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16th june- 12th july

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we’ve been busy on the Tribe animal sanctuary, check our updates on the  facebook page

for that aspect of our work, and meet the furry and feathered residents!

tattoowise I’ve been busy with some wonderful projects, too.

Claire is finally finished with her backpiece, I say finally because she forgot all about it for a good few years and then came back to get it completed 🙂

Emma got her sleeve finished, too, we worked two foo dogs around some existing pieces (portrait by me, lady on the forearm by another artist). Emma chose muted colours for this piece, so we went with ochre and muted greens, blues and reds, giving it an understated look and letting the flow of the composition do the talking.

With Tom’s phoenix the colours most certainly do the talking, we chose bright as bright colours and used them in a way that makes them pop against each other, all possible partly due to Tom’s white as white skin. Another session to go on this one to bring it all together, specially where it joins onto the upper section which we did a number of years ago.

I’ve not posted about this next piece before, as it’s a scar cover up, and I don’t usually blog about these projects on the world wide web as they are usually of a more sensitive nature. However, some of my most rewarding pieces are scar cover ups, having a nice tattoo in place of some ugly scarring can be life changing! My customer in this instance agreed to let me post some after pictures of the project, in the hope that it might encourage others with scars to consider getting tattooed over them.

The scars came from a dark place, and the tattoo was to be light, colourful and life affirming, delicate and feminine, everything the scars were not. She loves how she can now proudly show her arms and the focus is on the tattoo and not the bumpy skin.


Another customer who has been coming to see me on occasion over the years, Andrew, felt it was time for another small addition to his tattoo, so we added a Hokusai wave to the bottom.

jo is working on a sleeve of botanical drawings, with a few birds and a fox thrown in for good measure. Today we concentrated on the dog rose and a small blue tit above the elbow. Again using more muted colours to give that old fashioned water colour illustration look.

Sheena had some henna done on er hand a while ago, and liked it so much, she got something like it tattooed 🙂

karen’s tattoo idea started off with a small illustration of a lady’s face that her son Jason drew, and we added ideas and textures as they occurred to her, all tied together with some sweeping art nouveau style shapes. Today we took one of those shapes and filled it with fire, and added some stylised poppies at the bottom. This contrasts nicely with the Escher butterflies we did next to it, and the stylised northern lights we are working on round the back of the arm.

farah is slowly working on a sleeve with flowers, it’s going to have a wintery background to it, so today’s flowers were some little plum blossoms, which can flower as early as february, and are often pictured with snow.

More botanical drawings, but this time like really old, etching style illustrations that you might find in an old text book. There will be a splash of colour in this, but mostly this is about the line work


I’m working on a project for Jade that involves covering, but not obliterating, some old home made pieces. We chose some strong geometric shapes to complement the arm and hand, whilst retaining some of the randomness of the original collection of tattoos. Overall this will look beautiful but with surprising irregularities, i can’t really think of a better way to describe it! the key here is for me to take Jade’s ideas on board now that I have come up wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgtzu7777777777777777777 (cat typing, sorry)  with the overall concept that would work technically to cover the home made pieces somewhat, because I want that unusual input to keep it ‘Jade’.

this is how it looked before we started

and up to now


a cute cute piece for Breagha to finish the blog, she and her sister have just released their first album called ‘target girl’ with their band Bratacus, how fitting!