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19th may- 13th june

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Exciting news! Tribe now has it`s own animal sanctuary! We got the keys and are now getting the place ready for our rescued residents- soooo much to do… fences, grass cutting,  building the chicken run, cleaning and more cleaning, then some more cleaning….

We are applying for charity status at the moment, so you will be happy to know that all the profits from tribe will go towards helping the animals. You can keep up to date with our progress on our facebook page, and meet our first residents, two highland coos called Lachlan and Moorag 🙂 like us here    We will be adding photos and updates for you.

Of course the tattooing will, and has continued as usual.

I had two lovely customers from Germany make the trip to Edinburgh to get some work, Doreen had been getting floral and ornamental work and now liked the idea of pink magnolia flowers and a wee humming bird

and the piece on  Nicole was inspired by her love  for Las Vegas and white lilies

Paul decided it was about time he got his first tattoo, and to celebrate overcoming some challenging times in his life, he chose a black and grey koi piece. The koi symbolises struggle, as it battles up stream to get to the place it needs to be to become the enlightened dragon, a higher being in Japanese mythology.

Phil`s unusual black and grey chrysanthemum half sleeve is nearly done, just a fine tuning session and he`s good to go. Usually flowers are done in colour of course, but they can be just as effective in black and grey, if a bit moodier maybe.

My next project was also unusual, Jade had a fairly random collection of tattoos, some home made, some not, plus scars, and some were to be covered, while some were to stay.

Tattoos are massively personal of course, they tell a story about the wearer and will reflect our personalities. Jade`s collection struck me as random, irreverent and somewhat humorous, and I didn’t really want to get completely rid of that, so I was looking more to consolidate and enhance artistically what was already there.

We chatted about a few options, and as she liked patterns and dot work, putting some designs like that together seemed like a striking and flexible way to work around existing pieces or cover others up, without ruining the character. In true Jade style, when she saw the purple transfer I used to stencil on the pattern work, she decided right there and then that she would like it done in purple ink instead of black 🙂

there will be a matching circular pattern on the hand, but we ran out of time this session.

a cute barn owl, the start of a nature half sleeve

Farah is starting a sleeve of flowers, and as she only wants flowers with a background behind them, we are able to add the flowers one by one, rather than work out the whole sleeve design first.

Today we went ahead and did a blue chrysanthemum

Talk about taking it slowly, Martin had last been in 5 years ago! Today he was back to get some more colour done and to bring the sleeve onto his hand. We will still need to finish off the original sleeve, there is some detailling and fine tuning still to be done. Five years, tsk tsk….:)

and for something unusual, this is a cover up of a dragon, to make it easier for us, it had been lasered a few times to make it lighter.

more flower pieces, two cute small ones, one is a cover up of a small fairy on an ankle

and I’ve got two  black and grey nautical themed sleeves on the go, and I use the term nautical loosely. In both cases it’s a collage of images including a mermaid and an octopus of sorts.

Paul’s sleeve got some work done to his ship and watery reflection done (not finished yet)

and Matthews sleeve is getting the last pieces added, his collage includes images that are decorative and meaningful to him, but maybe not what you’d expect in a nautical sleeve, and the overall effect is eclectic and intriguing.

Lynn is the proud owner and rescuer of a beautiful bull called Prince, and had a portrait of him done by another artist, and today we added the logo of her organisation ‘Lotus Animal Sanctuary’. You can follow Prince and his story  and the great work Lynn does on the Lotus  animal sanctuary facebook page.

Margaret likes the look of old botanical drawings, so we are putting together a collage of plants that she likes, got the main design lined and had some time to start on the detailling in the fern.  Like the etching of an old botanical illustration, this will be just in Black lines and hatchings to give it that victorian look

Tom is getting more colour in his phoenix

Paddy’s back is pretty much finished. A few finishing touches to tie it all together and he is done, a japanese nightmare that covers his arms and back! His tattoos have been a journey into the dark and surreal world of japanese ghosts and ghouls, combined with the nighmarish artwork of Nick Blinko. The whole thing looks quite pleasant, black and grey illustrations that swirl around the body in a decorative way, until you look a bit closer 🙂