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19th – 24th june

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Johnny’s quirky little dragon is coming along

Rick was in for a final touch up session on his sleeve, I’ve posted it on here plenty of time, but can’t resist posting these wee faces again 🙂

Viki’s Tengu is finished now

and so are Billy’s sleeves!

another session on darrell’s backpiece, it’s actually getting there! The geisha still needs some more colour and the some general tidying up will be required

Joanne has been getting a round celtic piece lasered by Roz, and now it was time to cover it. She was after a pink peony, which is a good choice for a cover up. I remembered to take a photo after I lined the peony, so you can see the old piece before it goes. I just wish I’d been on the ball enough to take a snap before i even started! For anyone considering lasering of an old piece, I hope his helps make your mind up. It really is a great way to update you collection, and not as painful or expensive as everyone thinks. laser technology has come a long way in the last decade!

Ask Roz or Laura for more information if you are considering laser tattoo removal

there will be a bit of delicate ornamental style work going around the peony, Joanne is still considering how far over her shoulders it should go next time.

I had a couple of days off, where I went on a mission to Gran Canaria, to visit a dear friend, and also to explore a new idea I have for a guest spot.

Last time I was doing my regular guest spot in Hamburg, at one point the weather was so bad we all stopped working and stood by the big windows. Hail was battering down and the wind blew the rain sideways against the glass, the noise was mental- it felt like being on a ship in a storm on the high seas. I found myself wondering why I don’t do a guest spot somewhere nice and hot.

I remembered our Jose, who helped out with piercing in the Glasgow studio a few years ago (some of you may remember him), he has moved to Las Palmas on Grand Canaria and has been inviting me to visit ever since. I discovered that he is friends with some people in las Palmas who have opened a punk Bar and tattoo studio called PKDK- I love punk, beer and tattoos haha!

So, we went to check it out and they are happy to have me work there, so I set my first guest spot for the end of july. I can see it being quiet for me at first, and my lack of decent spanish isn’t going to do me any favours, but I’m confident it will pick up. In any case, I can think of worse places to not have much to do. So, a new adventure, wish me luck!

back at home I did some more work on Stefan’s dragon

Marjory’s cute little foot tattoo needed a touch up, as foot tattoos so often do.

and another section of Marilyn’s epic flower piece got added, I’ll have this lady covered in flowers yet 🙂

more flowers! gerry’s skull and roses sleeve got it’s first bit of colour

and liam decided he wanted a full sleeve after all. Most people who have a half sleeve wish they had a full sleeve, unless they can’t because of work uniform restrictions. trust me on that one. And most people who have one sleeve wish they had two.

Liam wanted a mermaid, but more one that’s swimming in the water than a pin up kind of mermaid,.

as part of Alex’s sleeve we tattooed a tengu on his upper arm, the artwork is not by me. A tengu is a popular japanese mythical creature, half man, half bird.

Mike needed another rose, he has become a father again and needed another rose for his collection. If he has anymore children, we are looking at a full sleeve 🙂

Craig is working on a sleeve that represents his family, too. In his case it’s two koi and a dragon koi at the top, the two

we started Tony’s phoenix sleeve last time, and today we got stuck into some colouring

John is getting little bits added to his backpiece, we are venturing into the arm pit and tinkering with the edges

and Johnny had a short session on his dragon piece.

I’m starting a new sleeve here, Stefan was after quite a chunky dragon wrapping around his arm, as his first piece 🙂

Here are some pictures of the initial drawing i did, this is how most of my work starts. I draw it all on, using different coloured pens for various design elements, that way i can make sure the design is tailor made and fits the shape of the body part well. It’s important to me that the tattoo works well with the movements of the arm or wherever it sits, that’s why I usually don’t draw on paper first- I get the best results designing it straight on.

The initial drawing is always a bit of a mess, but luckily my customers are trusting people and let me go for it!

and how far we got on the day. We had enough time to make a small start on the shading, that was good going. i would have been happy with getting all the lining done, so bonus!

Stefan has muscles on top of muscles (20 years of working as a grave digger!) which was great fun to work with, I routed the dragon around the features of the arm, it felt quite sculptural as a process!

I went to belfast to work at my friend’s studio there for a day. What happened was that I had planned to work at the belfast tattoo convention, but had accidentally double booked myself, and had already signed up for the Luxembourg one instead….

I had two customers booked in for Belfast, so I didn’t want to let them down. My friend Helen has a studio called Skullduggery there, so I took an early morning flight and set up with her for the day.

My first Belfast customer was Danny, I had done a phoenix sleeve on him back in Edinburgh, but since then he had moved back to his native ireland, so we had planned on starting the second sleeve there.

Danny’s brief was wonderful: I want the goddess Guanyin being taken to hell on a supernatural tiger, where she rescues the lost souls there’. There was to be a sexy vampire somewhere, too, (of course!).  We made a start on the goddess, the lotus she sits in, and the tiger behind her. It’s all quite rough still, but we know where we are going now. The hell section of the piece will be at the top, just to make matters more confusing. 🙂

my second customer was Chesney, i had done a peony on her shoulder at the last belfast convention, and had promised her the other one this time. (the butterfly in the middle isn’t by me)

Back in Glasgow, Dale had another session on his storm piece, we worked on the clouds a bit more, and brought the shading down onto the forearm, where there is a tree and some swallows flying low. As they do in a storm.

It’s starting to come together, apart from the inside of the arm, which we haven’t really tackled yet.