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a bit of a random mixture of dates for this blog, but i went to Hamburg in the week between and felt it would be more sensible to group the work into blogs relating to the countries the tattoos were done in.

I use this blog as a way of reminding myself how far i got with pieces, it acts like a memory to me at times (makes up for not having one πŸ™‚Β  )

before I left for Hamburg I had Gerald’s mum in, we are slowly working on a sleeve, she doesn’t like black, so it’s all in very soft colours.

we have done some lose vines with sweet peas on them, and now she felt it was time for a humming bird to go with them, again without any black. it looks a bit more vibrant now that its new,Β  we may have to add a bit of colour to the first pieces we did as we keep adding πŸ™‚

billy is getting there with his water sleeve, today we added icy bits at the bottom and shaded a couple of the rune stones

Simon got some red in his roses, this is an ongoing piece that will go over his back onto his other arm, incorporating some older pieces as we go along

Our Nik had a small section on his chest piece that still needed finishing, one more sitting when it’s all healed to tidy up and work out some detailling, and he is done! it’s an epic piece, based on a painting byΒ  Theodore Gericault called The Raft of the Medusa

and John’s sleeve has been making slow progress, but we are adding the final touches finally! One more finishing session on this before he wants to to take it further up and down his arm

(after this I disappeared off to Germany for a week)

tada, I’m back!

Ross had a short session on his geisha sleeve, unusually he is working on two sleeves at the same time, and today was the girly side.

I love this wee geisha, she does a cute bow when Ross bends his arm… (the samurai on the other arm slays a demon when he bends that arm)

I had some colour to finish off on Romany’s phoenix

and a wee bit of edging that Scott wanted me to add, he liked the more defined finish to his piece, so that’s what we did

I have been slowly and with long intervals working on mary’s half backpiece. She likes a very dark blues, so we went over the water with navy to darken them

and the kitsune is finished! πŸ™‚ a kitsune is a nine tailed fox from japanese mythology, here it is at the bottom of a cherry tree, it makes for a very unusual and lovely piece


my biannual week in Hamburg πŸ™‚

It’s always good to see my coworkers at Jungbluth again, catch up and see what has been happening in the last 6 months since I was there last. Jungbluth tattoo studio is my work away from work, my alternative reality where I become ‘Morag from Jungbluth’ as opposed to Tribe…

It always feels a bit strange, disloyal even, but it’s good to step out of your usual world sometimes! I always come back with new ideas and insights that make me think. And that’s what it’s all about i suppose.

I have my regular clients in Hamburg, and projects I work on when I am there, like Sandra’s backpiece.

we started it last time, the brief was to add to some tribal style swirls and make it into a whole back piece, incorporating a variety of elements that Sandra liked.

We had done all the outline and started on little bits of colour here and there, but today we got stuck into the roses, lots of reds and pinks.

More flowers next, Mirella had got a gladiola on her hip and side done by me when I first came to Jungbluth, 3 years ago now. She had decided it was time to grow some more gladiolas and wanted to extend the piece up and over onto her shoulder, which worked well-specially considering gladiolas are such straight and upright flowers!

The next day another massive project, the second sitting on Marko’s backpiece. He sits for 7 1/2 hours at a time, an all day appointment. yes, dear people, he is nails.

Marko loves comics and fantasy type of things, and his backpiece is a collection of images that tell a story. He lost me somewhat along the way with the narrative, but as long as I can put the images together for him in the way he wants them, that’s the main thing. Today we brought the separate images we did last time together, with the cloak of the upper figure which turns into a nasty skull at the bottom. Next time there will be some colour and we will be working on the detailling, too.

Nicole wanted a cover up of a wee red devil, it’s hidden in the darker leaves of the lily here. We might need to go over some of those leaves again next time I’m there, cover ups like that usually take a second coat in places.

