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29th june- 16th july

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working up from Ian’s wrist, we needed a background to the tree silhouettes and up into the gaps between the tattoos at the top of his arm. Those gaps are of a middling size- not big enough to squeeze in any new pieces, but quite large for just background. We decided on a night sky as a background with some character, and as a way of tying together a few fairly unconnected images Ian collected on his travels. The start we made today will be refined and tidied  as we progress, with clouds where we have space and where it seems appropriate.

A similar challenge presents itself with pedro’s sleeve, there are a few really nice images that work together but could benefit from a background. The background can’t detract from the foreground pieces, so we need something completely different looking that wont swamp  the delicate flowers and gnarled tree. Pedro liked the idea of having something with a completely different texture, so we did some dotwork clouds and some hatched lines in the foreground, which we may tone down a bit with some shading once everything is settled down and healed. The effect will be nice and illustrative

We are creeping onto Laurenne’s arm! her tattoos are spreading from her back to where she can see them. Today we made a quick start on what will be a colourful fox piece

Matthew handed me a curveball when he announced he wanted a skull octopus on the top of his arm, but it was great fun- love the idea! 🙂

Mark is going for blue water on his sleeve, which is unconventional and sets off the chrysanthemum well

Frankie’s half sleeve is a work in progress, the roses will have lace behind them, this will make them stand out nicely

Getting to the end of Alex’s crazy wonderful sleeve! we’ve to add a few flowers to the top of the design (which is not by me, the lady figure and hair), fill in some gaps and darken some colours here and there. This has been a really fun piece, it just developed and grew and has a lot of beautiful shapes, colours, cute characters and a lot of humour in it. You’d never get tired of looking at it, which is how Alex wanted it. She supplied the cute ideas and I put it together for her

Colin is getting a half sleeve of images that have meaning to him, his family crest protected by two foo dogs, and some remembrance poppies. Today we made a start on shading the foos and lined the poppies, which will be in colour

One of my Hamburg customers was planning a holiday in Scotland this summer, and booked a tattoo appointment for while she was here, clever girl! 🙂

we worked on her green fairy a bit more

Aileen got a couple of flowers added to her leg piece, her white skin shows off the colours beautifully. And she always looks so glamorous when she comes into the studio! makes me feel bad! Just look at those shoes…..

Brad is the original hipster, we have decided. Young hipsters want to have their photo taken with him because he is so cool, so we have been teasing him- to be fair it’s not just the hipsters, Brad has the photographers round him like the paparazzi when he comes to get tattooed at the convention. How does he do it?

Today we started on the background to his jesus chest piece. The jesus will be a fair bit darker, now that we have decided on the light coming from behind him. Originally there was going to be a city scape behind him, so I kept the central figure quite light so that he wouldn’t get lost.