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John is getting a traditional chinese dragon in waves with some California poppies, we designed and outlined it today, and had a bit of time left to begin some shading

the next day I started what will be a scottish themed 1/2 backpiece, Jai likes the flow we can get with japanese style pieces, but felt that scottish design elements would suit him better, as he’s not japanese.
He had taken some photos of nice sea stacks out by John’o’Groats which we used in the background, and we also included an eagle, some celtic knotwork, thistles and there will be a swirl with wee silhouettes of his family inside. That’s going to be in the bit that’s currently blank

and Stewart got his phoenix 1/2 sleeve finished. He’d originally booked his first appointment for october some time, but as he was available for cancellation at short notice, we are now done- well before he was scheduled to even start  😆

I do get people canceling their appointments, due to work or whatever, because the have to book their appointments 6 months in advance due to my waiting list, and things change in that time. I have a list of customers who are keen to be notified if there’s a cancellation in case the time suits them, and in Stewart’s case, it worked out great.

here’s a very blurry photo of Stewart. (too late for this one, but I’ve figured out that I should maybe not try to photograph the portraits on the micro setting on my camera. duh.)

Coco’s backpiece is getting there,. but you’ll have to take my word for it, because i took the worst, blurry photo of it. he will be in again for some final bits and pieces, and I’ll make sure I get a decent one then.
I did get a good detail shot, though, of the poor Lombards getting burned alive…

and the I did a wee bird on Aggie, on her ribs none the less, very painful for her. I had originally had her mum Mel booked in to get some work done, but her shifts didn’t allow her to come up to edinburgh as planned, so she asked if her Aggie could get tattooed instead. Normally appointments aren’t transferable, but as it’s the lovely mel and the equally lovely Aggie, who could say no   😆

David’s sleeve is now complete, and you get to see the man behind the tattoo!
The heavy scar tissue we covered up with this piece is barely noticeable now, unless the light hits the uneven skin, but even then, the main attention is drawn away form it. Result.


The next day in glasgow I worked some more in John’s chest and backpiece, we are starting to get the colour in, and of course I will be adjusting the background shading here and there as i go along.

Natalie managed to sit for one hour only today, so her peacock design is coming along slowly. We will get there, but we just need to know her limits and work with the time frame we have available.

at the end of the day Ryan popped by to let me ake some photos of his sleeve now that the last bits had settled in. Of course I spotted wee bits here and there that i want to work on…and he’s booked back in for an hour  😆

and here’s Ryan looking completely natural, as requested haha!

I’m getting quite into taking portrait shots of my customers! It’s a great way of finishing the piece, and I love the pictures…who knows, maybe I’ll get a wee exhibition together one day… the customer gallery  (although I might need to work on my photography skills a bit more for that):D

I finished two pieces today, Scott’s koi and flower piece, this was my addition to his existing piece (the two main yellow flowers were by another artist, as was the family crest)


and Ruaraidh’s sleeve and chest panel has come to an end! It took over 30 hours to complete, those black, double lined scales were possibly the single most time consuming part, but the effect is well worth it


the next day I finished Andrews hibiscus piece, we added a butterfly and some more shading today. The overall effect was to be nice and soft


and one more! I completed Tracy’s rollergirl chest piece, complete with skates!  😀

the lovely Tracey

and last but not least, I did some more work to Stewart’s phoenix, we are keeping it black and grey with the muted orange flames, but there’s still some work to do

dragon days! They feature heavily in this blog, and the first owner of one was kevin, he was in to get some work done to his dragon and koi’s background.

and Bruce got his finished! As I mentioned in my last blog, I was going to ask the wearer of completed tattoo if they would mind having their photo taken, so that people can see them with their new tattoo.
Once I’ve done the tattoo, it becomes part of them, so I’d like to celebrate that passing over with a wee portrait.
Bruce is the first to agree to this ( and the first to be asked for that matter)

the Bruce:

and my final dragon for the day was Scott, he is getting a nice blue one

the next day In Glasgow Barry had a session on the background to his dragon

and then Sandra got her first piece tattooed, not a dragon, but 3 carnations. These are to be quite stylised and sketchy even, something a bit different from the usual.
The carnations represent her three daughters. We will finish and colour this next time

happy friday the 13th, for those of you who are believers in such things!

