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18th – 26th july

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we are bringing Marilyn’s floral backpiece down over her buttock, incorporating sweet peas and a London street sign, which is where the big flower market is. marilyn has family who used to sell flowers at this this market and fond childhood memories of it. her love for all things floral goes way back

Mhari was after a straight up, traditional dragon without background, on her leg, in golden colours

gary is getting a half sleeve of roses, they will be in red once we are done. As this is a bit of a cover up, too, I decided to do the whole thing in black and grey first, to gauge the shadows required to make tho old piece disappear. Once that has settled I will add red and possibly some more black here and there

Keira’s mermaid sleeve is finished! here are some pictures I took inside as per usual, but as it was such a nice day, we went outside for a couple, too. The colours always come out so nice and bright in real daylight

Another piece completed, mark’s backpiece had some finishing touches done today, and now we are finished, tada!

I started a new cover up, Alistair was tired of his union jack and bulldog piece, and had got Roz to laser what she could off it to make it easier to cover. The blue doesn’t really laser, but even getting rid of the black outlines and fading down the red helped a lot.

The dragon will be blue with black scales, incorporating  the blue that remains from the flag.

i remembered to take a couple of pictures before, during and after the session this time


A note on the Commonwealth games; i was told to expect complete travel chaos, delays and queues on the train, and traffic jams on the motorway.

I was keeping the names and numbers of my glasgow customers on hand in case i was late and needed to let them know… but having been back and forth to Glasgow last week, i can report that i seem to be completely unaffected by any chaos on the trains or the road. maybe I’m just lucky, but there really doesn’t seem anywhere near the congestion that was predicted. fingers crossed for the same next week!



11th – 17th july

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another installment on rick’s arm

Ian had got a sleeve done by me a few months ago, and now wanted this totem pole piece down his back. Not my usual style, but I liked it and it is a rock reference, as it’s from  Queensryche album cover

Gavin had a half sleeve done by an amateur, and was in to see if it could be fixed and improved on, and also to make a full sleeve out of it.

The existing  flowers are a bit odd, but with some colouring they could work well, and a darker background will hide the uneven and blown out lines. Our main weapon is the continuation, though. By adding big flowers with clean lines and bold colours we will draw the eye away from the upper part. Today we did the outlines and started on the shading in the background

another Ian, this time we finished a koi and flowers sleeve, which matches but isn’t symmetrical to the sleeve we did on his other arm

And steve’s mad piece is done! he is saving a couple of white gaps for a date or two. Date as in numbers, he’s married, just in case you thought  ok

Alex had another session on his stag sleeve. I had been a bit cautious with the length of the antlers going over the shoulder, seeing as it is his first tattoo and all that, but he wished to have them extended. So now the front one goes right to the dip where the neck starts- way to go!

laura just needed a couple of finishing touches on her phoenix/ fire

and Alan was in again. He was only in a week ago, but seeing as we didnt need a long session to finish it, we went for the two sessions a week apart. Normally it’s a good idea to wait two weeks in between, specially if you are going onto or next to freshly tattooed sections on the second visit. You can see the scabby bit on the peacock we did last week, that’s what the tattoo looks like a week into the healing, in case anyone doesnt know!

the geisha is looking cute

so, apparently there is a genuine Banksy piece sprayed onto the door next to Tribe 1. The bookshop whose door it is, claims it’s a real one, and banksy did them a favour by doing it. The boys at Tribe1, Nik, George and Fraser, spoke to ‘Banksy’ while he was doing it, and if it is him, he’s a dick according to the lads. ‘Banksy’ did apologise later and promised them a canvas as way of apology (not materialised yet)

who knows- it might be real and it was banksy, or just someone trying to pull a fast one. Either way, the bookshop have put clear perspex over it and people are starting to come looking for it and photographing it. …









4th – 9th july

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we are working on a half back piece for Marylin, today we started moving down onto the buttock, with some sweet peas, colour to follow

and a new piece, Simon wanted a phoenix on his arm, the tribal at the top was declared too big to laser, so we are working around it. It’s not too big to laser, everything is possible in  theory, but if the piece isn’t bad enough to warrant the extra hassle, expense and pain, working around it is possible. Not covering it, however

my next customer is a cancer survivour and wanted to celebrate life with a nice cherry blossom tattoo 🙂

we had time to do a wee tattoo for sheenea and her wonderful collection of pieces, today we made a start on a group od snails winding round her arm, love this, needs a bit more shading maybe, but we were pressed for time, so next time we can add whatever it needs

Helen got some flowers on her back, they all represent the four countries her grand parents came from, so a decorative piece with hidden personal meaning, nice idea!

I hadnt seen Coco for a while, and we still need to work on his rib pieces, so today we started the process of connecting the side and front pieces, there will be more skulls. Naturally. There can’t be enough Skulls!

And then wee marjorie, she got her first tattoo from me 15 years ago, to celebrate her silver wedding, and now it was time for a tattoo to celebrate her ruby anniversary! The two flowers are sweet william and Marjory, their namesakes, very cute 🙂

We also added a few little swirls to a piece we did a few months back

and then on Hannah, more flowers! it’s been quite the week for them, I do like a nice flower tattoo.

this one is a bit different, it’s a water colour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, not his usual style, but very beautiful

Last but not least, Alan’s flower, geisha and peacock piece, just some colour in the autumn leaves and some general tidying up to do now and he’s done, apart from maybe some more shading in the tail feathers. Those cover an old and lasered piece, so i will need to see how that settles and see what else needs done





27th june- 2nd july

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we are bringing gerald’s backpiece further down over his buttocks, a hanya mask on one side, and a lady on the other. The picture of the lady is one gerald found online, I don’t know much about it, but it makes a nice counter part to the theatrical hanya mask. We will bring more waves and movement down and around the mask and the lady.

Aileen’s sleeve is coming along, we have been enjoying the detail on the fabrics of her geisha’s kimono, but there was still a gap to fill on the underside of the upper arm, so we tackled that today. There are little crane birds on one of the sections of the kimono, so as a way of echoing those, we added a large one flying in the clouds above. As we had some time left, we worked on the rest of the sky, too, but there is some shading left to do.

Megan is getting a half sleeve of the chinese goddess of vegetarianism and compassion, today we worked on the intricate mandalas around her, adding earthy colours that reflect megan’s australian roots and aboriginal art.

Kiaran had a short session to get some more shading added to her leg piece, here we are working to combine a few existing pieces with a cloudy background, adding a couple of simple birds to the mix

Also working around an existing piece is barry, we had a go at fixing the  strange piece in the middle as it was too big to be lasered, but it still needs to be finished off. There are some crazy lines at the top of the back which barry is having lasered, so we are working our way up from the bottom, today we added some bamboo and some waves under the fish. Once the whole thing is done, the middle piece wont be the first thing you notice anymore.

We finished Frank’s waves and skull hanya mask (or ‘bad face’ as his wee kids call it 🙂 )

and worked on Jude’s Kitsune fox piece, today we made a start on the background which will bring the piece together

We have a new jewellery cabinet at Tribe 1!  The old (and boring) Ikea cabinet gave up the ghost after 15 years, which isn’t too bad really.

I wanted something a bit more interesting, so a quick trip to the antique shop provided this nice old piece, and we have been having fun decorating it.

I found a couple of dragon handles which were the latest addition to it, here is Nik trying them out 🙂

til next week, bye from me

and Mona