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Posted: 17/12/2019 in Uncategorized

I’ve been working on a fair few sleeves, some of which have come to a sort of finish- sort of being my usual angle on things, because I could fiddle with details etc for ever, and need to be stopped 🙂

japanese sleeves that I’ve been busy with

John was going to get a black and grey sleeve, until his daughter coloured in the koi we did, she took some yellow marker pens and John liked the way it looked! So we added yellows to the koi, and it really pops out

Chris wanted a sleeve with some muted colours, so we went for greys in the dragon with accents of yellow and red and soft pinks in the cherry blossoms


By contrast stuart’s sleeve was to be as bright as possible, with bold chunky shapes and incorporating some repetitive patterns. The effect is more manga than traditional japanese, and it really works on his pale scottish skin (the paler the skin, the less interference from melanin)

Something non japanese for Al, we worked around a few existing pieces to make a sleeve that included art nouveau elements and nature, keeping the colour palette muted with greys and warmer pinks for the foxgloves. (much as I love that koi wallpaper, I need to remember not to take pictures in front of it, it competes with the tattoos! )

I’ve also been busy covering Harley with images from the comic books Saga and Monstress. We took his favourite illustrations and blended them with free flowing japanese elements to create this almost textured look. I can’t take credit for the beautiful comic book illustrations, but I’m really pleased with the overall look of this tattoo.

Speaking of textures, I’ve been enjoying detailled, illustrative ways of creating different looks, like on Billy’s octopus. I’ve been asked to tattoo a few animal portraits recently, which has made me look at different ways of rendering fur, feathers, etc. I’m enjoying the departure from bold and colourful compositions, but who knows, I might be bringing more detailled textures into my japanese work 🙂

here’s a mixture of japanese and texture on George’s neck, we needed a gap filler that continued on from the existing work on his arm, which were  flames. The idea was to create smoke with ash, but in a japanese sort of way, whilst  retaining the curvy look of the octopus that curls around his neck

and here is neall, work in progress, sporting a new Kali