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Posted: 26/02/2012 in Uncategorized

yes, I forgot my camera again, I’ve left it in Glasgow, so no photos! If you have been following my blog for a while you will have to admit that it’s been happening a lot less these days. I used to be much worse for leaving my camera behind! This time, I left the whole backpack in Glasgow, jumped in the car thinking I’d lifted it, but only discovered at the other end that I didn’t…..

A bumper crop of photos will be delivered in the next blog, which will be a 4 day monster bonanza, i promise.

Until then, two things. Tim is a bastard, i was working with him on saturday, and he was undermining my patter. I was busy making my customer feel comfortable and putting his mind at rest, telling him that I had a new tattoo machine that didn’t hurt when Tim declared
‘Ha. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Her new machine is called the ‘Scream-e-nator 2000′. 9 people died in the clinical trials’. Bastard.  😆

Also, it has come to my attention that there is a young fellow in Glasgow who has recently returned from Thailand with a tattoo he can’t remember getting. So if you know someone with ‘fuck bitches make money’ tattooed in big letters up their arm, please give them the contact details of Roz, our glamorous laser technician.

there’s a serious case of man flu going about! I’m lucky I’m not a man, and therefore it hasn’t been affecting me as badly, but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather myself. I hope I’ve not passed it on to the wonderful men I was tattooing over the last few days, is it possible for a woman to give someone man flu?
I apologise if I did. Hopefully I’m over it now.

My first potential man flu victim was gareth, it was time to start a new piece, a phoenix on his leg. This will go well with the colourful dragon and koi sleeve he already has. It’s outlined mainly in red, in case you’re wondering why it looks different.

After that i had two sleeves in, the first one was Dean, in for some finishing touches on his kois sleeve, apart from the gap we left under his upper arm (to be filled in at a later date when he’s decided what with), Dean is done!
shame the photos are blurry. Maybe he’ll be back at some point soon..

and Alan got some blue in his dragon, the crest is now done and it’s starting to look quite colourful. There will be some yellow, too, in the flower.

the next day in Glasgow John got more done to his backpiece/ shoulder pieces, still on the grey shading here, but it will be colourful eventually, too.
this is John’s first tattoo, but he suits being heavily tattooed, so I’m glad we’re bashing on!

and then for something completely different, an old cassette!  😆
it’s part of Bobby’s evolving music sleeve

joining me at Tribe 1 today was martin, booked in for the whole day  😯
It’s amazing what you can get done in a whole day, but it’s tough n the skin. Today we added on to a dragon 1/2 sleeve we started last year. We got all the drawing, outlining and a lot of the shading done on the forearm and elbow, then the skin had got quite sore so we moved up to the dragon for the last two hours. The dragon got some blues put in, the start of what will be a more muted colour scheme we have planned for the whole thing.

the next day i was in tribe 3 with the whole gang there, apart from Nik. Nik works in the Auld Hoose behind the bar in the evening and on some saturdays, so if you’d like to chat to him about getting apprentice tattoos, go and pop your head in there. He is a great artists and is taking to tattooing like a duck to water. He is also to be found in Tribe 3 most weekdays.

I had ruaraidh in to get more shading, his sleeve is starting to come together  😀

and speaking of sleeves, Sam from Shetland decided to go a full sleeve with her japanese flowers. We got the whole thing planned out and outlined, with some shading where we had time

Stewart was after a half sleeve with a maple tree and some swallows, there will also be a pin up around the back of the arm and a nautical compass, this may seem like a fairly random selection of ideas, but Stewart is out at see for long periods of his time, and these are things that matter to him.
We got the tree and the outline of the swallows done, but it’s a good start.
It’s going to be a long project, trying to get Stewart an appointment is hard as he doesn’t know his time onshore, apart from living in Spain   😆
We will get there eventually.


After that Chris got some colour in the flowers we outlined last time, we are adding to a piece around the front of his arm, which he had done in another studio.
more shading and detail to go on this one


The next day was Glasgow for me, and another tree piece!
Josh likes all things Viking, and specially this particular carved viking boat which is in an Oslo museum. he has researched it and seen it, so we’ve included it.
Another passion of Josh’s is black metal, and the broken wood and snarled branches we have included at the bottom of the piece is a direct transciption of an image from a romanian death metal band’s album cover.

To me this piece is about the spirit of wood, living trees, carved wood and broken wood, but then I’m more ‘hippy’ than ‘black metal’  😆

This piece will be a half sleeve and will incorporate at least one viking rune carved into the roots of the tree, Josh is still deciding which one to go for.



and then for something quite different, Scott got a memorial tattoo for his mother, which was also a cover up. This is a clean and simple design, with punchy colours and soft textures.

