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29th + 30th January

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I forgot to mention in the last blog, that i also tattooed Matt some more, he is in the process of getting lilies surrounding his St Andrew tattoo. Now we’ve come to a point where we have to wait for Roz to do a bit more lasering before we can complete the sleeve. That old piper has to go!


Mark got some more shading done to his backpiece, we are still fine tuning bits here and there, and now there is talk of bringing it round the sides a bit more. It’s a beast! (the tattoo, not Mark)

and Simon got the start of his sleeve, a dragon and clouds piece, with three big, no messin’ chrysanthemums. This is going to pop when it’s all coloured in 🙂

In Glasgow the next day I tattooed a piece by Alphonso Mucha, whose artwork I adore. Leah had customised the drawing a bit to put her personal touch on it, so it’s now a Mucha-inspired Leah original!
We still have some colours to go in this.

and Sean was in to get his sleeve finished. This started out life as a design taken from an antique, vietnamese opium pipe ,  which takes up most of the skin down to just below the elbow. later Sean decided he’d like it filled in a bit more, and went for clouds in the background. There are also a few little personal bits and pieces snuck into the piece here and there, making this sleeve a map of Sean’s life.

and Sean himself

25th + 26th january

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stuart got a half sleeve started, it’s a cover up of an old piece, and roz has been lasering it. She can’t get rid of the colour blue, but lightening the lines a lot is much more important for cover up purposes. A patch of colour without an outline is a doddle to cover, specially if it’s with more colour; getting rid of black lines and writing is much harder, so that’s where the laser comes in handy.
Roz will continue to laser the old piece a bit, now that I’ve indicated where the new piece will go, she can just concentrate on the little bits that still need it. teamwork!

and darren got his sleeve finished! I’ll want him in for the usual last look at it once it’s all healed (in at least a month, to let it settle into the skin properly), and if any adjustments need done, I can do them then.

here he is!

and at the end of the day Jenny got a wee dragonfly added to her first one, it had become lonely..they also got some swirly patterns to fly about in 🙂

18th + 19th january

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chris had got some japanese work done by another artist and had me add background and other bits and pieces to it, including this koi emerging out of the water. it was obviously modeled on the existing koi by the original artist, to keep the whole thing looking unified to a degree.
the yellow koi above was the original one, i just beefed up the colours a bit last time and added some waves.

and martyn got his dragon finished! just a follow up session to go to see how it all healed and works as a whole. I like to see things healed, ideally, to make sure it’s all settled in well

and vicky was after some calligraphy style cherry blossom branches on her side, this works well for her

the next day i has kenny in to get his lilies finished, well, finished for now. Again, I’d like to see it all healed and settled in to make any final adjustments. If I see anything at all that needs more work (specially around the elbow or top of the arm) i’ll do it, just out of badness more than anything else really    😈
That should make me badder than him

in just for a bad last session was Russel, his lilies are done now, Ive given them the once over


and Roddy is getting the next section of his polynesian suit started, we lined a bit today, ready for filling in next time

15th +16th January

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Emma had a short session to finish off the colour on her sleeve, now we just have the grey to finish off in the waves behind the flowers, script and Tibetan seals. I love pinks and grey together, and the softness of the colours is matched by the flow of the designs- as unusual as this combination of designs is, it works really well.

Matt was in again, we did a statue of St Andrew on his forearm last week, luckily this was pretty much healed already, so we were able to continue with lilies going around it

I had another customer in that day, but she wasn’t into having her tattoo on the worldwide web, so of course I’m not posting it in here. This is completely fine by me, of course. In case anyone was wondering if their tattoo was automatically going on here, if that’s not cool by you, just sing out, I won’t be offended  😀

The next day in Glasgow I had Bruce in all day, we started on a half sleeve. Bruce has a traditional black and red dragon on his other arm, so he was wanting to go all out colour in this piece.
We are doing a nice big tiger, sloping down his arm so that the face is opposite the dragon’s face on the other arm. There will be a colourful, dense background, and in the foreground we are incorporating a boa constrictor in the grass, as Bruce has a pet boa.

11th + 12th january

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David is getting a Horiyoshi warrior on his leg, and I’ve added a tiger and landscape/background. Unfortunately today’s photos were a bit ambitious with the old exposure time, and only two of them turned out…here’s half a tiger for you to check out  😳

Ross’s dragon got some colour, we’re going for grey in this one, with red belly scales. A bit of a twist on the black traditional scales

Mike is getting three roses added to some existing work (which isn’t by me), but we didn’t have enough time to finish and the top rose still needs work done to it

Danny’s koi piece, however, is finished.
It’s a cover up, which had been lasered, but you wouldn’t know it.

Danny was well chuffed to be shot of his old tattoo. The day before I watched Nik’s customer being ecstatic about getting an old piece fixed up. This begs the question, why wait? Got some old, poorly done rubbish on your arm? Embarrassed by your sectarian pish you got at 17? Sick of seeing a blurry Garfield the cat on your boob? Do something! You don’t have to live with it!

8th + 9th january 2013

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I had a great two weeks off, thank you, did not much apart from walking the dogs and reading, once the festivities were out of the way of course.
It’s great to recharge your batteries a bit. I hope youse all had a nice relaxing, time, too.

first customer after the break was Stephen, we finished off a black and grey koi piece we had started a while ago

and matt got  St Andrew. I’ve never done a statue of St Andrew, it’s a very cool and subtle scottish reference! there will be more added to make it a sleeve, black and grey lilies and other softly shaded things maybe.

It’s not an easy one to photograph, as it wraps so much, but I love the placement of this piece, specially the way the to of the St Andrew’s cross go around the elbow. The saint’s face sits on the one part of the elbow joint that doesn’t distort much when Matt bends his arm.
Try it! draw a few 50p sized circles on your elbow and see what happens to them when you flex 😆

in Glasgow the next day Dave got his scottish themed 1/2 sleeve pretty much finished, I just want one more quick look at it once it’s all healed to tidy up any bits that need it. It’s a nice collection of images that work well as a tattoo

and becca got another flower in dots. This is a way of distracting from the slight craziness of her tribal piece that she had done by another artists and that she had since fallen out of love with a bit. These flowers help bring everything together and stop the eye from trying to make sense of the flow of the tribal, which is a bit confusing on it’s own. When cast into the supporting role of the flowers, it loses some of it’s impact, which is what we were after.