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well, this came out of the blue- the tattoo studios closed and everyone stuck at home for weeks, if not months……

Unless some kind of regular testing clears people to go back to work, I think that businesses like tattooing will be some of the last to be allowed to trade again. Like hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, masseuses etc, we need to actually touch our customers to do our job, and we can’t claim to be providing an essential service- tattoos are one of life’s little luxuries.

Most tattoo artists are creative types, and filling their time will probably not be a problem; I expect lots of drawings and paintings will be produced, music made and interesting stuff written, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Financially it’s a nightmare, of course, so fingers crossed we can go back to work before too long, and that we have work to go back to.

I’m going to use this enforced staycation to edit hundreds of photos and get on top of my online work, blog, social media, websites, that sort of thing.

I have been putting off dealing with the clusterfuck that is ‘photobucket’, the online hosting site that I’ve been uploading all my photos for this blog to. A while ago they decided that their previously free hosting (I’m cheap, ok, I went for a free one, see where that got me…) was now not going to be free anymore, and if you wanted to use their services it was now going to be 400dollars a year. Otherwise, instead of a picture of a tattoo appearing in my blog, you’d be looking at an embarrassing image telling you that I’d not paid up!

Photobucket eventually relented and lowered the price a bit, and I pay that now, but it gave me a fright and a reality check- all those images, 10 years worth of blog posts, now belong to photobucket and they can do what they want with them.

Added to that uncomfortable fact, it also takes ages to upload my pictures to photobucket now that I live rural with a shonky internet connection. Something else needed to be done.

So I’m now resizing my pictures before I upload them, and they will be hosted on my wordpress page itself, until I run out of space- I’ll cross that bridge when i come to it. The blog posts might look a bit different, smaller pictures, but as long as they still do a decent job, that’s what I’ll be doing from now on. let me know if you can’t see the images well enough on any of your devices! Fuck you, photobucket!

so- BEFORE i was told to shut the studios and stay at home, these are a few of the tattoos i did 🙂

This is an extension to a half sleeve I did over 10 years ago- the dragon and yellow roses have kept well, which is always good to see. I feel lucky that I stuck to tried and tested inks when the market was getting flooded with new brands all the time- promising better healing, better to work with and a cooler image/ stupid names, etc, some of which have not stood the test of time.

colourful peonie and dragon tattoo sleeve

In Japanese mythology the koi swims upstream, overcoming obstacles and struggling to get ahead, then eventually turns into a dragon, which symbolises enlightenment and wisdom.

Hunter, the customer, got his dragon and 10 years later the koi, now the story is complete!

colourful dragon and koi tattoo sleeve
orange koi tattoo sleeve

another colourful sleeve, something a bit different from me, is this tribute to Prince. ‘Paisley Park’ was his record label, and ‘The Revolution’ his band. We added the paisley pattern in light colours behind the purple writing, to enhance and support, but not smother the main elements. I’m sure Prince would have loved it!

paisley park prince tattoo the revolution
prince tattoo sleeve

and speaking of colourful patterns, Douglas got his abstract piece extended onto his hand- he said his wife will *not* be happy, does he look concerned to you? 🙂

colourful geometric hand tattoo

this pretty piece was designed to follow the flow of the phoenix on her back. The flowers cascade down her arm, with two little goldfinches looking for seeds

flower shoulder tattoo
cascading flowers and goldfinch tattoo

this tiger is a tribute to her dad’s tiger tattoo, she got the same one he got years ago, and to make it a bit softer, we added the cluster of cherry blossoms.

tiger and cherry blossoms tattoo

and to keep with the family theme, this little tattoo is of a so-called ‘preemie octopus’, it was given to the customer when their premature baby way born. There is a charity that has volunteers making these crocheted octopus toys, they get put in the incubators to keep the baby company. To the customer it had special meaning, it became a symbol of the worrying times they overcame. The baby is now a naughty toddler in perfect health, so all good!

chrocheted preemie octopus tattoo

and last but not least, and update on the epic chain maille sleeve I’ve been working on- getting there!

chain maille tattoo realistic