snaps

beautiful sunny day at Tribe 3, with Erik. Alex, Laura and Roz  😀

I had a day of plants booked in, first some ivy and then lilies… unfortunately for some stupid reason I forgot to photograph the ivy. It’s freehand and creeping up her back, as it’s not finished yet, I can get a snap of it next time. Soz.

Then kenny had an appointment to get more of his lily sleeve shaded. Kenny is a boxer, and a few of us from Tribe had been to see him fight at the weekend -a fight that he won in  spectacular fashion- so I was looking forward to chatting to him about it. I try to control my inner fan girl and not embarrass myself, but it’s hard because I find boxing so exciting and love talking about it!

We got most of the forearm shaded today, and I’d made the executive decision to go darker and more dramatic on the whole thing than originally planned. This is because I want his tattoo to be visible from the cheap seats, too, and not just ringside  😀
I was sitting in the cheap seats on the bleachers when I made that executive decision…

busy old day at tribe 1 in the Southside, with Rob, George and Tiddy  😀

I had another scaley session first up, Alan’s dragon had been looking a bit naked of late, but we’re getting there!
(as usual for work done at Tribe 1, I apologize for the lousy photos!Still not figured out a good place to take them)

and another japanese style piece after that, just finishing off a couple of leaves here

and last but not least, Sheena got a wee vegan piece, strawberries and all, love it!

and for Sheena, and every other greyhound lover, here’s our wee pup Ziggy, he’s growing fast, and is probably nearly twice the size he was in the picture taken a few weeks ago. Even so he’s only a third of the weight he will be  😯

glasgow day, and kicking it off were some scales, lots of them, with wee scales inside them  😆
This way of doing scales is very time consuming, but it’s traditional and it looks the biz once it’s done.
Also got round to doing a bit of red, and some of the shading in the head of the dragon

and then some colour, Hazel had a bit added to her shoulder piece to make it flow along the back a bit more  😀