thursday 5th may

Posted: 06/05/2011 in Uncategorized

I’m back from holiday, and straight in at the deep end with a weegie Thursday  😀
it was great to see everyone again, Mark, Simon, Tim, Erik, Raffi and Bru, I’m blessed to have a job I love and work with great people, makes coming back after a holiday something to look forward to!

Unfortunately I lost my camera whilst away, so I’ll be using my phone whilst i get another one sorted, which will be in the next few days hopefully. Excuse the image quality until then, but you’ll be used o that by now if you are a regular to my blog, unfortunately…

I added a Buddha head to a piece that was done by an artist in Thailand originally, but there was a gap under the arm that needed filling. On closer inspection, the whole piece needs a bit of a face lift, so he’s booked in for more time to do that. The part we started today also isn’t finished yet

then the bougainvillea piece we’ve been working on, it’s all there now, but we’ll have another session to tweak bits here and there and maybe add a couple of tendrils. it goes a bit round the front of the leg, too, I’ll see about getting a decent picture of it next time

  1. Kitt says:

    I am in love with that bougainvillea piece – I love the way it flows around the body (and I’m pretty envious of the body too!) I wish I had more spare flesh to expand my designs!

  2. Louise says:

    Great Buddha face. I love, love the bougainvillea. Really graceful, beautiful work.

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