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hello again!


I’ve had quite a bit of time off tattooing in the last few weeks, first there was the festive period with it’s holidays, then I’ve had some major cancellations due to my customers not being able to travel on account of floods or other weather related issues. And on top of that i had a week off to do some painting (more on that later). I feel like I’ve been skiving!

Diana’s St Cuthbert tattoo got a red starry sky added, as it is in the original medieval manuscript. The original image is a square, so we opened up the edges a bit to make it flow on the arm a bit better

Then i had a Chrysanthemum day! The first one was on Stevie,  who is extending a piece on his upper arm into a full sleeve. he also opted for a peony to go alongside his chrysanthemum, and the whole thing will be in colour eventually.

initially he thought he would have to go for black and grey, as the piece on his upper arm in black and grey. However, i know he loves colour, so i suggested we could lay some colour over the existing black and grey piece, and then do the rest as bright as he wanted. You can have colour put over a black and grey piece, as long as you don’t mind your colours looking a bit muted.

next chrysanthemum was on mark, he is also extending an upper arm piece to a full sleeve. mark wanted to accompany his chrysanthemum with a skull, also a nice choice! you can’t whack a good skull, not in my books 🙂

Alex is working on a japanese sleeve, and as we had a gap under his upper arm, we went for an ornamental bat. bats are popular in japanese and chinese art, and i can see why. They are very decorative

Craig is starting a dragon and koi sleeve

I haven’t posted a picture of Ozzy bill’s black work for a while, we still occasionally have the odd hour of filling in his arms/legs.

Laurenne had come to me for a cover up of a post operative scar on her ribs, we did some cherry blossoms and butterflies to mask it. now laurenne has got into it, and wants more tattoos 🙂

further down her back we started on some more cherry blossoms and some other flowers, with a ladybird and a bee, incorporating an old butterfly tattoo. we are also adding a robin perched on the branch next time. I can see this piece growing 😉

I have been working on a dragon for johnny, he has incorporated lots of his own quirky ideas and colours, making it look quite unique. I love the simple style of the dragon and the vibrant colours against the dark background

a wee add on to leasley-ann’s peacock, we are now bringing the wind and cherry blossoms up and over the stomach from her hip, i think the overall idea is to make it flow all the way around onto her back- a lovely wrap around tattoo!

Now, a wee bit about my painting. I am working on a series of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, using my trusted frog prop as the horsemen, and suitable ornaments for the horses.

This week that i had off, i started on ‘Pestilence’ (or ‘Conquest’), who wears a crown and holds a bow, riding a white horse.

My method of painting is quite traditional, working from a still life set up, and in oils. Once I have set up everything just so, i start painting life size (‘Sight Size’) until I’m happy with it. Once it dries, i can varnish and hang it, hopefully with the three other horsemen/frogs of the apocalypse. I’ll keep you posted…

here is my set up with the painting roughed in (minus the wee crown, bloody thing kept falling off. frogs are not designed for wearing anything on their heads)

and here the finished picture