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27th + 28th may

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Steven asked me to continue his sleeve, adding on to a phoenix cover up another artists did. the problem were the closed windbars at the bottom of the design, they are a bugger to add on to, specially if there is a thick black line joining them all at the bottom. I tried to fill the gap as well as possible without getting an unnaturally straight line which would give the game away.
The piece we added on will be a traditionally scaled black dragon with green belly scales, and possibly some colour in the flames. I suspect we might need to add that bit of colour to make the top and the bottom part of the design blend somewhat.

Steve got an addition to a half sleeve (by someone else) a while ago, but we hadn’t finished it. he had also in the meantime decided that he wasn’t keen on the negative space i had left, so I closed those gaps by continuing the design through them.
It’s a mountain scene based on a particular mountain close to where Steve lives.

and another black and grey add on! 🙂 Jonathan had got a thistle with a drop of purple done a few months back, and now wanted to add a rose at the top, which we did

laura wanted a black and grey phoenix, with flames making up the wings. we aren’t quite finished here, one more session to sharpen up and define a bit more in places

Liam’s buddha is finished 🙂

Christopher has been having a break from getting tattooed, but now wants his sleeve finished. We are working on a collage of images that tell Christopher’s story, today we added some thorny branches, and further up some clouds

Helen got the start of a floral piece across the top of her back, the four different flowers are representative of the countries her grandparents came from, a really nice idea- decorative and and meaningful to her in a subtle way

On saturday morning Nik, John and I flew to belfast to set up at the 4th Norhern irish tattoo convention. It’s my first time at this convention, but I have friends in belfast and have visited he city many times, so this almost felt quite like a local convention to me.

I had promised Nik some more work on his chest, and a convention is a good way to work on friends and colleagues, as sometimes back at home everyone is just too busy and it doesn’t get done.
We added some shading to his shipwreck scene

John also got a bit of shading and colouring done to his sleeve, which has been a long time in the making.. the first drop of colour I touched all week!

sorry about the bad photos

and I did a purple peony on a lovely girl called chesney

the Belfast convention was held in the Ulster Hall, a beautiful little place that has a long history of hosting boxing events. they even had a little boxing museum in the corridor, with a Lonsdale belt on show amongst other things, very cool.
The hall is small, so the convention was, too, (only 67 artists) but that gave it a real sense of fun and made it easy to meet other artists and the organisers. I really enjoyed this one, and I’ll be putting it on the yearly convention list as a fixture!

here is the nice ceiling on the hall, i took both these pictures from the same spot (my booth) so you can see how wee the place is

here’s Nik 🙂

and my friend helen from Skullduggery tattoos opposite me

Those irish people like to party! I’m knackered!

16th + 17th may

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it was a couple of days with lots of blue 🙂
starting it off was ian, we are working on the blue background to his koi

the only one not to get blue in her piece was marilyn, she got some colour put in her flowers, more detailling to follow

back to blue, here’s Carlo’s arm, working on water that follows on from a piece that Raffi did on the upper arm. I took the flow and general shapes of her piece and continued them through my part

and last but not least, a blue flower to finish off steven’s sleeve 🙂

13th + 14th may

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romany had survived a nasty fall from a balcony a while back, and to celebrate the healing of bones and trauma, she is getting a phoenix in blues on her side, where she fell.
today we got the outline and some colouring done. The design is not by me, just adapted a bit

my next piece is a hard one to photograph, due to the curving of the thigh, but it’s an art nouveau inspired lady, she will have lots of colour and be surrounded by flowers.

David is getting there with his sleeve,. we continued with some muted colours in the rose and the tail feathers

time for my biannual guest spot in germany!
A change of scenery for me, and a chance to catch up with the wonderful people at Jungbluth studio, my ‘work away from work’.

my first day back i started a new project on a new customer. Sandra already had an ornamental tribal sort of piece going up her side, but now she felt that it was a bit plain and needed some elaborating and while she was at it, why not go for a whole backpiece 🙂

Sandra had lot of ideas for a design with lots going on, but retaining some sort of flow and movement. She liked a variety of flowers, flowing lines and colourful dots, so we mixed it up and left scope for extensions.
I said her new piece reminded me of a party, lots of fun – by the time we are done- lots of colour, too!

