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16th- 21st january

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there are a few dragons about! I had predicted a shift to geisha’s. but the dragons seem to be winning at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

Ross was after a sleeve with a dragon and some cherry blossoms on a branch, today we got the outline done

aileen’s dragon got a background today, she is still a bit undecided about the colours she wants, so we are concentrating on the parts that are to be black and grey for now.

i had done a bold koi sleeve for dean a couple of years ago, leaving a gap where there was to be a small koi when the baby was born. Well, now dean has a baby girl, and a wee pink koi, too ๐Ÿ™‚

stephanie had a tribal dragon on her hip which she had lasered down to a pale grey. The skin was a bit more solid than usual due to the original tattooing and then 6 laser treatments, but we were perfectly able to cover the pale remnants with pinks.

the peony might need another bit of ink touched up here and there once it’s healed- the skin is a bit less predictable once it’s been through all the removal, but that’s not a problem.

just one more short session on harry’s 3/4 sleeve, to tie up any lose ends and tidy up and rough edges, but that’s it done. There was a tribal piece underneath the new design, luckily only outlined, and roz had done a little bit of lasering to lighten it in places

martin owns two crows and wanted to have one on his ribs. We found the best position for it, and I have to say, I never knew that part of the body suited a crow that much! The placement makes this piece

and Tony is making good progress with his dragon sleeve, some background shading and colour went in today, and we are already plotting a phoenix for the other side, it’s going to be epic ๐Ÿ™‚

7- 14th january

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kicking off the new year was Tony, who is getting a dragon sleeve, with a couple of dragonflies chucked in for balance ๐Ÿ™‚ Why did I never think of those two together??

my next customer was a special visitor from Hamburg, the lovely Martje. We started a mermaid piece last time I was in working in Hamburg, and she was keen to get it finished, so she booked herself a short city break to Edinburgh. Our lovely weather here was putting onย  a particularly bad performance for her, I’m sorry to report…. let’s hope that hasn’t put her off coming back!

John is working on an extension to his tribal piece, we have added some roses, a clock face and an urn carrier, tying it all together with negative space and movement, which is to help the transition from the strong lines of the tribal

one more session to tweak some details and we are done

you can never have too many skulls! Coco’s side in progress

( I love skulls. I have a slight addiction to this siteย  )

I am working on a rework and continuation of Gavin’s flower sleeve. The top part was done by an amateur and needs fixing up, today I put in some basic colours to the upper flowers which had been lined by said amateur. It was bad. It’s starting to look ok. Next time we can really sort this by putting depth and detail in, hopefully it will blend in nicely with the forearm, where had a clean slate.

there is also the matter of the tribal armband, some of it will disappear in the dark background, but where there are some visible parts, Roz will do her magic with the laser to lighten them so that we can put colour over them

another session on Joe’s dragon, just some finishing touches to go now

and Lesley-ann’s peacock is finished! Not bad for a first piece ๐Ÿ™‚

also getting there is Kiaran’s sleeve, which had been a very organic journey from our original plan to just tweak the original sleeve a bit to a complete transformation. The result is warm, visually textured and intriguing, and not something I would ever have come up with were it not for the fact that we hadย  the original work underneath.

Kiaran gave me free reign to work on this, and I’ve just kept adding layers of colour and detail- great fun! I know his approach isn’t for everyone; specially when it comes to tattoos, most people want to know what the finished piece will look like. I am lucky to have trusting customers who enjoy the creative process as much as I do.





I hope you all had a wonderful festive period! I have, and now it’s time to catch up on the last days of 2014, so here is what kept me busy..

last touches on Megan’s Kuan Yin, the goddess of vegetarianism and compassion

it’s beautiful chinese goddess of Indian origins, and megan has surrounded her with earthy mandalas that remind her of her native australia

another session on lesley-Anne’s peacock, with the paisley tail feathers

and then a very brief start on what will be a sleeve dedicated o legendary blues musician Robert Johnson. We only had just over an hour, due to the customer John’s work messing him around a bit, which isnt enough to start any kind of sleeve. So I concentrated on the main portrait, but I’m looking forward to continuing this.

As legend has it, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, in exchange for an amazing musical talent (the design of this will be so much fun!), and he went on to become a worldwide legend and influence on music.

Simon’s phoenix got another session, working on the tail feathers now, we will add some blues to some parts of the bird to contrast with all the warm colours, and also to compliment the blue dragon we did on his other arm

a short session on Brian’s epic backpiece, on such a large piece it’s hard to look like you’ve done much in one session!

i had harley in twice in the run up to the new year, he has moved to belfast in the meantime and was making the most of his Christmas holiday by cramming in some tattoo time. Good boy ๐Ÿ™‚

we had started on a sleeve with an octopus, a geisha girl, a fisherman, a shishi and a noh mask, well, we only got a fraction of it down last time, and what was done was only sketchy.

On his first appointment we concentrated on the lower section that we had already started, the geisha and the octopus, and finished the shading and detailling.

then a week later, harley was in for a whole day! we did the noh mask on his chest and the fisherman, and with the left over time, got cracking on shading the shishi. I’m sure Harley slept well, that night- it fairly takes it out of you getting tattooed a whole day. I’ve heard of people feeling flu like symptoms and being very tired after a marathon session like that, but you do get a good bit done, it will probably seems worth it the next day.

I had great fun with Harley’s fisherman tattoo, he is pulling on one of the octopus’ tentacles, and has the same tattoos as harley in miniature, so the fisherman has a tattoo of a fisherman on his arm.. like russian dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

Alistair’s dragon sleeve is getting there, we still need to add more blues to the dragon’s scales, the belly scalesย  and do some tidying up here and there

Kiaran got the last of her girl’s faces restored, here is the before and after

(not by me)

(by me)

and we had some time to add more of the florally pattern to the rest of the sleeve. his piece is developing quite organically, as I am adding to an existing sleeve by another artist

and Neil is also getting me to add to an existing piece, he came with a half sleeve of tribal that needed to become a full sleeve. Instead of continuing his tribal we went for some japanese style waves, with strong black windbars to continue the flow that the tribal had started.

and that was it for 2014! I’m looking forward to 2015, I’ feel there are changes coming to the tattoo industry as a whole, and I will embrace these. Having Olivia on the team to help me with the larger pieces, will mean my waiting list will be down and i can be more spontaneous and branch out a bit. Expect to see a wider variety of work on here ๐Ÿ™‚