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wednesday 13th april

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weegie wednesday, and my last day at work – I’m going on holiday  😀

Paul got the last of his wee portraits done, he now has his mother, his sister and both sets of grand parents on his back. next step will be to tie it all together with scroll work and shading.
I’ll also be darkening some of the shading on the portraits, as some of it has gone during the healing. This part of the body really isn’t ideal for portraits, the skin is thick and gets lots of movement during the healing, so it can settle down less well than elsewhere on the body. Not to worry, we can always add more.


then I started a wee cover up on hazel, she had had a dagger design done on her back years ago (in a caravan in a cemetery in Gurock,  😆  them were the days!)

Roz had zapped it with the laser a couple of times and the black lines had faded really well, so it’s going to be easy to cover, we can even use light colours like orange to hide what’s left of the old piece.

My last customer’s tattoo needed a facelift, he’d had some roses tattooed, but they were a bit lackluster and basic, and the design didn’t hang together.
I’ve added some more roses, and some background shading, next time we’ll tackle the original roses and make them a little bit more defined

well, that’s me off til the 5th May! Proper holiday abroad, no tattoo machines in sight  😆

see youse all when I get back…



tuesday 12th april

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‘look, Luckycat, it says 19 degrees here, must be summer!’  😀

felt like it today, well, as long as you stayed out of the wind!!

I had a bit of a nasty surprise on my way to work today, for the first time in a looong time (20 years!) I felt a migraine coming on, which caused my vision to go blurry and pixelated and my heart to sink into my boots. I got to work and went to phone and cancel my appointments for today- as you can’t tattoo blurry vision, when the blurriness disappeared as strangely as it had appeared.
I went from feeling vulnerable and devastated, to feeling invincible and elated! Bring it on, I’ll tattoo anything! I’m fine!

Just as well, Helen had booked me to tattoo some very specific and tiny wee spirals on her neck and shoulder, a continuation of a piece we’d done a long time ago, and a piece you certainly needed good vision for!

then Billy made a start on the final bit of his back and shoulder pieces, this time we added some grey smokey effect to his flames to echo the wind on the other side of the chest. Not quite finished yet

and last I had our george in, we’re steaming ahead with his water sleeve (steam? water? geddit? 😀 )
here I’ve tried out the new photo backdrop we’re in the process of setting up in the studio, as you can see I’ve yet to make some adjustments to my camera’s settings!


test puppies

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