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Posted: 28/05/2018 in Uncategorized

plenty of colour in this post, starting off with Derek’s epic dragon and lion 3/4 sleeve. it’s going to be one of two sleeves exploring the 4 elements, this one being fire and water. Chunky shapes and bright colours, what’s not to like about that brief? Very satisfying indeed! One more sesh on this to bring it all together

A nice bright orangy peony on neil’s neck. We had already done a bright crown on the front of his neck, which is very striking, however any tattoo that sits under the chin will usually be in a shadow- cast by your chin- and that doesn’t alow it to glow as much as Neil likes it. So we went for a bright one at the side of the neck, a more visible placement than the front of the neck- you wouldn’t think so, but it’s true. I’ll get some pictures of the crown next time to show you.

we are still working on Luc’s leg snake, some more colour here and there, it’s starting to come together. With a project this size it seems like ages until you start to feel like you are getting somewhere, but this is shaping up.

Matthew got a black and grey sleeve by me a wee while ago, and was feeling that it needed to come down onto his hand. The stigma of having tattooed hands is much less these days, so why the hell not .

Kiaran got this cute little bird, I wish I could remember the name of it, but it’s just adorable. we added some red outline blossoms to help it work with some existing pieces by another artist, and it sits in there just so.

Kiaran is a very talented lady, and is currently in the process of designing us a new website for the studios. We are super excited, should be up soon, woo!

Laurenne and her mon mon cat, which is a work in progress, have a funny story. We did most of the cat, which has Laurenne’s own tattoos on it’s back but didn’t get round to finishing it before Laurenne was booked to go on holiday. When Laurenne was trying on some nice new shorts for said holiday, she noticed that the only visible thing of her mon mon cat tattoo were the outlines of the bottom of the legs, and it looked very strange indeed…

so an emergency appointment was needed to add a nice blue lotus for the cat to stand in, now it looks fabulous with a pair of shorts! The lotus isn’t finished yet, either, but it’ll have to wait until after the holiday. I hope the good people of Greece appreciate the time and effort we went to to prevent any confusion 🙂

Another work in Progress is a colourful scar cover up. With scars you are well advised to let the new tattoo settle and see how the skin takes the ink, then come back to it to add more colour and detail, etc. Sometimes the scars are hard and can reject the ink, sometimes the opposite, so we will let it heal and see where we are with it. Good start was made, though.

and now a black and grey piece, Harley’s back is dedicated to a comic called Saga. I’ve now read the first book and can confirm that it is excellent, with superb artwork. This has been fun, we pick the characters we think will work well in the composition, and fit them all together using the artwork from the comic. the backgrounds will be more our own-

saga fans will like this, and there appear to be many out there!