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2nd-19th November

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I’m mostly known for my colour and japanese work, but i do enjoy soft black and grey at times, too! This blog contains a few such pieces like this one on Colin, who is working up to a full sleeve of roses and scrolls, with other objects thrown in for good measure.

In a way these soft black and grey sleeves follow the same sort of path that i take with my japanese designs, except the elements and background are completely different. We start out with the basic narrative, then choose the objects, then the background, and lastlyย  put it all together with the flow that I’m after. In Colin’s case this will end up black and grey ๐Ÿ™‚

Someone who has been more higgledy piggledy in her approach has been the lovely Alex, with her we knew the basic narrative and sort of components, but we just kept adding at whim whatever made her smile and took her fancy. Then she changed the look of the whole thing by darkening down the background, which really worked, but it did mean that we just ran out of time before she had to return to her native Atlanta- gutted! There are some loose ends still to be tied up, but I’m sure her tattooist in Atlanta will do a good job, i just have to not be such a control freak.

this huffy rabbit is from Alex’s sleeve, and that’s a bit how i feel about running out of time ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t tattoo hands very often, I’m a bit old school and feel that you need to have your arms covered before you move onto your hands. The new school of thought seems to be that it’s pointless to have tattoos where no one can see them, and these people start with their hands and necks, each to their own i suppose. But I’m still old school- ha.

I was please to tattoo Paddy’s hand, who had run out of space on his arms years ago, and wanted a foo dog in colour. We put one on his hand, and i fully expect to continue working on this piece more- Paddy’s a joiner and this tattoo will be in for a rough healing time. I expect the ink to drop out in places, and I will fix this next time, and see how much detail we can get away with adding. I kept it fairly simple for the first pass, to not traumatise the skin too much and make the healing even rougher. We can always add to it.

And strangely enough I did another hand tattoo, another foo! Completely unrelated customers, strange how these things happen! Mark was after a black and grey foo, even though his sleeve is in colour. On his other arm he has black and grey work, so he felt it would be good to have two matching, black and grey foo dogs on his hands. If he changes his mind, we can always add some colour at a later date, although the colour palette will be muted due to the grey underneath.

Brad is working on his chest piece, we added some more yellow to the rays. Clouds and background will set this piece off most dramatically

We finished Ross’ phoenix ๐Ÿ™‚

And as we had finished Paddy’s (not foo dog hand Paddy) crazy sleeves, it was time to move onto his back. We are planning an epic piece for his back, so we just worked on the border at the top, in keeping with his mad Nick Blinko art ‘japanese’ tattoos.

I had tried to shoot a short video of his sleeves for you, as i felt that would be the best way to appreciate how mad they actually are, but that was a complete failure. My video looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project, and i wont embarrass myself by posting it on here.ย  I will try and get better at it, though, because it could be a good way to show my work, which often doesn’t photograph so well due to the movement in the pieces.

So here is a photo of Paddy, instead, and even that is of ropey quality.Sorry.

More black and grey, but the next two pieces are more delicate and traditional that Paddy’s.

David’s sleeve

and Andrew’s alethiometer, another soft black and grey sleeve in the making

helen was back to get the rest of her wedding flowers done, such a sweet idea

In case anyone was wondering what happened to Ozzy Bill, he is back, and getting more black! This is an epic piece of pure black with thin white lines, covering his arms and legs, and we are by no means finished. Bill had not been in for quite a while, sometimes it’s hard to find the time or stamina for such a massive undertaking, but he is back in the game. Bring on the Black!

Samantha’s roses sleeve couldn’t be a more different project form Bill’s:)

Or Jessica’s nature 1/2 sleeve in soft shades

And last but not least, Pedro’s surreal tree sleeve, we loved mixing it up here, and the effect is intriguing and dream like, people looking at it tend to go all quiet as they try and figure out why the objects are put together in this way. We played with textures and composition around the central element of the tree, and everything surrounding it has a meaning to Pedro and his family.