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23rd oct -29th Nov

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maybe it’s because it’s winter and there are no flowers in bloom, so my customers are recreating them on their skin, but I have a lot of flowers for you in this blog. Some japanese work as well, of course, but I find myself doing more and more flowers these days. I love flowers AND japanese, so that works out great!

As this blog covers quite a few weeks, I’m going to concentrate on the larger pieces that are nearing completion, (flowers and japanese!) and first of we have peter’s black and grey koi sleeve which is getting there

Stewart needed his sleeve extended, so we added a foo dog to his phoenix

John is working on a mad chessboard sleeve, it’s huge cover up, so it’s a good thing he loves lots of black with strong shapes and movement! This was John’s concept, in case you were surprised to see this style by me, but I am really enjoying the process.


Jules was after a cover up of some chunky little stars on her foot, luckily there were enough gaps between the stars to add some small forget me nots, and to balance it all out we took the design up over her ankle a bit, more flowers are always a good thing

That goes for Dee’s sleeve, too. The idea was to get a plant that symbolises every country that she has ties to, so as she is a well travelled lady, that was quite a few! We will be adding more detail as we go along, but are making good progress with the bold foreground flowers.

Faye also wanted symbolic flowers, hers were two lilies for her children, in the colours of their birth stones. She also added a protective dragon wrapping around them that symbolises herself. It’s a lovely way to add meaning to a decorative piece.

Jo is working on a sleeve that is all about flowers that grow in her garden and animals she observes in her little corner of the world. Inspired by old botanical drawings, we are keeping the lines fine and the colours muted, and designing the composition as we go along- all very organic 🙂

Laurenne has been working on her colourful backpiece in a similar way, here is a detail of a sun flower with a blue bee- yes, they exist, they are called carpenter bees and they are beautiful!

Sheena is going bold and bringing her black and grey chest piece up her throat. Today’s addidtion include chanterelle mushrooms, how cool is that? I have tattooed chanterelles before, as part of a sleeve on a chef from Glasgow, but they certainly don’t come up very often, even though they have a wonderfully tattooable shape…

I had three ladies over from germany to get tattooed, they like to come and visit Edinburgh, stay in a hotel a few nights and make a city break of it, and why not, Edinburgh is a beautiful place to visit.

The first one added some cherry blossoms to bring two pieces together that I did previously,

the second one added some cherry blossoms to a half sleeve done a while ago and a new peony on the other shoulder,

and the last one was after a colourful Tinkerbell 🙂 🙂

Farah likes the idea of a colourful sleeve that is based around winter, so the plants flower when it’s cold (plum blossom and persimmon) and the king fisher stays and doesn’t migrate to warmer climates, we will be adding snow and snowflakes as we go along- nice idea!

and here is a work in progress, I thought I’d include it because it’s a cute geisha 🙂