I’m a tattooist at Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, I’ve been writing a blog for 7 years on our forum


but am now slowly going to move to here to this wordpress blog to continue with it.

My interests are mainly japanese style tattooing, and large scale floral work, although I can get really into the odd large concept piece, too.

I like pieces that flow with the body and are designed specifically for the part of the body that is to be decorated. For that reason I do most of my work freehand, after a consultation.

For more information about an booking an appointment for a consultation, please check out our website where we have a handy inquiry  form. The receptionists at the studio will get back to you



  1. chickenasana says:

    Hi Morag, I met you today and made a booking (which I’m really excited about!). I wonder if you might have a way for me to message you? I just wanted to check when was actually best for you.
    Cheers, M

    • morag66 says:

      hi, the best way to contact me is through the studio and the receptionist, they will pass on any questions and requests, or book you in for a consultation. That is the only way i can keep track of the conversations, anything directed at me through the various social media sites invariably gets lost…

  2. Craig Wallace says:

    Hi Morag, I forgot to ask again before I left yesterday, what was the artist name from the b&w drawing on the wall in Broughton Street? Alistair?

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