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busy old day in Glasgow, Alex and me from edinburgh, Bru, Simon, Mark, Tim and Maggie, made for a busy shop before the customers were even factored in  😆

First to be factored in was Dave, we made a start on his ‘hell sleeve’, can’t think of a better name for it, with the half dead bird with the pocket watch. This sleeve will be mostly black and fiery colours, and will form the counter balance to his nice nature themed sleeve with the cute otter peeking through the bull rushes. You’ll have to wait and see I’m afraid, it’s hard to explain  😀

then mary got some shading added to her japanese half backpiece

and now I’m off for a week. yes, no tattooing for me for a whole week, I’m having time off to concentrate on other artwork. I do this twice a year, a week for ‘personal development’ as it’s apparently known, my next one is next month.
If I come up with anything relevant to this blog, i’ll be happy to share once I’m back
have a good one!

Tribe 3 today Roz is away on holiday but Alex, Erik and Laura kept me company.

Also there were my three customers, unlike Alex’s two who didn’t show up… 🙄

My first one was Faye, she was getting a phoenix, but in blues! Her husband erik had been in earlier this year getting a blue dragon, so there’s a common interest in blue here!

then Billy got the last wee bit of smoke added to his fire, for now that is, there’s going to be a fiery dragon on the arm below this piece at a later date

and the last piece of the day was an addition to a piece I did over 4 years ago, Stuart had decided he wanted a slight shadow effect under the black section of his tribal tattoo, and while i was at it i gave all the black a face lift. Once you start adding new bits the old ones look in need of a coat, too!

Glasgow for me today,

my first piece of the day was the start of a cover up. It’s a collaboration with Roz, she is lasering an old piece to help us put a rose over it. I’ve lined and roughly shaded the rose, and Roz will then laser the bits that are still visible. She can be fairly precise with the lasering, but when it’s all nice and lightened, I’ll tidy up any lines and shading to finish the piece.

then thatrick had an appointment to get more done to his tiger backpiece. Instead of doing black and grey (I’d just spent the appointment before him shading black and grey) I decided to go for some colour for this session. usually I finish the black and grey before I move onto colour, but there’s no real pressing reason for this, so I got the colours out, ha!

I read a great review for my customer and our website man Hubby in the metro today, his music is wonderful and I love to read about him in the paper!

Speaking of talented customers, a big congratulations from all at tribe to Kenny Anderson on his win on saturday!

check out this great photo to see an (…unfinished…) sleeve of lilies getting raised in victory!

this must have been the quietest saturday on record for the studio! Erik was off as he was playing a gig later on, Alex was off as he was at a casting for extras for a zombie film…. and the rest of you must have been kept away by the wild weather. After all, thunder and lightning, very very frightening!:lol:

My customers all made it, though, relieving poor laura’s boredom somewhat at the front desk.
First in was Dean, we put the first of his colour in! Sorry about the poor photos

after Dean things got a bit rosy. katie made a start on a roses piece with art nouveau style stems

and graeme popped in to get some finishing touches on his roses piece  😀

Normally I’d be working up at Tribe 1 today, but Rob is on holiday, and we are taking the opportunity to have some work done in the studio. The builder guy isn’t ready yet, so to avoid banging, hammering and paint fumes, I decided to stay down the road at Tribe 3.

Heidi was in to get more work done to her 4 elements japanese style half sleeve. We added the water fall under the arm, two herons and some colour. Nearly done, one more session to finish it off and add detail

Then a wee chinese symbol got the heave-ho, I may add some more black here and there if i think it’s still too obvious once all the colour has gone in, but I think we might get away with it once the flowers are bright and eye catching

Also Dave popped in to get he last wee bits done to his muscle piece. Looking nasty!

wednesday 6th july

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rainy day in Glasgow, who needs sunshine when you’ve got mark, Tim, Bru and Simon  😉

Jerry got some shading put in his skull and one of the roses, some of the centre pieces to his pin striping

and Richard is starting on a geisha calf piece.
I wish I could claim to have come up with the artwork for this lovely geisha, but alas it was by an artist called Haruyo Morita. Morita- Morag… close, but no cigar! 😀
If you are looking for nice geisha artwork for inspiration, her website could be a great start.

We changed the pattern on the kimono to blue fabric with red peonies, and she will have large red peonies surrounding her.

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend sunning yourselves! Erik and my first customer Jamie looked a bit pink, but luckily the part of jamie’s arm i was tattooing was unaffected.

We’d started a piece a while ago and finally got round to finishing it off, ready for the next bit, once jamie has decided how he wants to continue (I think there’s going to be the head of a geisha in the gap that’s left, but who knows, things change!  😆 )

Chris came down from Aberdeen to make a decent start on his koi piece, he’d booked a 4hr session, plenty of time to get stuck in. I like 4hr session, it gives you a real sense of achievement when you step back and see how much got done.

Chris’ star sign is Pisces and he wanted two koi (one evil, one happy) in a Pisces type of circle on his forearm, luckily he’s got pretty big arms, otherwise it might have been a bit of a squeeze. He’s wanting it as bright a possible, so I’m going for blue water and red/ orange/ yellow fish, with cherry blossoms in pink. It’s going to take your eye out when it’s done  😈

a beautiful sunny day in the weege! I’d better stop mentioning the weather, apart from that it’s apparently lame in journalistic terms, but it might also jeopardise the little bit of warm weather we’re having. It can turn as easy as that…

joining me on the journey to the Wild West was Roz, we spent the day in the company of Bru, Tim, Simon and Maggie, who was standing in for Mark.

Mary was in to make a start on her half backpiece. this is only the second time I’ve been asked to do half a back, I like it, It’s different!

we drew it on after a compositional sketch I’d worked out with mary at the consultation, and we got the outlines done. Mary did struggle with some parts of the lining, specially over the hip, but any wibbly lines will be buried in the shading at a later date anyway, so no harm done
yes, that is a wee pokemon/ bunny thing sitting in a lotus at the bottom, I forget it’s name, but it’s a star in anime films apparently 😀

Ian was also in, getting his tattoo finished off…finally! He got caught out in the winter weather in december and couldn’t make it in for his appointment, and we had to reschedule his booking. Unfortunately he had to join the back of the queue which meant a 6 month wait.

However, now it’s done, he’s got some nice pink orchids and the foo dog finally has the yellow in his fur that was missing

what a beautiful day!
Joining me in tribe 3 were Alex. Erik, Laura and Roz and sunshine, yey  😀

Andrew came down from Aberdeen to get some colour put in his koi, we’re still not quite finished here, some colour in the leaves to go

then Hew got  two tiny hands tattooed on his shoulders, unfortunately him and his partner had a still born baby and these are her prints. I hope this tattoo helps with the healing.

and then our donnamatrix was in again after quite a while, her tattoo has been a long time in the making… I took over a project someone else had started fairly unsuccessfully, my first job was to fix some mistakes, then we kept adding more figures and background to it.
It’s from artwork by the japanese artist Jinko Mizuno,
check out this crazy lady’s art!