Tribe 3 on friday, first up was Amy, in for a memorial tattoo for her dad.
Her dada was an electrician, and had a passion for UFOs, hence the inclusion of the plug and the little flying saucers.
While we were doing it Alex peeked over my shoulder and said ‘is that an electrical plug?’ which was confirmed. A while later he asked ‘so, what’s up with the plug?’
I told Amy to get used to it, a plug in your vintagey looking tattoo is not what people expect to see, and will undoubtedly require a fair bit of explaining  😆
her dad will live on in conversation with this piece, job done!

Also celebrating a loved one with their tattoo was cameron, he got his picture of his lovely wife finished, I’m happy to say that the wife is still very much alive.
This picture isn’t the best as there are newly tattooed (darker) bits next to healed in bits, making it look a bit uneven. Maybe cameron will let me take a photo once it’s all healed in.
We split this tattoo into two sessions as it was Cameron’s first piece, and we wanted to give him a break in case he found it really painful. In fact he was fine with it.

the next day Roz and me packed up and went through to Glasgow to work.
Dave was in to get more colour added to his hell sleeve, we are certainly getting some skin covered, but I will be adding some layers as we go along to get the desired depth.

And darren’s sleeve is getting there! One more session to finish off some leaves and other little bits and bobs and we are done! It’s been a long process, we started this piece in August and darren has been in for 4 hours a month, but before that he was getting some old work lasered which has now been covered.
I’ll make sure to get better photos of it next time, these are blurry

we’ve finished Alex’s sea life sleeve  😀
Sea life isn’t particularly accurate, as there’s a peacock and a butterfly in there, too, but we tend to give projects names that have a habit of sticking, regardless of their accuracy..

I’ll get better photos once it’s all healed hopefully, Alex has said he’ll be down for the tattoo convention in March.
spot the two wee terrapins!

and Joanne got her Fred Astair and Ginger Roberts tattoo finished, it didn’t need much more, but i wanted to see it healed, and of course couldn’t not tinker with it, seeing as she was in


the next day was weegieland day, and paul came in to get another bit of his tattoo done, the last time he was in was last year in summer  😆
better late than never! Glad to get closer to finishing this piece, it would be a shame to leave it unfinished for much longer.
For those of you with unfinished tattoos: get booked in! It looks so much better filled in!

I asked paul to cover the upper part of his tattoo, it wasn’t by me and will require some lasering at a later date, we’re in the process of salvaging the piece

and the last customer of the day was John, a couple more hours on his soon to be backpiece under our belts now

remember those strange clusters of events I was on about lately? here’s another one: two of my customers cancelled on me short notice for friday…. One was in hospital the other one couldn’t get time off work after all. Nothing you can do, really, so enjoyed my time off and didn’t swan into the studio until 3pm.
gerald got his tiger finished when I did go to work though, that was well worth coming in for  😀

the next day I worked some more on BBB’s vietnam war scene, it’s starting to take shape, but I’m looking forward to the next session where I add detail, depth and pull it all together. Finally managed to get a couple of pictures where you can actually see what’s going on

after BBB Ruaraidh was in for a nice long session and we got cracking with his grey shading

I feel this blog is lacking in pictures due to my cancelled appointments, so I’ll post this one. My mother found it in some old paperwork she was chucking out, it’s a drawing of a dog I did as a small child. I think this piece displays an early interest in dogs and in drawing, and-judging by the signature- a surprisingly healthy ego for a child  😆

two days of japanese style work today, all with their own challenges. Today was adding on to some existing work not by me which was a poor cover up, the second was a cover up as well.

Chris had been tattooed by an artist abroad, who had attempted to cover some maori with japanese, but it wasn’t really working. Roz had lasered some of the gaps to make them more usefull, and we will be attending to those at a later date. Today we concerned ourselves mostly with extending the design to draw attention away from the cluttered composition

then kevin got another session on his koi cover up, again Roz had been lasering an old piece and now we were looking to disguise the bits that were left

the next day in Glasgow John got shading added to his epic japanese style shoulder and backpiece, we’ll be covering the whole lot in due course! No complications to contend with here, just virgin skin. ha.

and last customer was Scott, another artist had done some black shading and outlines on his upper arm, and i added some colour, today we moved further down the arm to add a stylised koi. The red flames already there will be spared out in negative.