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6-18th november

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we are working around some script on simon’s arm, when the script is bold like this, it’s easy to just bring the design in behind it. More delicate script could be swamped by this, but this katrina is going nowhere! simon has been collecting individual pieces for a while, and is now looking to tie them all together to have a more unified look of ‘coverage’ as opposed to single pieces.

Single pieces work well up to a point, then it starts getting crowded and can look a bit disjointed or even messy- unless there has been a good game plan in place from the beginning. If you are thinking of curating a collection of individual tattoos on your body, you would do well to give the whole thing a direction early on, or to think ahead of a background, as it’s a lot harder to turn it all into harmonious coverage¬† further down the line.

Simon has a lot of big gaps in between his pieces, so that will make it a lot easier.

Ian wanted some atmospheric trees on his forearm (further up we will be coming up for a solution to tying together his existing collection, to end up with a full sleeve to go with the sleeve we did on his other arm)

and we are working on a sleeve of flowers and other nice things for Alex, today we did some poppies that will have some purple flowers and leaves next to them next time


adding to Holly’s dragon, we are bringing clouds and a sun onto her forearm. Holly like the abstract shapes of the clouds we had done over her shoulder and wanted them to reappear below, and the sun adds a bit of colour

paddy comes up from London for epic sessions that last all day, and he takes it all in his stride, bless him. We are working on sleeves and chest panels in a japanese style, but instead of kois, dragons, flowers, etc, we are using images by the artist Nick Blinko. To match the dark and strange nature of Nick Blinko’s artwork, i’m going dark and illustrative with the background, too. The overall effect is intense and edgy, I love it!

a couple of closeups of Tony’s phoenix and dragon sleeves, we are getting there!

Another dark and strange piece is coming together with Josh’s nature/ wood/ viking sleeve, here’s a progress snap shot

I added another butterfly and some leaves to caitlyn’s roses

and a sunflower and bumblebee to Steph’s flowers