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1st – 14th december

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Liz had a water colour painting of a barn owl she liked, and we used it as a base for her piece, which is a very personal tribute to a loved one, involving a small quote and a few special flowers and plants. the palette is deliberately muted and soft, giving t a bit of a nostalgic feel.

By contrast Laura wanted something quite bright and bold, a lotus with decorative swirly roots. The story of the lotus is that the roots reach deep into the mud to produce a beautiful flower, an analogy that is used in Buddhist teachings.

We will get round to finishing the roots next time, it was Laura’s first tattoo, so we didn’t book a very long session. Turns out she is hard as nails and we could have finished it no bother. 🙂

Brett took inspiration for his sleeve from a Japanese folk tale, where a determined young girl wanted to rid a community of the evil dragon that lurked in the waters below the cliffs. the community had to sacrifice virgins to this dragon to keep it appeased, so the girl pretended to be the sacrificial virgin and jumped into the water with a dagger, taking the dragon by surprise and killing it.

We got the girl and dragon sketched in, and will use the back of the upper arm for the cliff and other elements of the story.

One thing that does surprise me about this story s that I’m always telling people that in japan the dragons are enlightened creatures, it’s what you become at the end of your journey when you become wise- obviously there’s other dragons, too, the nasty ones who eat virgins! I’ll need to adjust my patter.

I’m working on Brad’s Christ on the cross chest piece, today we started blocking in some blue greys behind the rays, we will refine this as we go along, but t ties the other pieces together really well and brings the Jesus figure out. Looking forward to seeing this complete, it’s going to be pretty eye catching!

Brad is a long term customer of mine, and because he is a kind soul, he is letting Fraser, our apprentice, do a skull tattoo on him. here they are discussing it.  like how they are so serous looking!

Laurenne had some finishing touches added to her night fox 😉

Rannoch is now joining up his tattoos, the tiger in the water meets the foo on his back, using the stylised water as a bridge.

I had a cancellation that day, so I tattooed a young student who came in for his first tattoo, a tiny fish on his ankle. He was sooo nervous and promptly passed out when he was paying for it…. I have a lot of admiration for people who overcome their intense fear and get a tattoo done. It’s easy to forget how big a deal the first one is, when you usually deal with seasoned veterans like myself!

Paul is starting on a black and grey, nautical themed sleeve, today we just put in the ship that will sit at the top of the composition

Ian asked me to put a stylised night sky/ space behind the collection of pieces on his upper arm. he had been adding to this collection over the years and wanted them to be tied together with a dark theme, without losing any of his original pieces.

It’s not often i get to tattoo a whole leg from scratch, specially with only one existing piece to incorporate. Luc’s project involved a massive snake in a japanese style with lots of colour- that was my brief- great fun! we got the design worked out and the lines sketched in, flowers! Clouds! Massive snake! wind bars! All the good stuff, looking forward to this a lot!

Michael is adding a foo and a koi to his stark black and grey piece (not by me), i told myself I should make my section more gritty and urban looking to match the other artist’s work, but when i start freehanding, the curves and sinewy lines come out and I just can’t help it. Most importantly is, Michael loved it. He had a good idea what he was letting himself in for to be fair, and he asked me to do some bold colour work, so not really gritty and urban, and I’m sure we can make them sit side by side nicely

Tony’s thigh piece now includes a cherry tree, I’ve left a gap for a nice bat and further up there will be two birds and more clouds.

Tony very recently had a brutal accident where he needed major surgery to reattach his biceps, and apart from being majorly concerned for Tony’s well being, i was also a bit anxious to see what the surgery had done to his sleeve. Tony had the best surgeon I think i have ever heard of, there is just the tiniest scar on the dragon’s nose, and that will settle to nothing when the wound is completely healed.The scar on the other side of the arm i couldn’t even see when Tony was pointing at it. Gobsmacking what they can do!


Lastly for today I have a wee favour to ask. We have started a new facebook and google page for the Glasgow studio, because up to now Google would only pick up on our Edinburgh location, as it is listed first. It’s those damn algorithms, and because of that our Glasgow studio is harder to find online.

If you like what we do in Tribe Glasgow, and enjoy my blog, I would love it if you could take a moment to like our page or even leave us a rating, it would help us a lot and we would love you forever! Thank you ❤

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