And then the wonderful Martje, who I have been working on pretty much every time I’ve been in Hamburg, and she has even come to get some work by me in Edinburgh πŸ™‚

we started on a new project today, a cute mermaid on her leg. Next time we will do the colour and some background shading

And last but not least, a new customer called Anja, who liked the idea of black and grey roses with delicate filigree swirls connecting them. Anja has quite a few roses already by another artist, she is a bit of a rose tattoo collector, so I think she’ll be back πŸ™‚

4th – 11th october

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new piece on a new customer, I started a koi and flower piece on andy today. The koi will be in dark oranges and the flower as yet undecided πŸ™‚

I’m working on a piece for gavin, another artist had started with a half sleeve of flowers, but the standard of work was low and now we are fixing it and extending it into a half sleeve. Today we got quite a bit of colour done, we still need to add detail on the new flowers and then work on the original upper part

Aileen with the geisha sleeve has decided she wants another sleeve-this usually happens- and it’s a play on/ echo of the geisha side.

The tiny golden dragon on the geisha’s kimono makes a reappearance, but on the other side now it’s full size and fills the whole upper arm. The level of detail and intricacy of the kimono fabrics on the other sleeve is echoed in the fancy scales of the dragon (which will be golden, of course).

the general flow and sweep of both sleeves is similar, so they will look related at least, but of course not identical.

there is a tiger on the forearm, looking at the dragon. They are checking each other out, but there is no malice πŸ™‚

(I seem to be missing a better picture of the dragon)

Rick’s sleeve is nearly done, we coloured the masks today. and now we just need one more finishing session when it’s all healed. Love those masks, they are a bit different from the usual Hanyas, and full of expression


Brad had some time off over the summer, but we are back on it and adding background to his Lenin addressing the crowds

Green! Danny the Irishman is getting a green phoenix sleeve, it’s coming along, just the tail feathers and the lightening bolt to do, plus the usual finishing touches once it’s all healed

Bad photo (I find the curve of the thigh always messes with my perspective… why can’t youse all be perfectly cylindrical? Inconsiderate i say!)

this is a mucha inspired figure of a muse, with orchid flowers around her.

Mariah has dark skin, so the colours appear more muted, but in this case that’s a good thing. The colours harmonize well, unified by the skin tones.



26th -1st october

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second session on Steven’s scrolls and skulls sleeve, with a clockface and a winged hourglass being added today. The day of the dead lady still awaits her make up…

one last session on Brian’s sleeves, now the two dragons are complete πŸ™‚

Roddi is slowly working on an epic backpiece. it’s of Thor battling a snake, and is to look vaguely japanese and vaguely reminiscent of 80’s metal record covers. Don’t ask haha

stephen had a half sleeve of a phoenix by another artist, and wanted a dragon on his forearm to make it a sleeve. the original artist had finished the half sleeve with windbars that had a line defining the edges, making it a bit tricky to add to it without it being too obvious. A bit darker than i would normally do i, but I think we got away with it, it looks like one continuous piece

christie needed a short session on her flowers, she hadn’t decided if she wanted colour last time, and today she told me she would hold off on it and just go for black and grey in the meantime. so we added just a little detail in black and grey, it looks angry and pink now, but will fade down to a soft grey like the rest of the piece

I owed our raffi a tattoo, she did a bat piece for me a couple of months ago, so today we did her a wee mouse πŸ™‚

I went to an art exhibition today, and there i spotted a beautiful painting of my former customer Hew. The artist has reproduced the tattoos I did for him, it was a bit surreal!Β  Hew had shown me designs he had come up with (he is an artist himself) and i adapted them to work as tattoos. One side was a tree, and the other side contrasted in some way, I forget the exact meaning of them. Judging by this painting, he has had some thai tattoos added to his chest now, and it looks like he has taken up fighting, maybe thai boxing, who knows.

I will need to try and contact the painter and congratulate her on an amazing piece of work, and see how it felt to paint someone else’s tattoos. Normally there are just two people involved in the process of a tattoo, the wearer and the artist. I feel like there are three of us here now, she has added another angle in a way, the tattoos have been through her eyes, her brain and her hand now- I feel we have a shared experience inΒ  a strange way, and I’d like to meet her.

She might just think that I’m a weirdo, well, it wouldn’t be the first time…