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I get asked about conventions, whether I’m working any and where. I’m only working two of them this year, the Edinburgh one (of course, my home turf so to speak) and the one in Cognac, in France.

The truth is, it doesn’t suit my way of working, and I feel I can’t do the things I really enjoy- big pieces that flow with the body. I like to have multiple sessions on one piece, that allows me to refine and layer, building on the work from the previous time, things you can’t do if you only see the customer that one time.

A lot of the artist who work a lot of conventions are at a stage in their careers where they are trying to make a name for themselves and build their customer base, again, I have wonderful customers who are put on hold while I take time out to travel to a convention, so i don’t like doing that too often.

there is the party aspect, it can be an opportunity to let your hair down a bit and hang out with other artists at the bar, but I prefer to do that if I’m not working the next day.

The only question remains, when did I become such a boring bastard? πŸ™‚


Sheena’s chest piece is starting to creep around over to her back πŸ™‚

That’s what happens with nature based imagery, it grows

and a piece on Lorraine which is based on a mindbogglingly beautiful brooch by Rene Lalique. It’s a sort of dragonfly, done in the art nouveau style which was at it’s heightΒ  120 years ago, and now lives in a museum in Lisbon. I’d love to see the real thing!

There will be more added to this later on

Martin is working on a japanese sleeve and today we added some oregami birds -Martin’s idea, love them!- and finished off the forearm with some colour in the cherry blossoms

Auzzie Bill got another installment on his epic black work, this has been going on for years, we have covered his legs and now most of his arms, and of course we are not done yet!




Then for something completely different, Dee’s colour sleeve of flowers is taking shape πŸ™‚

Also a fan of colour, Elliot chose colourful elements for his japanese sleeve, with the traditional black and grey background to set it off

Peter is working on a dragon extension to his existing koi on the upper arm

sticking with the japanese, another session on Luc’s leg, we put most of the red in the snake, but ran out of time on the head. That’s a lot of red…

and Karen got her flowers and witch piece finished, a good witch, of course!

Andrew is starting the new year with a new dragon sleeve (the odd hatched in pen bit is where the hanya mask will go next time)

Derek is starting on a project involving a couple of cover ups (lasered) and today we cracked on with a water dragon. The water is unusual in that it will be very stylised and blue, like a fabric pattern


Douglas, you nutter πŸ™‚