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28th april- 12th may

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this dragon piece incorporates some tribal  and covers another piece that had been lasered quite a bit. The laser cant remove green ink, so there was still some of that left in the skin, but it was light enough for us to cover it with grey

this little chili dude enjoying himself on the beach is a work in progress- there will be more jungle and trees in the background and some more detail in the foreground.

I wish I had a crazy story for you regarding this piece, but Collin- an old friend of mine-  just liked the idea and got me to draw it for him :). I suppose it just comes with the territory when you’re a fabulous actor/ musician/ artist, you can carry off a saucy/ funny/ feelgood piece!

Oh, and there’s a cover up of some script in the tree.

This sleeve- which I hadn’t seen for over a year- still had the inner upper arm to be completed, so we started this wee geisha. It’s a cute image to have poking out from under your arm. Colours in the cherry blossoms to follow


Alister is getting the four elements , here are fire and water, done in a bold and colourful way

Mark is planning a full leg piece, and we are starting at the bottom with an octopus, very much a work in progress. There will be a ship in the waves at the top, and some other elements in the water, it’s exciting to have so much space to play with!


Look at how for Laurenne’s back has come! The colours work perfectly in her pale skin, and reflect her lust for life and fabulousness

and speaking of colours and fabness, Alexis’ leg piece is coming along, the flowers growing up her leg are bold and illustrative, and yes, that is a tea cup in there, too 🙂

This dragon is a self harm scar cover up, you can just about still see them, but you’d need to be searching for them. I love helping customers with these kind of things, it’s very rewarding to know the tattoo has made such a difference.

This is a sleeve about the blues singer robert johnson, who allegedly sold his soul to the devil at the cross roads, in return for being the greatest blues musician ever. Robert Johnson died young, so it looks like the devil got the better deal.

there is some lasering going on at the top of the arm, but we will bring the sleeve up over it with more bluesy goodness.

Richard is starting on a colourful foo dog half sleeve

and Tom is getting some colour in his phoenix

and lastly some red roses in progress. More detail to come