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20th – 25th june

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Scott had some existing tattoos on his arm that he wanted incorporated into a larger panel or even half sleeve. The main idea was for one or two roses with scroll work around them. I made a start on the scrolls, and there will be a large rose at the top of the arm, with possibly another on the underside of the upper arm. It will remain in black and grey

also working around an older piece is Stephen, he already had a phoenix on the upper arm and wanted a traditional dragon curling around the forearm, to make up a full sleeve. Whenever you have to add onto another piece there is a compromise involved, so although Stephen didn’t really want much in the way of colour in the new piece, we might have to go for some to help it tie in with the existing work. Next time we will tidy up some of the shading and see what colours we want to add

Last session on Brian’s dragon! Well, i’ll see if anything needs any tidying up once it’s all settled in, but apart from that, we now have two dragon sleeves! They compliment and contradict each other in equal measures, and suit Brian to a T. Certainly a far cry from the collection of old tattoos that they cover up!

The next step in darrells backpiece, today we outlined and shaded some of the tree and geisha that will dominate the composition, it’s going to be full colour and is based loosely on a few old japanese prints that darrell liked. We will introduce a pond of some kind at the bottom, we needed to see what space was available before we decided, so now it’s back to the drawing board- not that there is much of a rush, the part we have settled on already will take up quite a few hours of work, plenty of time to toss a few ideas about.

Last/ second session for Alex and her phoenix, today we shaded the tail feathers

And another tattoo finished! Chris has been on a epic journey, this sleeve incorporates a wide variety of things that Chris likes and that have meaning to him. He likes chanterel mushroom, tick. Cloudberries, tick. Scottish things like the Northern Lights, a pictish carved stone and a castle ruin on Skye (name escapes me now) and even the first half of the Skye bridge-( it’s tiny, see it going onto his chest), tick! His grandpa liked racing pigeons, so we included two and the whole thing is tied together with a tree and autumn leaves blowing around… you get the idea, it’s all wonderfully Chris!

And then a tattoo virgin, but a hard as nails one- Alex sat for his first tattoo for 6 hours! He wanted a sleeve, boldly modern japanese in style but with a stag’s head at the top, with the antlers going around his shoulder. Plenty of work still to do here, but we got it all lined and some shading down







10th-18th june

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big blog today, I have decided to only write this blog once a week now, on a thursday. A couple of reasons, one being that I don’t want to overload the people who subscribe to it and get it sent to their inbox, one email from me a week is probably more than enough!
the oher being that the pieces I do these days are much bigger than when started the blog all those years ago. There are less pieces all in, and they fit nicely in one blog a week I think. I may even not post absolutely every update on every piece, if for example do an hour on Bill’s epic blackwork, I’ve not bothered including this. I might roll that out for other short session where the progress isn’t really worth reporting, I’ll see how i feel on the day.

so here’s the first of the mega blogs

danny requested a 3/4 sleeve of just a phoenix, as usual for me I freehanded it straight onto his arm to make sure it fits nicely and wraps in a way that works. He also wanted a lightening bolt, which i think is a nice contrast to the flowing feathers

Frank was after a hanya mask skull image that he provided and i changed a bit for him. He already had a koi on the outside of his calf, so i incorporated that and continued the water around the lower leg

Harry has been getting some lasering done, and although it wasnt complete yeat, I decided it was ok o go ahead and line and roughly shade the new piece over the old lasered piece. That way Roz can laser just the bits that really need it.
It’s a cockrel and dragon piece, wih a wee rat climbing around the elbow, but due to how we are approaching it, it looks a bit confusing at the moment

Marilyn got some more colours on her flowers

and Cheryl got her first tattoo- on her foot!

I am doing a sweet geisha girl on alan’s leg, with a peacock wrapping around and some flowers. This will be a colourful piece

More blue water for Ryan, we filled the gap at the back of his arm, next step is to finish the girl with the dragon tattoo on her back, she is lying on intricately decorated fabrics

6th + 7th June

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another session on Rick’s dragon sleeve

Steve got some more colour done

and eric’s koi addition to his dragon is done, too.

Now here’s a mad colour combination, i defy you to find another dragon that is orangy red with purple 🙂 On paper those colours clash, but the reality is that they enhance each other and really zing. The pictures don’t really show that up, hopefully i can get better ones next time.

Roddi’s backpiece is still in it’s infancy, this was only the second sitting. It’s Thor, wrestling a sea snake, done in a chunky japanese style, all Roddi’s idea and a load of fun 🙂

30th May – 4th June

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Kick ass Amy got another 7 1/2 hours done to her peacock, she is the one to beat, ladies and gentlemen!
We did a fair bit of colour on her hip and upper thigh, but had covered it by the time I took the photos at the end of the day. There will be a complete reveal when it’s all done 🙂

The tail feathers on her back go in and around some older tribal pieces, once everything is healed we will assess if the tribal needs to be reworked or if it can stay the way it is. Now that the blues are fresh, it looks like they cover some of the tribal, but I know from experience that the black always comes through again in the end..whether you want it to, or not!

Another bird backpiece, this time Chris’ phoenix. We think we are done, except that we are now half thinking about adding some grey clouds in the background…I will print out a picture of his back, add some shading with a pencil, and see what we make of it.

Dave has been coming to get tattooed by me for a number of years, and now we are just tweaking a few wee things here and there, but essentially we are done with his sleeves and backpiece. He is getting some laser on some old pieces we worked around originally, but that are now bugging him, so they have to go. Once that is done, we will have created a bit of space to have creative fun.
Today we added a branch and a little snake to his chest piece

Ross is getting a samurai and flowers sleeve, we did a fair bit of background shading today.

this piece will be mostly black and grey with some muted colour accents.


Unlike Aileen’s piece, which is densely coloured! The geisha on her upper arm is practically just an excuse for the colourful fabrics that make up her kimono and flow down her arm. With Aileen’s perfectly white skin the colours show up beautifully, and she says people can’t take their eyes off her tattoo 🙂
some more pattered fabric to go, and more work to the clouds in the background. We are also adding a big crane bird at the top of the design, to echo the small cranes on one of the fabrics

Kiaran has had a lot of tattoos done by different artists, and is now looking to bring them together in places with a nice background. We didn’t have much much time, but we made a start on clouds with movement and a couple of small birds

and last but not least, Kiera and her mermaid sleeve got another couple of hours of work done, we finished the water and now just have the mermaid herself to do, and the ribbons of seaweed. Again, perfectly white skin making the colours pop, Kiera gets a lot of comments about her vivid blues, too!