Ruaraidh wasn’t bothered by the date and made it into the studio in one piece to get some colour added to his sleeve, we are getting there now, just need to tidy some bits up here and there

and Sheena got an adorable deer on her arm, the original artwork is by suzanne woolcot. (Suzanne got tattooed by me in the Glasgow studio, but unfortunately she has not been in to get her sleeve finished due to health problems. I think of her and hope she’s ok)

this wee deer will be part of a sleeve of Shena’s favourite images, tied together with filigree flower patterns

and Scott got his cherry blossoms coloured and most of the grey finished, just need to add the finishing touches once it’s healed and we’ll be done

saturday was weegie saturday, and Roz and me made the trip through to Tribe 2 to bother Mark and Co…

Dave was up first, we are working on his volcano and tree, part of the hell theme

the for something quite different, jennifer got a couple of roses on her side which will be connected with grey shaded swirls at a later date

and davie’s samurai sleeve is getting there, another session to bring it all together and tighten things up should do it!

so, I’ve got a few projects coming to an end soon, and I was going to propose an idea. I’ve had people tell me that they like to watch a sleeve or other tattoo progress, and like to see it all finished, but they are really curious about the person getting the piece.
I’d like to post a photo up of the person wearing the tattoo once it’s all done!
Until now i’ve usually avoided including faces in the photos, as some people may be a bit reluctant to have their tattoo visible for all to see on the world wide web. So now I might ask if it’s ok to get a snap of the tattoo on the person once we are done… feel free to say no of course if this happens to you… but there are some people out there who are really curious!  😆

well, that was my week off. Instead of going to Sweden to work- that fell through- I enjoyed a nice staycation, lots of walking the dogs, cooking and painting…. even the atrocious weather didn’t bother me!

I made a start on a series of painting based around the 7 deadly sins, this is a fun project that I’ve been looking forward to starting. So far I’ve done ‘sloth’ and ‘pride’ is in the making.  😀

back at work in Tribe 1 on tuesday, I continued David’s koi and water sleeve, as you can see I’m having my usual fun with movement and drama here, this is what happens when I’m given a pretty free reign, I love sweeping motion, depth of form and spirals.

then Katherine was in for her thistles and petunia piece. I enjoyed making the thistles nice and 3D, spikey and uncompromising, to contrast with the powdery soft pinkiness of the petunias.

the next day in Tribe 2 in Glasgow I added colour to Neil’s koi and a wee sprig of freesia (in memory of his mum)

and Bobby’s sleeve is starting to look like the collage of music related images is will end up being. Filling in the gaps is making it all come together.

George was booked in to get cracking on a flower and water sleeve, there was a bit of a cover up to be considered at the top, so we put some trees there to hide the mostly green tattoo to be covered. Usually I recommend laser treatment before any cover up, but the laser can’t remove green, so we are stuck with it. Good thing is there is hardly any black, so our trees should disguise the old piece fine.

George also wanted a koi, but more under the water and below the flowers, instead of in the centre of the composition.

Holly had a dragon started last time, today we made inroads into shading the background. The dragon is going to be mostly blues, we are now considering a kind of ‘petrol slick’ sheen to it, but that will need to be looked into properly, as I’ve never done that before and am not convinced it’s feasible as a tattoo….

the next day in Glasgow Roz’s first customer rocked up in an ice cream van. Usually tattoo studios like to have some sort of souped up hot rod or a cool motorbike parked outside, not us! This icey van was magic, apart from being seriously top of the range, there were freebies to be had!

After that exciting episode, we got down to some work, in my case I did some shading on Neil’s dragon and koi sleeve

and added another couple of flowers to vanessa’s magnolia piece

I was meant to work in Sweden this week, but the guy I was going to work with, Sid Siamese, has had to go back to his native Thailand to sort out family matters…..I was considering just going anyway, but now I’ve decided not to bother, and I’m having the week off, instead! yey for me!
let’s hope the weather doesn’t spoil it, although I do now have quite a bit of painting planned. I’m sharing an artists studio in the St margaret’s arts complex, so I intend to make full use of that during my week off.
So, no blog til next week, see yas then