Doreen had been to see me about an extension of her piece by another artist when we met last time. She had some purple lilies done by another artist (which were a cover up) and wanted the design brought down her arm a bit as she felt the purple lilies were a bit solid looking and an extension would help soften the appearance. So we added some yellowy orange lilies with a swirly grey background with stars.
this time round she fancied an addition to the design, adding some smaller frangipani flowers to the bottom of the section on the arm, and to the top of the back by the neck.

my next piece was the second part of two forearm tattoos. The last one was a feather with the german word for ‘winged’ attached to it, this one is a tree with the word for ‘rooted’

and then a tiny dog portrait, it was based on a design of a paw print with a wolf face inside of it, but instead of the wolf, she wanted a picture of her wee dog- very cute1 This piece is tiny, only 3 inches all in

The next piece, however, is the start of an epic backpiece, talk about keeping me on my toes! 🙂

Marko had a good idea of the design, and was using particular pieces of comic book art to make up the design elements. My job was just to put it all together in a way that worked on his back, and then to tattoo it, of course.
The figure at the top of the back is wearing a long cloak that will surround the figures below, and there will be some colour, too, but it’s mostly black and grey, and quite dark in places.
We got some of the characters down and shaded to a degree, but there is a lot of work still to do to them, and a lot still to come to complete the piece

The work I do at Jungbluth is often quite different from what i do at home, for a variety of reasons, and the photos i come back with are quite varied. I see the type of work i do there as somewhere in between doing a convention (with all the time restrictions this brings) and working at home where you have the luxury of multiple sittings.

I work next to a lovely guy from Chile called Luis at jungbluth, we have good fun as co workers, and now he has expressed a desire to come and visit us tribers in Edinburgh for a guest spot! I will keep you informed as and when this happens, if you like your chicano style tattoos, you will like luis’ work…

Hamburg was celebrating the birthday of it’s harbour when i was there, i think it’s 850 yrs old or so now, and they celebrate it in style! The whole waterfront is one big festival, with various stages for music, stalls, food and lots of beer of course. The highlight for me was this massive cruise ship going past playing happy birthday on it’s fog horns, it was mind-blowing- never mind blowing your eardrums!
it also played the 7 nation Army tune by the White Stripes, check this clip out:

Speaking of Hamburg’s love for all things nautical, another kind of celebration of this was the new and anonymous graffiti in the stairs going up to the studio. Someone really went to town, it’s brilliant. I specially love the camp captain

another thing i saw that I liked was this drinks shop that had beer caps for mosaic outside, genius

so, that was my spring trip to hamburg, next one will be in October!

2nd + 3rd may

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Alexa is working on a watery steampunky piece with a diving bell and cogs, a lot of fun!

Also working on a watery theme is billy, he is getting a blue water sleeve to compliment his fiery dragon on the other side. We are going around a koi by another artists on the upper arm

My next day was something completely different.
I had decided to do a fundraiser for the Sae Shepherd organisation, which meant I worked for free for a day and all the money went to them, instead.

I have been disgusted with the whale and dolphin slaughter that goes on in the Faroe Islands every year, and embarrassed that such a backwards and barbaric tradition is still practised on Island who are essentially our neighbours. When I heard that the Sea Shepherd were organising a campaign to stop it this year, I wanted to help out.

The idea was to spend all day doing small pieces, or small sessions on larger pieces, anything the customer wanted. Most of my customers turned out to be supporters of the Sea Shepherd who wanted to contribute to the campaign, but there were a few who didn’t know anything about it but left with a leaflet 😀

The day was a great success, we raised more money than I had expected, people were wonderfully generous! We had a massive Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger flying outside the shop and inside a small stall with information about the cause, and a Sea Shepherd volunteer on hand to explain it all (thanks Carlo!)

Here are some of the pieces that I did during the day. nik kindly donated a bit of his time, too, and did three wee pieces for the fundraiser.






Link to follow, having network probs)




Thanks again to everyone who made this day a great success 😀

29th + 30th april

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As predicted, Ian was tired of seeing one arm all sleeved up down to the wrist, and the other arm sporting only a half sleeve. So today we added the rest of the sleeve, another koi to go with the one on the other forearm, but going down the way so that together they form a type of yin yang.

we are also bringing the blue water down to continues the theme we started with on the upper arm

scott had a finishing session on his piece, we added some shading and a touch of colour here and there to tidy up any transitions that needed it

Adding onto Steven’s phoenix sleeve, we incorporated an old tattoo on his shoulder blade. this piece had sentimental value and was here to stay, so we brought the design up and over the shoulder from the arm, extending the flames and clouds that surround the phoenix.

now that he tattoo is finished, here’s a photo of stevie wearing his sleeve 🙂